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  1. wonder when the next group of cancellations will come out ... maybe after CDC lets the current ban expire ( 7/19 or so ?) or extends the ban - hopefully not another 100 days but even then , ports have to reopen ...
  2. yes, multiple threads on that... Good Luck on that 1/21 cruise !! - I'd guess for international travelers like us, the chances of that cruise would be Slim and None ... and Slim has left the building !!
  3. use those gift cards and then get double their value ( current ) if Princess cancels the cruise and you are not paid in full Gaming the System !!! 🤑
  4. Aren't all booking 'perks' gone at this time , being replaced now by Princess Plus ?
  5. doesn't that 'go-away' until you re-book another cruise ?
  6. I used to think there must have been some coupons in the balloons for champagne, free drinks, OBC, ...🦄
  7. have you considered booking Princess Plus ?
  8. can soda not covered by package
  9. not cruising, but NASCAR will hold an "All-Star Race" - non-points - 7/15/20 in Bristol Tennessee the short-track speedway holds 150k people and will allow 20% of seats to be occupied = 30k fans in the stands. baby steps YEE-HAW !!🏁
  10. 12/14/19 courtesy hold, paid deposit 12/16/19
  11. ok, updated as of today to the 60 day due date
  12. hope you enjoy your P & O Australia cruise … good luck !
  13. same for us at our local ABC Liquor store - order online - email when ready - pull up to express delivery - they bring it out
  14. exactly ... some posters on these threads take themselves way too seriously for me
  15. hopefully Princess is smart enough not to go back … at least until "y'all" lift your draconian restrictions for us "foreigners" and we could definitely have beers together ...
  16. bite, nah, but you did nibble ... why should Princess commit to do cruises only for y'all when you have your own cruise line P & O for that purpose and what's your reason, "matey" for not doing P & O - your home cruise line, right? REMEMBER THE RUBY !!
  17. have you booked you P & O Australia cruises around NZ yet , as I believe that is all the cruises that should happen in 2021 based on restrictions imposed
  18. yo, dog so besides cruising, what else do you think will not be started up until 2021, albeit with changes and restrictions theme parks are opening fans are starting to be allowed back into sporting events schools will open with on campus learning airlines are increasing flights destinations are starting to allow openings to foreign visitors so, why single out cruising ? - because they are the only ones that have to keep score and report ?
  19. somewhat agreed - plus cruise in way to long to start with - need to be closer to a port and not 5 days at sea each way
  20. currently watching an old episode of Law and Order on Sundance TV - SUV got hijacked, driver shot, killed in the back of the SUV was a Hazmat Transport Box - contained Corona Virus - unauthorized vial of SARS "Patient Zero" - a carjacking involves SARS forces detectives to search for the initial patient infected to prevent an outbreak (10/08/03) - S14 / E3
  21. hoping , of course 🥃 ... also believe these may be the only Princess cruises in Oct / Nov
  22. West Coast is a go - leading to the East Coast Caribbean season starting in November 🍷🚢🍻
  23. 'you talkin' to me ? j/k - of course my glass is always at least half-full 🥃 a vaccine is obliviously a good start, but in my not so humble opinion … and I don't know if it's even possible … the 14 day cornteen is still the kicker … something needs to be developed so that if a person does 'get' the covid-19 positive results, they then take a shot / pill so at least they can't 'pass-it-on' 🦄🌈 EDIT to stay on topic … who knows about TFF ? BSE and PPlus work way better for us , but I can certainly somewhat understand people wanting the 'old promotions' to come back in some forn
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