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  1. It’s really not over, by a long way Hope everyone will be OK Brian
  2. I’ve just looked at Tesco Twitter feed and there is one poster saying they’ve received an email saying their order has been picked and packed, despite the problems, and will be delivered later today.
  3. Yes! My cancellation email mentioned that “as there were only 3 items …”. I suspect that was 3 bottles of gin or lemonade, just there as place holders, I should add
  4. It’s a much bigger problem than just me Avril I feel really sorry for those people with no alternative - housebound etc. At least I can pop to the shops to top up my stock. That will be a change - I hope I remember how to do it 🙂 It’s been such a long time I worry that it’s a security breach rather than “just” an IT failure. Credit card numbers and passwords stolen 😳Hope I’m worrying unnecessarily
  5. Morning Avril. At least I can post today … had the strange glitch all day yesterday Not as bad as the Tesco home delivery website which has been down nearly 24 hours I think. My delivery for today is lost. Hope they haven’t had a security breach
  6. Oh dear - Emergency Ward 10 (that dates me, doesn’t it?) Seriously Graham - that looks like a little something you’d be better off without, but no huge urgent need. When your turn comes will be fine. Good luck with all that. Sue - so sorry to hear about your Dad. Hopefully he’ll pick up well now he’s getting the right attention. Look after yourself and your Mum Damian - just read your news too. 🤞all works out well Among the rest of yesterday’s posts Mmm, Purdey, that looked a bit of alright I’ve been able to bring my booster jab forward to 5 November, which has cheered me It was lovely seeing my granddaughters yesterday. Now recuperating in preparation for meeting up again later! Have a good day everyone
  7. Our first cruise was early September 2010 One week on Ventura, to the fiords. Inside cabin. £899pp Probably cheaper in actual £££s now and certainly cheaper than whatever the £899 + inflation works out at. … £900 in 2010 is the equivalent of £1180 in 2020, according to this Bank of England calculator https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/monetary-policy/inflation/inflation-calculator (And we had a band playing on the dockside as we set off, and we had savouries after the meal, and we had face cloths without asking, and we had … etc etc.)
  8. Yes The booster will be exactly 7 months after the 2nd dose
  9. Back to Boosters Govt spokesman on R4 just now said individuals can now book online without needing a text/whatever invitation first. Tried it. Booked! Have to travel out of town but that’s ok 16 Nov. Wish it was sooner but relieved to have it arranged It’s probably worth everyone trying again now My family is arriving, to stay nearby, this afternoon. Woo Hoo. Haven’t seen them since August Have a good day all
  10. I’m pleased for you We’re eligible but the gov system tells us to wait to be contacted. Hope it won’t be too long now. Bumped into an older neighbour whilst out this afternoon & her even older husband has been done, she knows of someone of ‘in-between age’ who is booked for theirs and she is anticipating the text message soon. That might mean we’ll get a slot in November. 🤞 Our surgery is not acting as a hub this time. We have to go to a Pharmacy4U centre which has been set up in a former bookies shop 🙄
  11. Well, I spoke too soon about the weather. After a very wet and stormy night it is now warm and sunny, although gusty I’m sure everyone will be excited to hear that the health secretary will be leading a Covid briefing at 5pm today. I don’t know which of the experts will join him
  12. Sue Hope today is a better day for you x There seems to be a gloomy mood wrt increasing cases, invalid results, frustrating communication, lack of vaccine. Poor timing as the weather finally decides to match the season and become miserable and autumnal. We have a family meet up this weekend (🤞) for the first time since August. Hopefully nobody gets a cough or a bad result before that
  13. What a pic! Dancing mantises 🎶 Throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care 🎶
  14. It’s very warm here too. Enjoy it - temperatures dropping at the weekend, apparently Pup has just had her delayed booster vac (she cried - poor baby) which is more than we have. It’s 6 months since our second Covid but our hub doesn’t know when it will get supplies. There’s plenty of folk older than me in the queue, too, so goodness knows when it will be our turn. All that with cases rising and rising … On a lighter note - this made me giggle
  15. I think we should as well 😕Is that the Eastern Med trip, with a new (to us) port in Greece - Gythion, or some such? Really have no thoughts of resuming cruising at the moment I typed that yesterday but haven’t been able to post or add likes. 🙄. Ho hum So excuse if I seemed to be ignoring Nice looking roast beef Graham I roasted a big chook for the first time in ages. There are nice smells through the house
  16. If anyone is interested, it appears that the pandemic etc has scuppered the no-change clock plans for now https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-03-11/will-daylight-saving-time-ever-end
  17. The clocks will change in 2 weeks Sue, so we’ll get lighter mornings for a while. I wonder what will happen with clocks in future - I believe the EU has decided to abandon the twice yearly change … though not this year. I’ll try to get more detail on that It’s quite misty here but we have another bright sunny day forecast
  18. ccpm - so sorry for your loss. Take some comfort in the swiftness and that there was no suffering We led the Wednesday walk group today and had a lovely time in the still-warm weather. Two hours, over pretty flat terrain, ending in the pub. Refreshments and a further 40 minute walk home. Now settled watching the IPL semi final … and the delight of The Repair Shop tonight. What a gentle hour of TV that is.
  19. This must be Aurora away in the distance in the sunshine in Weymouth Bay then. There was a Queen with her on Monday too I guess we’ll miss them when they’ve gone - tho’ cruisers calling in to Portland might fill the gap.
  20. Sharon did hint that it was nearly time for this thread to be painlessly pts a while back 😳 Alarming thought! (Hope you’re feeling ok Sharon. Fingers crossed it’ll be 3rd time lucky for your op) Still crazy lovely weather for mid-October. Short sleeves kind of thing. We’ve been to the beach, which was very busy with walkers, doggy and non-doggy.
  21. Good morning all I’m only checking whether I can post or not - the site seems a bit iffy today I definitely can’t post pictures. Ho hum Lovely day here.
  22. Hey kalos! Good that you are All reight 🙂 Jane - great decision. Hope it won’t feel too long coming. All the winter to plough through. It’s the most wonderful day here. We’ve been to Weymouth (just one ship in the bay now - Aurora or Arcadia) and the weather was like midsummer and the crowds weren’t! The dogs have reclaimed the beach - it was packed with dog walkers and what fun the 4 legged types had. We got talking to a couple from Derbyshire who are on the Princess cruise, docked at Portland today, as we enjoyed our sandwich and sneaky beverage. They’re having a good time but said how they have to keep their expectations down - there seem to be itinerary changes and restrictions. Anyway, they’re off to Liverpool, Glasgow & Belfast and hoping to take today’s weather with them.
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