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  1. Ahhh, Z says it far more eloquently than I ever can, but it was an incredibly great 10 days... And, sorry Z...but, your next assignment is Social Director of the Seven Seas! So lucky to be a part of a group of happy and fun new friends! Safe travels to all of you xoxo
  2. Forget my idea that Z should take over as tour director for the destination services department. We need to have a chat with the entertainment director. Z would outshine the comedian by miles! Actually maybe he could do both jobs. But that would mean that he would have four jobs. Excursion director, top comedian on stage, listening to and behaving appropriately for TB, and holding down the pool bar. That is one busy dude 😎
  3. We must be cross posting, Z!! enjoy the pool bar. I’m going for a nap. And that’s one of the amazing things about cruising for me on regent. Friends will ask me, what did I do all day? Frankly, I never know how to answer them, mostly because I don’t know what I did all day!
  4. Sorry guys, I just saw my post and realized that that gorgeous lunch puffed pastry fish event ended up upside down. I know that’s because Z wasn’t with me to help me post a photo. But really, it was a fabulous dish among so many at la veranda at lunch today.
  5. On another note, just want to make a comment about the food. My experience has always been that it is fantastic and it certainly has consistently been awesome. It does seem however that La veranda at lunch is really exceptional! I seem to be eating three times a normal person’s lunch.
  6. Last night was way too much fun! So lucky and happy to make such great new friends. I think that Regent should take a good hard look at the excursions offered and hire Z to arrange all future excursions. Debbie and I have signed up for the key west bar crawl. Pictures to follow😎
  7. And when it comes to humor, I think that Z surpasses Lucy and Ricky!!
  8. Having a fabulous cruise. Eating drinking and laughing way too much. But that’s the whole point!....right!! Yesterday we went in Roatan Honduras to the gumbalimba preservation park. Magnificent parrots sat on our shoulders and monkeys sat on my head. I’m not sure who had more fun, me or the monkeys! Everything on the Explorer is beyond perfection!! If I can figure out the picture posting process I’ll post a picture of monkeys and me!
  9. Z and TB, it was great to finally catch up with you last night even if only for a short visit! your food porn from compass Rose was over the top! This afternoon we are doing an excursion that involves some kind of jungle/rainforest with monkeys and parrots and Iguanas. In South Florida I sometimes see An iguana slither across the road. Not sure I want to get too up close and personal with one of those guys today! I don’t think will be getting back to the ship until about 6 o’clock. So if we miss you in explore lounge at cocktail time will look for you after dinner and there’s always tomorrow! When and where does the BM & M society meet? Is there an initiation fee?? hope to catch up with everyone else also that is on rollcall. Bonnie
  10. 🤨 No problem Jackie I think I got it now ...will be stalking the explore lounge at 6 o’clock tonight!
  11. Hey Z and TBA, where are you? I can’t hang out at the pool bar, the observation lounge, the explore lounge, and the Meridian lounge all at the same time! but would love to say hi ....you need to do a spreadsheet on your bar visits so we can find you!! Bonnie
  12. Hey, Z and TB....I will not only "hop on and enjoy the ride....." I will be there with you! Can't wait for this cruise....and to meet you!
  13. Hi Marci! I remember finally meeting you when you and Tom came aboard the Mariner for a visit prior to our sailing out of Long Beach many years ago. But I agree with you. Makes no sense that a few hour visit puts anyone at more risk. And if you can't visit, I assume that applies to travel agents as well. If not, why?
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