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  1. hapicruisin

    There's Good News and there's bad news

    What a terrible mess. Leaving in 2 weeks and want to get onto Silhouette roll call. Keeps telling me it is still under construction!!!!! There seems to be a new ship called Carnival Shilhouette!!!!! Please put the Cruise Critic site back to how it was. I had no trouble with it before, now I cannot use it at all. hapicruisin
  2. hapicruisin

    Status of Russia port of call

    Yes, you do, at least for the first day in St. Petersburg. Any subsequent days do should not need do take it because Russian immigration will have taken all the details they need on the first day. Be prepared for a fairly long wait as they seem to be inordinately slow in obtaining ones details. Last time we went in 2017 a printer malfunctioned. One just has to grin and bare it. Have a great trip it is worth all the hassle.
  3. Would never go on a cruise for anything less than 14 nights, preferably much longer. My first cruise was for 10 nights some years ago. Made sure that didn't happen again. My longest cruise was for 38 nights, which was bliss.
  4. hapicruisin

    HAL vs Celebrity

    Only been on HAL once, a three week back to back from harwich with Ryndam a few years ago. We were very pleasantly surprised. We really enjoyed the cruise, though the ship was not in pristine shape but we knew it was an older ship. The food was very good and we found the other guests were very much like those on Celebrity. We have been on 25+ cruises with Celebrity. We prefer Celebrity but if I found a HAL cruise itinerary that suited us we would be happy to sail HAL again - though I would miss all our Celebrity perks. Hapicruisin
  5. hapicruisin

    Captains Club Question

    Sorry to hear that. We have been on 20+ Celebrity cruises and never had any clothes damaged in any way from the laundry. I would never put delicate items in the bag. At the bottom of the laundry list I always write, "please wash at 30 degrees or less". So far it seems to work. Hapicruisin
  6. hapicruisin

    Reflection - Inside Staterooms

    Have had balconies twice on Azamara and once on Oceania Riveria because they were good deals but have had inside cabins mostly with Celebrity, especially on S class ships as they are the same size inside as balconies. We love the insides, have had 20 + on celebrity. We don't need balconies, out and about too much around the ship or on tours. Would never consider anything other than insides, especially having to pay over the top for ov and above as we don't drink enough to warrant the high price. Horses for courses. Hapicruisin
  7. hapicruisin

    Celebrity St Petersburg 2 day trip cancelled

    hi Champagnelass, Celebrity is our favourite cruise line but not for their tours. We have used SPB and TJ travel in St. Ps. Both are equally good with wonderful guides and drivers who both spoke excellent English. Do go on your roll call that is where we find people to meet up with and go on tours. Our last one was a wonderful three day tour with a couple from USA. An amazing tour with just the four of us. We saw so much, jumped the queues and I think you have been given a second chance to see so much more in St. P than you were going to do. Hapicruisin
  8. hapicruisin

    Back from Silhouette 3/4/18 Sailing

    So glad to read your review. We will be sailing on Silhouette in August and were dismayed to read how badly organised Select dining appeared to be. Never had problems with Select dining before, so pleased to hear your wonderful review. hapicruisin
  9. hapicruisin

    Azamara Pursuit

    Also see 17th July sailing. The itinerary mentions Douglas. That is the capital of the beautiful Isle of Man. Well worth a visit.
  10. hapicruisin

    Azamara Pursuit

    Chuffed means pleased
  11. Thank you to all those who so very kindly helped me to sort out my problem. It certainly makes sense if you are not getting off the ship in St Petersburg that you don't need a visa, but life is often not that simple. I did try to find out from the UK and Russian visa sites but they don't expect people to travel to St. P and not get off the ship. We love St. P but we have been there many times, the last being a 3 day private tour with TJ Travel with a couple from USA we met on cruise critic - an amazing 3 days in May last year.
  12. I agree with you. Just don't want to be stopped getting on the cruise. We have always had tours previously. Many thanks for your reply. Hapicruisin
  13. Many thanks will do what you suggest. Hapicruisin
  14. Does anyone know if uk passport holders need a Russian visa if not getting off cruise ship for the 2 days in St Petersburg. Have researched but not found out an answer. Do like St Petersburg, been there on many cruises, but just having a restful cruise this time. Many thanks to anyone able to help.