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  1. beep...beep...Security - what's the situation ? there seems to be a 'confrontation ' on Aloha deck mid aft between a double stroller, a wheelchair cruiser, a tray of food left out in the hallway and a unattended rascal scooter parked outside the door of a cabin ...
  2. at 5:00-5:30 - maybe - then again after 7:30 or so in between , well ...
  3. OK, I must have missed something along the line ... you flew all that way for a 1 day cruise ???
  4. look at all that butter !!!
  5. no first hand knowledge ... but some have posted you can 'share' a single meal ... then go to WFM to pick up extra items not included , maybe salads ??
  6. voljeep


    we did a short cruise 5? days out of Tampa a year or so ago ( not Princess) waiting in line early saw a couple of people with Pittsburg Steelers shirts on ... then a couple more... then a lot more of about 2000 on board, 1,000+ were on a themed "Legends of the Steelers" cruise we did not know about before boarding.. couple of times at bars a large group was waiting for drinks, and they would wave me forward so that I didn't have to wait for their entire group. absolutely a great cruise and some of the nicest people we have ever 'met' on a cruise ship I understand they paid big $$ for their cruise and events featuring players and autographs, etc
  7. voljeep


    yep - we were on a Halloween cruise and about 50 of that group stayed over from the previous cruise ... quite a 'shock' when we went to the aft "adult" pool and outrigger bar... Halloween night in the atrium was interesting to say the least ... and very fun ... a good time had by all ...
  8. voljeep


    I guess it might make a difference if the toppings asked for are available on other pizza's ...
  9. what about a nice , long-sleeve, collared shirt ? ... no coat, no tie on formal night ?
  10. refundable FCD "placeholders" ...
  11. we will be going from a Penthouse Suite on the CB ( 4 day ) to an inside ( so far ) on the SKY ( 3 day ) might as well not go, right ?
  12. water shuttles if provided by 3rd parties ?
  13. that's a solid idea ... but in this case ... i'm thinking the inside will be across the hall from the mini ...
  14. I am always intrigued by these type of threads ... and who is the Captain ... as to the background of the post and wanting to know the reasons why for asking ??? I guess one of the reasons could be if the maître d runs a loose or tight dining room ???
  15. not the way I understand it from posters here ...but ... we've never purchased a plan at all ... never ... not since free minutes , which is more than enough for us now ... and seriously, I don't even remember even purchasing one before that ... but we may have, dunno
  16. voljeep


    umbrella's should be banned from cruise ships and excursions ... bring disposable rain jackets/ponchos ... cost about a buck each at a $ store ...
  17. CanadianBurger constantly posts the best 'Live From' s in my opinion ...quick hitting posts with pics, and just enough descriptions to keep posters coming back to CC for more ... it's all right here
  18. time to breathe in ... breathe out ... smell the roses ... blow out the candles ... let it go, let it go ... 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10 ..................................
  19. sorry, that happens sometimes when you quote someone else's quote within the quote you are quoting ... anyway ... nothing personal to anyone ... just not for us at breakfast ...
  20. seems reasonable for a new ship two years out ... Thanks
  21. my eyes ... can someone post the interior price for the little 4 day from FLL beginning 12/9 ? - thanks
  22. I certainly don't need/want "fun" for breakfast .... sorry, but no ... good food, good service ... no need for breakfast to be an event / production ..
  23. I am the eternal optimist !! my glass is always half full or more i'm sure prices will start dropping any day now - that might be my upgrade !
  24. wonder what the 'exact' reasons were for wanting to change and also wondering what the reasons were that Princess didn't want to grant the "downgrade" ???
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