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  1. I think there may be a few cruisers who will follow that plan. One cruise a year - make it a good ‘un! But really - who knows? Who anticipated this a year ago?
  2. I love sea days on a “proper” cruise Have done TAs & repositioning cruises with stretches of 6 consecutive sea days but warm/hot weather and no restrictions aboard The restrictions we’ve already heard about make the prospect something other than decadent luxury - to me It will be good for the company if enough people fancy it, so I welcome it in that respect - “keeping ships warm” for when/if I’m back on board
  3. Surely a hotel, or even self-catered, stay in the UK is a nicer prospect for most people? Chose your location and activity - city break, pamper deal, seaside, rural retreat, Warner’s, whatever. I simply can’t fancy 5, 6 or 7 x 24 hours aboard in UK waters with UK weather (and UK alcohol duty on bar sales?) - and with lots and lots of other passengers The freedom of a hotel is more attractive to me
  4. From the BBC News website (front page ‘Live News’) Cruise firm P&O has extended the halt to its international holiday voyages due to the coronavirus pandemic. The company, which is part of the Carnival group, says it plans to run "staycation" sailings from Southampton around UK coastal waters instead. The latest round of cancellations affects over 90 planned cruises. Cruises on Arcadia, Aurora, Azura and Ventura have been cancelled until the end of August and on Britannia and Iona until the end of September. The company ended its cruises in March in response
  5. Good news Jean! Now, take things steady and for goodness sake don’t fall over the dog once you’re moving round at home Its another misty, murky day here. We’re just in from a long ‘pavement only’ walk, so that’s it for the day I suppose I could watch the budget speech but I don’t think I can bear it. At least Sunak speaks well. Some of the Cabinet do their public speaking as if English is a foreign language to them
  6. Well, the mist has cleared and the sun peeked through, in a pretty pathetic sort of way, but at least it was warmer this afternoon than it was earlier. We walked round residential roads, dog on lead and well sprayed with the disguise spray, rather than be mean to her and visit normal ‘running-free’ spaces but keep her leashed. There is a huge amount of home improvement work going on, from residents tidying gardens and pressure washing drives to extensions, remodelling, loft conversions, rewiring, new flooring and the rest. One road seemed to be lined with tradesmen’s vans. Good to get
  7. Good news! I’m pleased for you both
  8. My day improves - another grand-nephew arrived on March 1 in Los Angeles! I wonder if we’ll ever get to see him? He’s his mummy & daddy’s first baby - he will be so loved and spoiled That’s 3 new grand-nephews in the last 8 months ... something in the air?
  9. Dull and a bit misty so far, but we are promised sun and perhaps 12° this afternoon. No plans, which is pretty much the usual, but we’ll just enjoy getting out without needing to bundle up against rain or extreme cold. It feels like the general trend is onwards and upwards, tho’ there’s many a potential slip on the way, the first of which is the schools reopening on Monday. I do hope it goes well for all concerned I know I am feeling more confident of my own welfare, four weeks along from my first jab. I went to Waitrose and Cook yesterday, which must have been my first tim
  10. Naples - you don’t need do anything except grab a coffee at an outdoor table and watch the traffic! 😬 We went to Herculaneum and should have walked on Vesuvius but there had been so much rain the authorities weren’t letting anyone walk there. Herculaneum was Absolutely Fantastic, I would love to go again or, naturally, to Pompeii. I’ll have to return sometime, if only to have a proper pizza
  11. There’s been an apology, Selbourne, just a couple of posts back. I don’t have a dog in this fight. No bookings for 2021. I still think P&O are acting badly - though of course they are in a terrible situation
  12. My word Pete, you’re not letting your recent conversion to “oap” (!) hold you back, are you? What a lockdown life you lead 🙄 😂
  13. You could see the wonders of Petra from a horse drawn open carriage. The surface is paved and smooth, so it’s a long but easy walk if you’re ok on foot - otherwise take a carriage and see it in style. No doubt it costs but I have no idea how much The horses which draw the carriages appear to be cared for. There are notices as to how they are inspected (?regulated) by the Brooke welfare organisation. The ones we saw looked well.
  14. Egypt is very tiring, isn’t it? We were very fortunate to grab a Thompson Red Sea cruise which was fabulous and allowed us to see Petra (Wow!) and Luxor (more Wow!). But the land travel is exhausting. I feel so privileged to have seen the transition from barren desert to lush, Nile-irrigated, farmland; to have seen the history at Petra and the burial places at Luxor (just standing in front of the wall painting, the hieroglyphs in full colour, just like the day they were painted) but I still remember the exhaustion as the coach (complete with armed guard) finally got back to port C
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