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  1. I think we were on that cruise. Our neighbours in the next suite never made it back to the ship, hence a bit of a delay waiting to see if they would show. Watched someone from the ship hand off their passports to someone on shore. We were on the previous cruise as well, we are Canadian, and were invited with many other Canadians to the mid-day sail-in to Halifax on Canada Day. Was nice and the CD played O Canada for us.
  2. Tea on the Voyager.
  3. Will be on the Voyager in March for the TA.
  4. We were in Luminae B2B last summer on the Summit. Asked for mixed berries every day. Towards the end of each leg, offerings were slim but still got some. Also have had the same experience in Blu on many cruises even though not on the menu there either. Funny the never seem to run out in Aqua Spa for $$ drinks.
  5. We have stayed in a number of these cabins on the Constellation, Millennium and Infinity. You cannot see from the deck above to the balconies. And, from experience, some of the balconies are marginally larger than others. Also, it is not consistent across the ships which are the larger ones.
  6. I just logged in under Firefox and seem to be fine. Just rechecked on Chrome and got the SQL error. Will try FF in the future to see if it helps.
  7. We have had this when we were booked B2B. A phone call to Choice Air takes care of it.
  8. We have only been on one Regent cruise, albeit for 63 nights on the Voyager last fall. I believe it was our first included excursion that we had the headsets provided to us, may be in Sicily? Pleasantly surprised and looked forward to subsequent tours. However, generally did not have them after that. We did one river cruise on Viking and really appreciated the head sets. On Regent, I recall at least one guide get off the bus and immediately start her commentary, while it took a good while for the rest of the passengers to get off, and so missed a lot of the commentary. We provided our feedback to Regent after each leg of our cruise, how helpful head sets would be. I am not sure it would be impossible for Regent to implement a system like Viking does. The destination people meet with the local tour guides to hand out the 'lollypops' and they could hand out guide head sets at the same time. Not impossible, would be an expense and some more coordinating at the start of the day, but would be so much appreciated by passengers. Linda
  9. We had this happen to us in 2015, though it was within a couple of months before sailing. It disappeared from the Celebrity website, and from our account. There was total confusion, and no answers from Celebrity and a lot of speculation. We also heard the term inventory maintenance for the first time. In our case, we were doing 3 cruises B2B and it was the last leg, a TA back to Florida. At one point we had a voice message from our TA saying it was cancelled, and to get back to them. By the time we called them, they had the correct story. The cruise was not cancelled, it was being extended by 1 day, which we were fine with, as it did not impact our flights. Plus, an extra day and no extra cost, bonus. I think it related to a charter that was supposed to happen after the TA, but it never happened and somehow Celebrity ended up with a day that they had to tack onto something. As I recall, they ended up doing a mini dry dock following the TA, upsetting people who booked the shorter cruise after the TA. I suspect charters and dry dock are the more likely candidates. Good luck, hope you hear soon and have good outcome.
  10. Enjoy! We just got back from the airport, dropped our friends off, they will be on the Explorer with you though they fly out of YVR tomorrow. Wish we were going, but we have the Voyager to look forward to next March.
  11. Following this with curiosity. I wonder what the 'wind tunnel' effect is with these types of cabins as compared to existing balcony cabins. Have not seen anything about this. Also, years ago on the Infinity through the Panama Canal, it was extremely hot and humid. We were sitting on our balcony and started to hear all sorts of alarms going off, including the fire alarm in our cabin. Turns out they were sensitive enough to go off with the high humility, and our balcony door was only slightly cracked open when we were sitting outside.
  12. You had me laughing. Initially figured out I could remain signed out, allows me to lurk without being able to post, or see roll calls. Then noticed on the sign in there is an option 'Sign in anonymously". That works for me.
  13. I notice that if you hover over a users name in a forum it shows if they are currently viewing a topic. How do I turn this off so people cannot track me? It is too intrusive. Thank you.
  14. He was the CD on NCL Jewel in 2007, my first and only NCL cruise. All I can recall is he hyped a spectacular last night show every evening. It consisted of him and his CD staff doing a human fountain. They put water in their mouths and spit it out at each other. Gross. Did I mention gross?
  15. For our cruise on the Voyager last year we received a PDF of all the excursions and each of the included excursions showed a Tour Price of $0.00 but a non zero Retail Price. Maybe it is something like this that you are seeing?
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