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  1. I check every day. After two Celebrity cancellations and their decision to go to cruises of 7 days or less, we have decided to book Princess. I just found out that our 11/6 Panama Canal cruise is the first one scheduled for Crown. If she sails, we'll be on her. If not, I have booked the same cruise for March 2022.
  2. We are booked for Nov. 2021 Panama Canal. It was on our bucket list. I have the same cruise booked for March 2022, just in case Princess cancels the November cruise.
  3. Prohibit smoking in the casino. Put a few comfy chairs in all cabins.
  4. YES! I will get vaccinated as soon as I'm eligible. I hope vaccines will be required. We will also wear masks if required.
  5. We feel very fortunate when we get our one cruise vacation a year. It's a luxury for us, not an expectation. I've been confined for a year with vulnerable family members. My outings are to doctor appointments (many) and grocery shopping. Planning and thinking about our next cruise is a welcome diversion. Different strokes.
  6. Yes, we would if mask are required, but we want our vaccines first. We haven't had one cold since March 2020, when we started wearing masks. I'm curious about what the pool protocol will be. There could be lots of interesting tan lines 🙂
  7. https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1CAPVCB_enUS762US762&sxsrf=ALeKk02EWRv50geFBk7PGTgg3MNLt0y5QA:1612648518891&q=can+I+cruise+LA+to+Hawaii+round+trip+without+a+passport?&spell=1&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj7ivbwn9buAhXlY98KHZDICnoQBSgAegQIEhAw&biw=1152&bih=697 But I would call Princess to confirm.
  8. We considered doing a lift and shift, but there were too many restrictions. Celebrity costs have gone up so the FCC doesn't mean much. We took the cash refund.
  9. IMO, the 125% credit is not a good deal. Celebrity has control of prices and could double the fares, making your extra 25% credit worthless. Our January 2020 cruise was cancelled. I most likely will request a full refund. I am slightly tempted by the lift and shift offer because we had an exceptional deal. If everything, including $700 OBC will transfer over, I may book the same cruise for 2021. We have until March to decide.
  10. We have a January 2021 Edge cruise booked, but I'm betting it will get cancelled. If it sails, we'll be on it. I'm sure the paused cruise industry has had an enormous financial impact on FL. Too bad the governor didn't lock the state down in March. My state locked down and has one of the lowest Covid 19 rates in the U.S. At this point, I'm more worried about being in FLL than on a cruise ship.
  11. I am amazed at the constant cleaning during norovirus breakouts. Unfortunately, covid 19 is airborne so the perfect time for us to start cruising will be after a vaccine is released to the general public. Also, we are from the U.S. so our options would be limited anyway.
  12. I hated the darned masks at first. But I've been wearing one out in public since March and I've adapted. It's not so bad. The washable cloth masks are more comfortable than the disposable masks. Masks will not keep us from cruising.
  13. I don't miss the man who saves a row in the theater for his wife and their 12 best friends who scoot in after the show starts.
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