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    Amazing cabin on Uniworld Joie de Vivre
  2. On the Voyager for Christmas 2017, the CD Ray did a carol service on Christmas Eve. If I recall, a few readings and singing with some of the production crew. We are not religious, but thought it very nice, though not well attended. There was also a Christmas themed show one evening that Ray put together. Unfortunately, we were not on over New Year's. The ship was tastefully decorated, not over the top. Enjoy your cruise.
  3. You may get better info on an air forum. We did do similar this past spring, had never been to Paris and want so much to go. We did a TA from Miami to Barcelona, had been there before, so we flew directly to Paris. It was direct, on Air France. Spent a few days in Paris. We did a Uniworld Paris/Normandy river cruise followed by Bordeaux river cruise. All good. Enjoy your planning! (We kinda gambled, and it worked out. Our cruise docked at 7AM, we were off the ship at 7:30 and our flight was 10:10AM. Not sure what we were thinking. Was a smaller ship, as we took our own luggage off.)
  4. We have only been on the Voyager and there was one for each cruise. I believe it occurs on all ship. Actually met a couple from our city (pop. approx 35,000 people) at one of them. Lots of fun!
  5. We booked a Masterpiece excursion on board as we had a cabin credit. Some of these were limited. As you mention, there are limits on the bike ones. The one we were concerned about was a somewhat strenuous hike, there was no extra cost, and was supposedly limited to 12 people. In the end, there were about 22 of us. They had a hike leader and a 'sweep' following at the end so no big reason for a cap on people hiking. And, we started directly from the boat so no bus involved. The typical walking tours have no limit, we had 3 guides every day to accommodate everyone.
  6. We did 2 Uniworld cruises this spring, Paris/Normandy and Bordeaux. In both cases the excursion presentation was held after the first excursions took place. In one case, the excursion we wanted the first day was limited capacity. Those in the know booked at the front desk as soon as they boarded, something people new (like us) to the line did not know about. We did eventually get on that excursion but we were disappointed about the process. When you board and you see something you really want, try to book it right away. (Our only other river cruise had been with Viking and we booked our excursions well before we boarded.) Enjoy your cruise.
  7. It's a crap shoot. Usually not a lot of day sailing for scenery so more issue when docked. If you are on lower deck and next to pier you may see wall. if you are double or even triple docked you will see into neighbour's cabin. Enjoy your cruise.
  8. There are a few threads that talk about it. Found one from December where someone quoted the price as $99, but going up to $119. I am sure it would be interesting, and even better if you have some OBC to use up.
  9. With the backstage tour with CC, all those who sign up meet at the theatre. A few of the production staff are there to talk about the shows and answer questions. They will take you back stage, and through the dressing rooms. It is very small there and can be quite crowded if a lot of people sign up. It is free, though. I have done this a few times and it is interesting when the staff talk about their experiences with auditions and the training they get. I have not done the behind the scenes tour. I believe it has a fee (about $100 per person?) and you see a lot more of the ship than the just the theatre, it is about 2 hours. Just did a quick google on it.
  10. We were 6132 last summer. This was the furniture then.
  11. We were on the Voyager over Christmas (Dec 2015), in Asia. We really enjoyed the holiday on the ship. Not over the top decorations if I recall, just very nice, mostly in the atrium area and a bit in other places around. We are not religious, but attended a lovely Christmas Eve carol service in the theatre hosted by Ray, the CD. One evening there was a Christmas themed show featuring Ray and the production crew. Traditional food offerings in the CR on Christmas Eve and day. I think only a handful of children on board. We disembarked before New Year's. I wish we had still been on board, we were on the land portion of trip in Beijing and New Year's a non event there. Regent, if you are reading - it would have been fun to have an activity where we could have helped with the making of the gingerbread display!
  12. We were on the Infinity over Christmas and New Year December 2015, also in South America. Christmas Day was a sea day and they had a bit of a special menu in the main DR at lunch. At least, they had a turkey meal. We were in Aqua and I had been disappointed to see there was no turkey on the menu that night, so I got my fix in the main DR at lunch. However, the service at the Christmas lunch was abysmal, so kinda ruined it for me.
  13. We did one on Paris in April while on the Joie de Vivre. It was wonderful, our guide escorted us the subway and we visited a number of sights. Including Notre Dame, which was just 2 days before the fire. Shocked when we heard about that, our guide was so passionate about Notre Dame, I could only imagine her reaction to the devastation. We stopped at a shop where she purchased macarons for the group.
  14. Just a heads-up. We over-nighted on our recent Uniword cruise in Bordeaux. In two cites we had an access code printed in the daily, needed to open a security gate when we returned from a walk.
  15. We have just returned from the first ever cruise (for paying customers) on the new Bon Voyage, Apr 14 -21. There was a 4-day cruise with execs etc. as the first sailing out of dry dock. We spent the previous week on Joie de Vivre. I must say that there was a world of difference between the service on the Bon Voyage as compared to the J de V. Had we only cruised on the Bon Voyage, I would have immediately knocked Uniworld off our list of acceptable cruise lines. In short, the ship was just not ready for passengers. Many issues, elevator not working, TV system not working, electrical issues in cabins, alarm buttons duck-taped to the wall. Our cabin reeked, I suspect due to glue, new carpet and furnishing etc, kinda like that 'new car' smell but not a pleasant place to be. As compared to the J de V, the B V French balcony cabin was extremely small. We, along with many others, had the large chair removed from the cabin to make a bit more space. The service provided by the crew was lacking. Blame it on first sailing / fresh out of dry dock? We initially booked when it was the River Royale, not the Bon Voyage so had no idea it would be just out of dry dock. We paid for a luxury experience and did not get it. They appeared under staffed and the crew poorly trained. There was a slight improvement over the week, but still not close to the J de V. Just one example of an awful dinner sevice. We made a reservation for supper one night in brasserie. We were finishing our pre dinner drink in the lounge prior to entering the brasserie. We saw one couple enter and seat themselves, we entered shortly after and seated ourselves, as did a third couple who entered shortly after us. There was a chef behind the counter, and one server. At one point I noticed someone opening a bottle of wine for that first couple, expected them to come and serve us. Not to be. After about 10 minutes of waiting we managed to get the waiter's attention to serve us some wine. On the J d V there is a chef in the bistro who actually seems to cook there. On B V he maybe adds garnishes, but the meals come from the kitchen below. As a result, food was not overly hot. At one point during the meal, a crew member came up the back stairs and thru the brasserie with a vacuum. He started vacuuming in the lounge, just outside the brasserie. Luckily, the cruise manager and hotel manager had come into the brasserie for dinner and the hotel manager put an end to the vacuuming so we could enjoy the rest of our meal in peace. Then, one of ceiling panels dropped from the ceiling, scaring the **** out of us. Luckily, it was tethered so did not fall far. Our Bordeaux cruise was a connoisseur cruise and all the excursions were wonderful
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