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  1. 4 minutes ago, Colo Cruiser said:

    Princess dress policies are the same for all itineraries/regions. 

    'policies' - correct

    your actual onboard experience my vary by region and enforcement of the 'policies'🥃

  2. saving a chair as a solo doesn't seem to be much of a problem as per the above posts


    the real problem is the chair hogs … when you go to the pool at 7am and you see row after row of prime location chairs covered with towels … then some of those chairs stay empty until the afternoon


    but that's not what this thread is about … sorry

  3. 4 minutes ago, CarelessAndConfused said:


    Thanks for the idea but I wouldn't even no where to begin on that.  And I'm not sure what that would even cost for the itinerary.  I estimate the value to be worth about $40 per day.  However, I also prepaid gratuities but I assume I could get that refunded easily enough.

    add on BSE - $ 40 pp per day - includes the drinks package, grats and unlimited wifi one device at a time per person


    call Princess or your TA to "ADD-ON" - not refare … unless that is better

  4. there was a post on here some time ago … and to paraphrase 


    A dude came back to find "his" lounger occupied by an elderly lady … he stated to her that he had placed the towel there...


    and she stated … and you did such a fine job, young man … now if you don't mind can you bring me a Gin and Tonic ?

  5. 6-8 nice 10-12 year old single malts ( Macallan, others )

    Johnny Walker Red and Black


    Chavis Regal


    all the above should fall in the $12 and under PBP 


    and prolly a few higher end

  6. 2 minutes ago, NthernLgts said:

    Crystalspin, thank you for that.  According to Married15 it appears there are options for adding any combination of grats/PBP/Wifi on to an existing cruise too.  Voljeep... I dont know what HSC stands for but the dollars work out to the gratuity amount.

    then it's hotel service charge … got it

  7. in the BSE, Princess is selling the wifi at $10 pp pd bundled  - unlimited one device per person ( $ 40 for all 3, $ 30 for BEST2DG )


    if anything , we will just wait until onboard, then most likely use our minutes - 150 each for our little 5 day cruise - or maybe, upgrade a single device to unlimited at $ 8.99 per day ( current online pricing pre-cruise ) as that would be the max we would use

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