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  1. following ... side note - nothing to do with the cruises just cancelled, but when I check our account this morning , noticed this in our FCC Cruise With Confidence10/21/20Book By 05/01/22 and Sail By 05/01/22Active$50.00 (USD) - no clue why, but welcome !
  2. my wife has an iphone 11 - I have a 4s - our son has a XsMax and will upgrade to the 12 - I will "buy" his Max rather than him trading it in for whatever value he would get ... win-win as I prolly use about 5% of a phone's capabilities ... it's his lifeline for work and personal
  3. not even close to the same thing , sorry, but pregnancy can't be transmitted thru the air ... or can it ??
  4. why 3-15-21 ? anything special about that date ?
  5. CDC set to let no sail order expire ..... hopefully let the cruise lines and cruise ports make their own decisions
  6. referring to cruises after 12/15 ( pause 4 ) yeah with the 60 days prior to sail date, final payment due .. looks like Princess is gonna let final pass, collect whatever money it can, then cancel - with only the FCC bonus of 25% - not anywhere near the double deposit up to cruise fare for cruise not paid in full 🍻
  7. U.S.A. leads in real testing and real results postings, so of course there will be more positives and reported deaths I read that on the interwebs somewhere, so that's good enough for me 🛸🦄
  8. I would be so grateful... a free upgrade to a wonderful suite balcony, shower and tub ??? who wouldn't want that ??? 🥃 unfair? - unbelievable ... oh, wait ... sarcasm just noted
  9. same for us at our local ( Publix ) pharmacy - filled out the paperwork online, scheduled an appointment, and each got a $ 10 Publix card
  10. another vote for aft - especially if it is a 'true aft' - love that wake view
  11. i fell asleep during the game ( imagine that ) - woke up, saw a score of 7-6 LA and thought that was the final and the Rays down 3 games to 1 ... WOW, when I went online this morning - GO RAYS Vols got an a** whipping by a much better team yesterday, as expected ... for the last 14 years now some sunshine, blue skies - still waiting on a decent "cold front" to move thru - maybe next week now Thanksgiving cruise was cancelled , of course - still hoping our 4/2021 is a go 🥃 , if not, then 12/21 - but that's on Discovery, so who knows about that either still planning on a couple of days at Disney with the kids in December ... 🤑 stay safe 😷 stay hydrated 🧊
  12. hopefully the FDA is following the CC "experts"
  13. sorry, but no way you are sailing on PRINCESS at this Christmas - no matter what the website states
  14. 🥃 here as always - hoping mid April 2021 is still happening ? 🍻
  15. on a lighter note ... go back and read some of the first pages of this thread started back in March ... 7 months of this now 🥃
  16. Got our flu shots this morning - didn't even feel the stick, no soreness so far - got our $ 10 Publix cards - picked up a couple of BOGO's - 12 pak SOL beer, couple of bottles of Fog Theory Cab - which I will crack open tonight for wine night by the pool ... wore my Tampa Bay Rays mask - our son actually flew out this morning for the game tonight tomorrow ( 10/24 ) is "The 3rd Saturday in October" ( well it's actually the 4th, you know how screwed up 2020 is ) the annual game between Alabama and Tennessee - with Roll Tide being a huge favorite over Rocky Top bittersweet day ... I will break out my game day plastic cup which states '57 years of Tennessee-Alabama Football' - tomorrow is the 103rd meeting ... I will hoist a beer to my late really good friend in high school ( Mike B ) ... he went to Alabama while I went to UTennessee ... Mike must have had some serious demons in his head as he committed suicide about 4 years ago - blew his brains out with a shotgun alone is his basement ... left behind a wife, a son, and a daughter ... tears in my eyes ...
  17. wonder if this signals the end of the "Princess" brand sailing in NZ and Australia ... after all the way the RUBY incident was portrayed and lawsuits filed
  18. any reason Pride of America couldn't do an Alaska season instead of Hawaii ?
  19. just scheduled ours for Friday morning at our local Publix - and we each get a $ 10 Publix card - woo-hoo
  20. is there any reason that CCL wouldn't submit that 'certification' today as to get the 60 day period started ?
  21. so how can 'the auditor' board the ships when they are all over the world and when does the 60 days start ?
  22. this I know, growing up - we would get a "dime" to use in the payphone when we were ready to get picked up from the pool (VFW) or LL ballpark - let it ring once, hang up, and get the dime back ... the one ring was the signal 'seems like' when our kids were in college, we added a 1-800 # to our landline, so they could call without it being charged to them, but we would have to pay - seemed reasonable at the time ...
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