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  1. Fun & games for the over 65s etc Passengers in high risk groups including people over 65 years of age or people of any age with underlying medical conditions (chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases and immunocompromised individuals) should be advised to visit a doctor for pre-travel medical consultation to assess if they are fit to travel. Activities and services on board cruise ships could be organized according to age group, so that older individuals are separated from other age groups. No thank you 🙁 I think my cruising days are done It was great while it lasted I’m glad I went with heart not head and maybe spent more time & money than I really should, whilst I had the chance
  2. Thanks for posting Lots of interesting points there. The ‘pax 65 & over’ is a difficult one for P&O & Cunard - certainly out of school holidays Sadly, I’m with another poster (Wowzz, I think) who can’t envisage cruising, as we know it, for at least 5 years. We’re all getting older during those 5 years, which adds to the cruise-doom. I really think our cruising days are done, without a vaccine anyway
  3. A poster popped this link in a different thread yesterday, without comment I think it deserves some sort of heading, so I know this is from The Express but the article says Spain will not allow cruise ships “indefinitely” or some such. Gloom upon gloom - or perpetual British Isles cruising https://www.express.co.uk/travel/cruise/1301949/Spain-coronavirus-holidays-travel-covid-cruise-cruises-news?fbclid=IwAR3MJr-Fusalkm4aaTygcdVqorKKCGDUCUDyRnFbg0jewKGVPgkafJG7g6g
  4. *sigh* What times we live in I’m sorry for everyone’s lost holidays and lost dreams. I’m feeling very down today, generally. If I could be optimistic for the future then I’d be much more accepting of the current situation. As it is, I really see little improvement in the base position. Some numbers decrease, whilst others increase - it’s not clear where we’re heading
  5. Thanks Andy, and everyone Mixed is right. Some reviews can’t praise highly enough, some find it hard to award even one star. I can’t help thinking “... but you’re not even going abroad”. We’ll see. Water to go under bridges etc. I’m feeling a bit despondent about future leisure opportunities. There seems so little progress. More Covid deaths yesterday than the previous Friday. Perhaps I should emigrate to Scotland? Their policies appear more effective
  6. I knew I’d find this thread if I looked back far enough ... So, if anyone has any new thoughts, please go ahead My question. Has anyone been on a Warner Leisure break? I thought this might be the answer to our “how do we holiday now?” question. However, I think it would be fair to say there are *mixed reviews* on the internet. I wasn’t desperately impressed by their menus considering their prices. Or the wine prices. I noted a few cruise regulars in the entertainers ... Micky Zany for one So. A “sort of” cruise experience. Plus - no danger of seasickness. No passport or health insurance required Minus - it’s not all inclusive. You never go anywhere. British weather The jury is out. I don’t think so, at the moment, but who knows what desperation might bring?
  7. 😊 haricots en sauce tomate sur pain charbonné
  8. We just did our version of tapas. Chorizo, Serrano ham, selection of cheeses, bread, oil, Dukka, tomatoes, olives, cornichons Apricots Plenty for this stupid hot weather
  9. Watch out Vamps will have us all round to yours tomorrow 🙂
  10. Congratulations! I don’t think you’ll be the only person to purchase a caravan. Your very own home from home and you know you left it clean and virus free last visit. Much as I’d love to cruise, in theory, I can’t see how the experience at the moment can be anything like what we have grown to love.
  11. Everyone’s plans sound lovely. It’s so much of a boost to have something to look forward to. My son, daughter, s-I-l and granddaughters (and new puppy!) are coming down to a holiday cottage just a few miles from us next BH week. We won’t book anything for ourselves but will look forward to the holiday crowds thinning September/October and hopefully resume trips to the coast and possibly even lunches out. We’ll see. I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet, sadly
  12. Potted shrimps cod fillet cheese and biscuits please Kedgeree in the real world tonight, followed by a lovely cheeseboard, courtesy of Father’s Day at the weekend
  13. I would post this on FB and the tweetie bird P&O sites It’s very striking! Use it Good luck!
  14. That really gave me a lift Avril, so it must have been double, treble, quadruple etc great for you. I’ve just used all my fingers and toes and counted up that we’ve been in lockdown for 98 days. Had lunch with my sister on 16 March, nothing since. However, I donned my face mask and went into Waterstone’s this morning to get some cards (family birthday season approaching). Times have changed - plastic screens at the till etc. I didn’t enjoy wearing the mask - very hot and my hot breath kept making my sunnies fog up 🙂. I’ll keep wearing it though - it seems logical as more & more people get out and about
  15. Caprese salad Grey mullet Tarte au citron lovely. Thanks in RL it’s a vegetable tagine with chick peas for our meat-free Monday. I’ve got a Cook gin& tonic semifreddo in the freezer. We might have some of that, or there’s a tin of green figs which would be nice with some luxury vanilla ice cream Ah, food! It’s eat, sleep, repeat, isn’t it?
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