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  1. We always book Select Dining. We show up between 6 and 7 as a party of 2. Each night we were asked if we'd like the same waiters. For 2 people, eating 3 courses, dinner lasts about an hour. If you like a leisurely place, it could be and hour and a half. We easily make the 9 pm show. On the first night, the MDR is hectic and there could be a wait. We were given a buzzer and told we could go wait at the martini bar. After the first night, no waits.
  2. My apologies. I didn't mean to imply that you expected someone to get your drink on his package. The bartender/waiter shouldn't have put your drink on his card. He should have allowed you to order a drink with your own package and pay the difference.
  3. Drink package sharing isn't allowed so I wouldn't count on the kindness of strangers. The gentlemen must have been a big tipper. If you have a classic package and want a premium drink, you pay the difference in cost + 20% service fee on that difference. You could try your classic package at the martini bar to see if the rule is observed. If not, the upgrade is available on board.
  4. Since Celebrity has allowed OBC to be used before boarding, we use ours for excursions.
  5. We got a good deal by booking onboard. We booked a cruise that was more than a year out, $50 deposit, $200 off base price/pp, $300 OBC, 2 perks. We chose a non-refundable deposit for $200 extra in OBC, so a total of $500 OBC. I've been checking the price of that cruise weekly and I haven't seen any deals that come close to what we received. When you book onboard, you may transfer your booking to your TA, perhaps for extra perks from the TA. We left ours with our Celebrity vacation planner.
  6. Sometimes they do nothing. On our last cruise, they brought us a beautiful little chocolate anniversary cake. Our steward delivered a bottle of 'champagne' to our cabin along with a card. I thought it was lovely. If you want to be sure that your wife receives something, though, you should make arrangements for a gift. Don't depend on Celebrity and then be disappointed.
  7. When you check in at the terminal, you'll be able to put everyone on your credit card.
  8. This is the current promotion for our upcoming 10 day cruise in US$. Is it possible that you are comparing the sale price of the 2 device plan to the regular price of the 1 device plan? The top banner of the page says save 20% off. The price will return to original cost after the promotion is over. I have never seen internet promotions onboard, other than they prorate the daily charges halfway through the cruise.
  9. Go ahead and book the excursions that you want. If they go on sale, you can cancel and rebook at the sale price.
  10. I was able to stream Downton Abbey from Prime on our Reflection cruise in March, during the late evening. That was a southern Caribbean cruise. On the evening that we were approaching Bonaire, there was too much buffering to enjoy watching. We had the one device unlimited wi-fi.
  11. The MDR turkey dinner is the same dinner they have on every cruise. Sliced turkey breast with oyster stuffing, sweet potato tart and some kind of veggie. It's okay, but nothing like a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.
  12. We eat lots of fish and chips in New England. In my opinion, the fish and chips they served on our Reflection cruise in March were very good. The fish was battered and fried to a nice crisp and moist inside. It's best if you get them as soon as they're put out on the buffet. The chips were not great, though.
  13. If you're select dining, no need to let them know. If you're assigned dining you should let the waiter know not to wait for you to serve your table mates. The MDR posts the dinner menu for each evening just outside the door, usually after lunch. On the nights when the menu isn't appealing, we head to the buffet. I'll mention this in case you're new to Celebrity: Everyday around 4 p.m, they put out a nice spread of tea sandwiches and little pastries in Oceanview buffet. My husband and I enjoy doing that once or twice during the cruise, in lieu of dinner. It's self serve, but still enjoyable.
  14. I couldn't upgrade online either. Called my Celebrity Vacation Planner who was able to do it.
  15. I remember that. People were downright hostile. We don't pre-tip, but nearly always receive excellent service. The one point that I took away from you was that it might be a good idea to tip $1 per drink to bar servers. It worked pretty well at the pool.
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