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  1. I have sailed on most of the basic cruise lines, and have found different aspects of NCL that wins over the others for me. I prefer the entertainment of NCL best. There's a lot of variety that caters to different ages and tastes. I also appreciate the variety of dining options. And, most of all, I appreciate their consideration of solo travelers. They are one of the few lines that has accommodation options that don't include a double supplement. They also not only have a lounge for solo travelers to meet, but every time I've taken a cruise with them, they have a dedicated crew member to organize group dinners/shows/meets, etc. if people want to join in. And, I appreciate the casual dress code, so much less I have to pack 😁
  2. Thanks for the detailed review. I just caught up on this thread. I was on this cruise (and even spotted myself in a couple pictures). I was also in one of the single cabins (yes, I'm one of the people in the group picture), and have to say we had some great people to hang out with! Thanks for the memories!
  3. I think it's great having the staff serve you from the buffet. I can't tell you how many times I see people picking food out with their hands because they're too lazy to use a serving utensil (especially at bread stations). And I've seen people spoon food on their plates, and then change their mind and put it back. The serving utensils handles sometimes get pretty gross with all the use also. And while I realize it may cause delays at the buffet, I'd rather wait a extra couple of minutes than risk illness. While I agree you can't avoid all the germs, inconsiderate people will still be inconsiderate, but some small measures could definitely help with possible illnesses on board.
  4. If I remember right, there was a plug inside the desk area, and also a plug in the sink area shelves (as shown above). I put my carry on suitcase next to the bed to use as a nightstand. The plug in the desk area was close enough to be able to put my plugged in phone next to the bed. Both plugs were very convenient, especially compared to the inside room I had before, where the plug was across the room. Another benefit to the single rooms!
  5. I agree with this, I wouldn't pick a room too close to the lounge. I usually pick a room on the deck above or below, just to be on the safe side. I also wouldn't pick a room right next to the main doors leading into the outside hallway.
  6. I was on the Bliss a couple of months ago in a single room. I had plenty of room for everything (some people, who came to tour my room, commented I had more storage in my room than they did in a regular inside room). The first day or so, I was a little iffy about the room, but once I got use to the space, I really liked it. As the others mentioned above, the small sink was my pet peeve also, but since all I did was brush my teeth and wash my face in it, I got by (thankfully, there's a tile floor under it). Please be aware, the shower is in the corner of the room, not in a separate room. The best part was the dedicated lounge. There were always snacks, water, juice, coffee, and a wine machine in there (yes, you have to pay for the wine). We had nightly solo traveler meets, with a dedicated crew member, who would take names every night for people who wanted to eat as a group in the dining room, and would make the reservations for this, and some of the shows, for the following night. It was also a great place to hang out and meet people, read, or just relax. Also, the virtual porthole was great. It gave you an idea of what the weather was like without having to go outside. It also makes a great nightlight, if needed. Hope this helps with your decision 😊
  7. I saw it a couple of months ago on the Bliss, and loved it. The songs were fun. It had some comedic, and some touching moments. I would recommend it 😊
  8. I sailed on the Breakaway and Bliss this year, and have to say I'm hooked on these large ships. There's so much to do, and places to go. One of the main areas that has won me over is The Waterfront. I just loved walking this deck, and hanging out on the lounges watched the world go by (I never had a problem finding a place to sit and relax). They have separate venues for dance clubs, comedy clubs, and music venues. It's nice because you have plenty of options, not just one venue going on at a time. I ate at La Cucina and Cagney's and was pleased with both. The buffet on the Bliss was much better than the Breakaway. There was quite a variety of food, and I never really had a problem finding somewhere to sit (but then again, I was solo, and needed to share a table with other parties sometimes). The dining rooms were fine (not great, not bad), and with three of them, I never had to wait more than a couple minutes to get a table. The Thermal Spa is amazing on the Bliss. I especially loved the Snow room, and Salt room. I hope this helps a little. I never thought I would like the larger ships, but now that I've been on them, I'm totally hooked. I just booked a cruise for next year on The Escape. It's nice all these ships are laid out the same. Once you board, it feels like home because you already know where everything is, and you don't spend days trying to figure out where everything is 😊. Have fun!
  9. I overbooked myself (show and dinner at the same time). I went to the restaurant 2 days before the reservation (while they were open), and was able to cancel without any problem.
  10. I have recently become a fan of NCL. Up until last year, Princess was my preferred cruise line, but on my last cruise with them, I felt the cruise was catered to an older age group than I feel. I was bored, and felt there wasn't much to do. The entertainment was not to my taste, and activities were ok. I recently took 2 cruises on NCL, and feel like I have found my "home" cruise line. I was on the Breakaway and Bliss (comparable to Joy) within the last year, and found the entertainment to my taste, and much more fun. The amount, and variety of activities was much more varied to include everyone. Also, keep in mind, the Joy is a very large ship with more lounges, restaurants, entertainment venues, and passengers. Now I might be more biased. I travel as a solo, and NCL is the only cruise line I have found, so far, that embraces the solo travelers. We had a dedicated crew member to make us comfortable, and organize activities if we were interested. They are the only cruise line that also provides a large amount of singles rooms (while small, at least we don't have to pay the supplement fee), with a lounge where people can meet, and not feel like awkward. Food wise, I think both lines are comparable. Dining room, and buffet food was ok on both, nothing to write home about. But on specialty restaurants, NCL has much more variety, and options. I'm sorry, but I hated Carnival for the short cruises out of L.A....older ships and just hated the Booze Cruise feel. I took RCI last year, and was never so bored on a cruise in my life. Their idea of entertainment was non-stop trivia contests...all day. I suggest you look and review what each cruise line has to offer (entertainment, food options, ship size, etc), and see what seems most compatible with your interests/lifestyle. Only you know what you are looking for and prefer. Princess and NCL are very different, and those differences can make or break your vacation.
  11. I was on the Breakaway last April and had a towel animal left on the bed one night. It was left in the room for a couple of days. The only problem...to this day, I'm not sure what animal it was 🤣
  12. Syd Normans Pour House was my favorite. I went every night, but had to get there earlier and earlier every night once word got out about this place. I went to Rock of Ages, and enjoyed it also.
  13. Interesting...I've been looking at booking an inside room, and paying the supplement, and was surprised to find this to be less expensive than a studio.
  14. I took this cruise a couple of months ago, and the line to get off the ship went the length of the ship, but once they opened the departing area, it moved really fast.
  15. Take pictures of the ship before it gets packed with people 📷
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