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  1. Us too - also Ventura 😳 That hadn’t struck me before. There’s a sort of sad symmetry 😕
  2. Enjoy your holiday Still 3 weeks to wait for our caravan caper. Fingers crossed for an Indian summer
  3. We saw them! They were fabulous vandals. Adept at opening backpacks or rucksacks left on the cafe seats and then, when bored with that, became engrossed in attempting to undermine the verandah on which they are perched, in the picture. They went from a mouse hole sized aperture, at ground level, to a hole big enough for one of them to get right inside (apart from glorious tail)! Thank you for reminding me
  4. Good that your day went well Andy Sweet dreams everyone - 8 hours all round, eh?
  5. It’s also Floella Benjamim’s 71st birthday today Lady Benjamin, I guess, as she is a member of the House of Lords Anyone remember Play School and Play Away? Let’s look through the round window
  6. Nice pics posted this afternoon After more than 6000 new Covid infections yesterday, I rather like this pic, too
  7. We found the physical process of moving - downsizing (again) nearly 3 years ago quite tiring but are really glad we did it. In retrospect, it was good to go through “stuff”, to look in boxes which had never been unpacked since the previous move 15 years before, and to have a giant clear out. (If you don’t do it now, someone else will have to do it after you’ve gone 🙄) It’s proved a real boon being clutter-free and moving house was sort-of invigorating. A new phase in life! Good luck with your decision and if you do decide to move get the best of every service to help the process - estate agent, solicitor, removal firm, handyman for odd jobs at the new place, etc
  8. Hope you improve as the day goes on Damian Have a browse through your lovely photo thread - so much to brighten the spirit there Don’t force it. Times aren’t great - it would be unrealistic if everyone had a sunny mood all the time x
  9. ... and the pup woke me at 4am for a wee-wee Been a whole lot of lost sleep among forum-eers today. Ho hum Yesterdays PM broadcast didn’t help 🤡 Am I the only one who remembers being urged to “get back out there” only a month ago? Yet apparently the surge is infection is down to us. 🤔. And there are people not sticking to the rules ... How many shouted “Cummings” at the TV at that stage? That all leaves me quite pessimistic about the next year or so. Not necessarily for my own health but certainly for the country as a whole. People are likely to get very down as the winter draws in with no respite in view. Oh - sorry - not a ray of sunshine today. Look on the bright side everyone and cherish what you have ; try not to fret about what you can’t have just now
  10. Errrr - K? Kirkwall was a fabulous port of call. So much Neolithic stuff, plus a generally prosperous air and groundbreaking green technology Here’s history The Ring of Brodgar
  11. Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs Damian Beach looks good, Andy Final harvesting is in full swing. Goodness knows how many traffic hauling silage material we saw in a 90 minute trip this morning. Dozens! Weather is changing, as meteorological autumn arrives. The trees are changing colour, the mornings are misty, the evenings darker. Ho hum. Never mind - 3 months to the shortest day!
  12. Oh yes - memorable i love that “promenade” to stretch the legs
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