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  1. We booked our May 2020 cruise onboard in March 2019. Our 1A stateroom had increased $1000 per person before final payment with one perk We have 3 perks, extra OBC and are very happy with our deal. After final payment the prices have gone down a bit, but they are still way above what we paid.
  2. The late night delivery charge (11 p.m. to 6 a.m.) is about $5. The rest of the day, room service is free, but we tip the delivery person $3 to $5. The breakfast menu items are hot and cold cereal, muffins, danish, pancakes, waffles, toast, bagels, omelettes, yogurt, fruit, juice, coffee, tea, cocoa. There are a few extra charge items. For tea, we go to the buffet. They put out a lovely spread of sandwiches, pastries, cookies, scones etc...Sometimes we make up plates and bring them back to our balcony. On some ships, there are coffee/tea/cocoa stations on deck 7 near the midship elevator. Or you can order tea from room service. There are also sweets available at Cafe Al Bacio and extra charge specialty teas and coffees. The Al Bacio teas and coffees are covered by the Classic and Premium beverage packages.
  3. We just made final payment for our May Caribbean cruise. We will go. I'll follow the recommendations of several Cruise Critic members to pack extra meds and supplies.
  4. Meals in the main dining room, buffet, mast grill are included in the cost of the cruise. You may have a second dessert/appetizer/entree if you wish. Just ask. The buffet is open from early morning until late at night, although the late night offerings are scaled back. You may eat there as often as you wish. In addition, there is a cafe that sells coffee and tea, but the baked goodies are free. You won't go hungry on a cruise. You may buy drinks a la cart or you may buy a beverage package that suits your needs. We always buy our cruises when there is a promotion that includes a few perks. We pick the classic beverage package as one perk. There are specialty extra charge restaurants if you want a special treat. We have been very happy with the included restaurants.
  5. That's a great idea. I've never thought to do that. I put a few $10 bills in my purse on the last evening and tip a few who I wouldn't normally tip. The hardworking restroom attendant or a buffet attendant who has been helpful with my disabled son. We sail in veranda cabins. We give extra tips for excellent service. Our cabin steward gets $30 - 40 at the end of the cruise. Our head waiter $30 - 40 at the end of the cruise. Assistant waiter $10 - 20 if we've had the same assistant throughout the cruise. Bar server in the MDR $10 -20 We don't drink wine so no tip for the sommelier. We rarely use room service, but when we do $3 -5 depending on the size of our order, given at the time of service.
  6. You can get canned sodas on the classic package.
  7. Oh my, those lemon tarts are delightful.
  8. Yes. He'll get a tequila from the classic list. But, why would you put top shelf alcohol in a frozen cocktail anyway? With the Classic Alcohol package you can also get frozen daiquiris, pina coladas, mudslides etc...
  9. My husband likes the no alcohol premium package for the sparkling waters that are included. You can't get Evian, San Pelligrino, Perrier on the classic package. There are also a few special mocktails on the MDR menu and some of the bar menus. You can ask for any drink to be made without alcohol.
  10. There is a mid deck 7 coffee/tea/cocoa station on some ships. It's closed down after dinner, though. They don't trust us Americans with tea kettles or coffee makers 😋😁 To the OP. If they find prohibited items in your luggage, they confiscate them, but you are allowed to collect the item at the end of the cruise.
  11. Yes. We had a similar situation. We changed my son to the second passenger so he could have the beverage package. When we checked in at the terminal, we discovered that they had our credit cards mixed up. If your son has his own credit card or credit limit, you might want to double check at the terminal or passenger services.
  12. If your agent isn't able to transfer the booking, ask to be assigned to a Celebrity Vacation Planner. I'm very happy with the planner we have been assigned. I call him directly whenever I call Celebrity.
  13. We always book Select Dining. We show up between 6 and 7 as a party of 2. Each night we were asked if we'd like the same waiters. For 2 people, eating 3 courses, dinner lasts about an hour. If you like a leisurely place, it could be and hour and a half. We easily make the 9 pm show. On the first night, the MDR is hectic and there could be a wait. We were given a buzzer and told we could go wait at the martini bar. After the first night, no waits.
  14. My apologies. I didn't mean to imply that you expected someone to get your drink on his package. The bartender/waiter shouldn't have put your drink on his card. He should have allowed you to order a drink with your own package and pay the difference.
  15. Drink package sharing isn't allowed so I wouldn't count on the kindness of strangers. The gentlemen must have been a big tipper. If you have a classic package and want a premium drink, you pay the difference in cost + 20% service fee on that difference. You could try your classic package at the martini bar to see if the rule is observed. If not, the upgrade is available on board.
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