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  1. all it took for Florida's covid-19 cases to plummet was a TS named Isaias to close a lot of the testing sites but that TS/Hurricane caused a lot of problems to a lot of people having to deal with that now on top of the virus ...
  2. good luck - hope you get it also got a nice balcony on a cruise next April - might book the Ultimate Balcony Dinner since we haven't done that ... also looking at a brewery tour in Routan 🍻 thanks again for posting the code
  3. agree to disagree - of course there will be risks associated and collateral damage 🥃
  4. I'm projecting out to mid-April 2021, not mid September 2020
  5. quarantine the potential crew in their home countries for 2 weeks - during that time reposition ships as needed to collect crew - remembering that ships are currently "on hold" around the world - even if it takes a couple of months to accomplish this I believe re-crewing is the least of the problems to re-start cruising ...
  6. Got it ... Emailed our PVP with the code ... she asked me to forward her the email ( which I didn't receive ) as the promo was only for a "select" few ... I replyed "I guess we are not "select" enough... I know, kinda snarky at the least she stated she would try anyway as she had to call "CR" later ... woke up this morning to see an email saying we got it and a revised booking showing the $ 100 each as OBC many thanks to mthomp5 for posting that 👍
  7. I hate to even ask, but, were the charges to your credit card, if used, charged as Princess charges, or in your TA's name ?
  8. $ 37 per person more for the difference in a regular balcony and a deluxe balcony
  9. our currently booked cruise - 6 day - Deluxe Balcony on Caribe $ 260 pp more for a regular mini on Dolfin plus another $ 120 to go to Club Class = $ 20 pp pd so $ 380 / 6 days = 63.33 pp pd - no thanks ...
  10. 1/2 bottle of red 1/2 bottle of white for mini's
  11. looking for pics / link to a specific cabin to make sure it doesn't have 'extra bunks' that pull out from the sides of the walls ... out of the ceiling is OK not sure how to search the cabin review thread sticky ... sorry
  12. Key West is , or at least used to be many years ago, a night time place to be ... during the day, not so much cruise ships need to have an overnight stay in Key West ... then the $$$ will flow to the restaurants, and especially the bars
  13. with the amount you paid them being fully refundable, as it is in our case ... bankruptcy by Princess or Carnival Corporation before we cruise is a concern, of course, and a risk we are willing to accept for the "small" amount we have at risk ... which is not "thousands" ... and we do not have any monies tied up in potentially worthless gift cards, either
  14. I would have thought DISNEY Cruises would have used their theme park technology magic bands ( or whatever )
  15. when was your cruise cancelled ? we just had ours cancelled in Phase 4 , on 7/22
  16. ( deleted ) are the worst ... got 3 months of that now, and only getting worster junk emails, texts, robo call to both cell and business land line
  17. well, another month has passed, and not much has really changed for us at least ...still healthy, still safe, still semi-working, although my wife's very part-time nanny job has at least temporarily ended ... again got a year older in July ... got a nice retro pair of suade Pro-Keds kicks (used to wear them in HS and college when I could afford them) TS Isaias was basically a non-event for us ( couple of feeder bans ), but it looks like the VRBO we stayed in at Oak Island NC may take the brunt of it will miss the Thanksgiving cruise that got cancelled, but now looking forward to hopefully a 4/2021 cruise we have booked or at least a 12/2021 cruise on the Discovery if that gets built on time stay safe stay hydrated peace out
  18. Learn from others mistakes ... then don't make the same one yourself 🥃
  19. we are in the recent Phase 4 cancellations ... not paid in full, we opted for the double your amount paid as FCC our original amount paid is REFUNDABLE FCC the 'bonus/double' amount is NON-refundable use by May 1, 2022
  20. how long does it take a cruise ship to sail from Manila to Florida ? ... of course, add the days to process the crew for return
  21. Exactly - and for us ... it works, even ignoring the internet feature it's a "beverage" package ... not an "alcohol" package ... and at $25 pp pd it's a bargain for us ...
  22. never a big soda (diet) drinker, but I've now gone 16 months without a single one ... replaced it with "fuzzy" water(s) ... which while on a cruise comes with the drink package stay safe stay hydrated peace out
  23. Time to shut EVERYTHING back down !!!!! Give everyone one week to get their affairs in order !! Schools ! Sports ! Planes !
  24. having a choice is a beautiful thing ... 'cruising' has NEVER been for everyone, and now maybe even less so in the current and future conditions ... our feelings have changed for sure, as we will only book obstructed balconys or greater in the future, and we were very content booking insides before, as we are 'on ship' people instead of 'in cabin' people got a nice caribe deck premium balcony for a 4/2021 cruise if it goes, we'll be on it ...
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