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  1. bonniboo1

    Tour into Denali

    Again, thank you everyone!
  2. bonniboo1

    Tour into Denali

    Thank you so much everyone. This is probably my only trip to Alaska so it’s Go Big or Go Home!
  3. bonniboo1

    Tour into Denali

    Hi everyone! I am booked on a bus tour into Denali. I believe that the tour is 3 hours long. I would like to upgrade to the Princess tour that is like 9 hours long. My friend is worried about sitting so long. Does the bus stop often and do you get to walk around? I would hate to miss this. Thank you.
  4. bonniboo1

    Meet &Greet

    Just booked my first Princess Cruise which is a Cruisetour to Alaska. I started a roll call using the date of the tour, not if the cruise which starts later. Did I do this correctly? Tell me, does Princess hold Meet & Greets for Cruise Critic members? Thank you, Bonni
  5. bonniboo1

    Choir of Man on Escape-a must see!just

    Thanks for bringing that up. I purchased one.
  6. just got off the Escape. All of the shows are great but Choir of Man is a total standout! I believe that it cost me around $29 which included gratuity. As a bonus you get a bangers & mash dinner which was pretty good along with all of the pints you would like! If you don’t like the dinner eat somewheres else before or after. The show itself is sooo worth it. I was at Howl at the Moon last night which was a trip. At around 11:20 most of the cast from the Choir of Man came into sing too! So anyways, book the Choir and don’t whine about the food or price! NCL isn’t “ Nickle & diming” you! They will be going on tour across the USA I believe the end of July after they hire and train a new troupe just for the Escape. I’d gladly pay to see them on land. Bonni
  7. bonniboo1

    Escape Traview 6-9-18

    Yes, they had I believe 180 people with them! I was going to ask u yesterday if we could take u up on your offer to see your Suite but I developed a cold or something and didn’t want to bring that joy to your family! Your photos were great. Bonni
  8. bonniboo1

    Escape Traview 6-9-18

    My fault! I had asked Tommy to talk about his band since I knew they were very good! Such a switch from the usual pool bands! Someone asked how we avoided a conflict with the tour... When setting up the M & G I simply asked and they said that they would take care of it.
  9. bonniboo1

    Can you get popcorn on the Escape?

    Thank you LPizza
  10. bonniboo1

    Horseshoe Beach-cash or credit cards

    Does anyone know if they take credit cards for beach umbrellas or just cash?
  11. I googled Ncl spirit and cabin # and found some photos. You’ve probably already done this though.
  12. I can’t help you but I just wanted to tell you that I love that ship! Enjoy.
  13. Just wondering if there was popcorn on the Escape?
  14. bonniboo1

    Borrowing a piano to practice on

    When u attend the meet and greet u will me them and get the phone #’s
  15. I am also interested in a list for the Escape. Thank you!