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  1. Curious about this. Do you suggest the same for disposal of used tissues?
  2. Re Elite laundry perk. It actually is one bag per Elite member per SAILING - not per 7 days. So one bag each if 7 night sailing or 14 night sailing. We have cruised Regent and our perk was one bag per suite per week, but they have self serve as well. Wish Celebrity perk was per week, especially on 14 night crossings.
  3. Most of the AQ balconies are small on 11. If I recall, 1116 and 1118 are a tad deeper on the Constellation and Millennium as the railing bumps out a bit. We had 1118 on the Infinity but it was not one of the deeper ones, go figure.
  4. Hope this helps with your searches in the future. Navigate to the M class sticky topic. Once there, click in the CC Search box. You should get a drop down. Select 'This Topic', and select 'All my search terms'. Then do your search. I did this search on Constellation and AQ. Good luck.
  5. We have stayed in AQ {generally cabins 1114, 1116 and 1118, on all but the Summit). Mostly before the movies above and liked the location though there is no overhang so is an issue for us on sunny days. Concerns of deck 9 are the pool and buffet. You can try this link to the M class spreadsheet, I think it is updated to June of this year. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BsykXmdAxnY0hOSZOys9ixw9qAEsCduOteFDtkGilno/edit#gid=0
  6. I live in Canada and when I access Regent's website it is very in your face that air is included. We have done 2 cruises with Regent. We took the air credit on our first (2017) and use a deviation for our second (2019).
  7. We have done a few westbound, on Celebrity and Wind Star. We have been very fortunate in that seas were very calm for all our crossings. We sailed from Rome, Barcelona and Lisbon. We had considered this Splendor TA but it is too late for us, we have booked on Celebrity as we are matching up with the end of a river cruise / tour. We have also done 2 eastbound, including the Voyager this past spring and both those were also very calm. We have been very lucky, and wish you the same.
  8. travlr21

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    Amazing cabin on Uniworld Joie de Vivre
  9. On the Voyager for Christmas 2017, the CD Ray did a carol service on Christmas Eve. If I recall, a few readings and singing with some of the production crew. We are not religious, but thought it very nice, though not well attended. There was also a Christmas themed show one evening that Ray put together. Unfortunately, we were not on over New Year's. The ship was tastefully decorated, not over the top. Enjoy your cruise.
  10. You may get better info on an air forum. We did do similar this past spring, had never been to Paris and want so much to go. We did a TA from Miami to Barcelona, had been there before, so we flew directly to Paris. It was direct, on Air France. Spent a few days in Paris. We did a Uniworld Paris/Normandy river cruise followed by Bordeaux river cruise. All good. Enjoy your planning! (We kinda gambled, and it worked out. Our cruise docked at 7AM, we were off the ship at 7:30 and our flight was 10:10AM. Not sure what we were thinking. Was a smaller ship, as we took our own luggage off.)
  11. We have only been on the Voyager and there was one for each cruise. I believe it occurs on all ship. Actually met a couple from our city (pop. approx 35,000 people) at one of them. Lots of fun!
  12. We booked a Masterpiece excursion on board as we had a cabin credit. Some of these were limited. As you mention, there are limits on the bike ones. The one we were concerned about was a somewhat strenuous hike, there was no extra cost, and was supposedly limited to 12 people. In the end, there were about 22 of us. They had a hike leader and a 'sweep' following at the end so no big reason for a cap on people hiking. And, we started directly from the boat so no bus involved. The typical walking tours have no limit, we had 3 guides every day to accommodate everyone.
  13. We did 2 Uniworld cruises this spring, Paris/Normandy and Bordeaux. In both cases the excursion presentation was held after the first excursions took place. In one case, the excursion we wanted the first day was limited capacity. Those in the know booked at the front desk as soon as they boarded, something people new (like us) to the line did not know about. We did eventually get on that excursion but we were disappointed about the process. When you board and you see something you really want, try to book it right away. (Our only other river cruise had been with Viking and we booked our excursions well before we boarded.) Enjoy your cruise.
  14. It's a crap shoot. Usually not a lot of day sailing for scenery so more issue when docked. If you are on lower deck and next to pier you may see wall. if you are double or even triple docked you will see into neighbour's cabin. Enjoy your cruise.
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