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  1. We have had several previous cancellations. Once you request a refund you are told that you can expect it within 30-45 days. We have had at least 10 cancellations and only our 1st cancellation took longer than 30 days. We received our last few refunds within 3 weeks. Give them some time, they have 2 months worth of cancellations to deal with.
  2. I was wondering the same thing! Port Canaveral is our first choice, but much prefer Port Everglades over Miami.
  3. I was holding out until the last possible day to make final payment on our April 18th cruise. For once it actually worked to our benefit! 🙂
  4. George, I moved that cruise to the Ovation 2022 TP a while back. Glad I did if that is what it currently says on the invoice. We have a B2B on Allure this May that I moved deposits from another cruise to book. Doubt a B2B will be allowed and don't think we can move the deposits a second time. We will just pay the final and wait for them to be cancelled by Royal so we can get a refund. The sentence on the bottom of the invoice really is disturbing. It also looks like it states the date of the booking is January 12, 2021, shouldn't it be your original booking date?
  5. Right, and we are B2B with the following cruise on that one. Since these cruises were already moved from earlier cruises, we can't move them again. Following these May cruises our next cruise isn't until December 2021. Everything else we moved to 2022. It's very doubtful we will be booking any more cruises for the rest of 2021, and the first few months of 2022 are already packed with cruises we moved.
  6. Looks like we now have another cruise cancelled. Final payment was due next week for our April 18th cruise, and even though we expected it to be cancelled we figured they wouldn't cancel until after final payment.
  7. I like the 14 night itinerary. There's a few ports on that one that are new to Royal. Wonder if those sailings will actually happen.
  8. No luck in Pinellas County. Website to register for a vaccine was opened at 12 noon yesterday. By 12:15 the website was down and never came back up. Now this is on the website: Thank you for your interest in obtaining the COVID-19 vaccine at the Florida Department of Health in Pinellas County. At this time, we are not accepting new appointments, as we have scheduled for our existing stocks of vaccine. Once additional doses of vaccine are received, we will open the reservations system to the public again. Wonder how the appointments were filled if no one could access the
  9. Don't you understand that first time cruisers become loyal Royal cruisers because they enjoy sailing on Royal and are satisfied with what is offered? Most people would move on to another cruise line if they weren't satisfied. Seems to me that you are the one who has a problem with Royal, so it's likely time for you to find another cruise line to sail.
  10. The thing we dislike most about the ship tours is that they usually consist of large groups of people, although occasionally smaller group tours are offered. We prefer booking tours offered by individual tour companies with smaller groups, or exploring on our own. Most of our upcoming cruises are to Europe or Australia/NZ, so if ship tours are required to leave the ship we will book a ship tour. We would not consider visiting a different country and staying on the ship. We would miss our free time to wander on our own after the tour though. When we cruise the Caribbean, since we
  11. Pinellas County is still forming a plan and hasn't even started taking appointments yet.
  12. You are right, it really doesn't matter. I have enjoyed this thread for the recipe's and cooking ideas. I am just going to look forward to my next cruise. Happy New Year to you too.
  13. I think unless you have actually experienced sailing on Azamara, you are not an accurate source to make comments or comparisons.
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