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  1. Be sure to check the roll call for this date. We are on same cruise and I don't see your name on the Meet/Greet list.
  2. We were on for the TA to Copenhagen in April and continued on the Baltics so we were on for 26 days--great cruise!! Our CC group kept us busy with activities such as cabin crawl, slot pull, meet/greet, etc. It was an amazing/fun group. When we weren't at a planned activity, we enjoyed the Piazza area. Cruise director and his team were very creative. We had a mini-suite on Caribe with an outstanding room steward. One of the nicest things that the room steward did was to suggest changing our sheets after I spent one day in bed not feeling well. Such a small gesture as clean sheets made me feel better! We did eat in the MDR during the TA portion of the cruise and decided to use the buffet/Alfredo's/IC for the later portion. We just decided to be more casual for those last 11 days since the Baltics were port intensive. We were amazed that guests don't use Alfredo's as often!!!
  3. The ROYAL was also our very first Princess ship on an Alaskan cruise. It was also the only time that the upgrade fairy visited us as we went from an OV to a balcony! We are now Elite and about to take our first TA on the Regal in April. Thanks for sharing the photo.
  4. Really appreciate your review as we will be on the REGAL for 26 days embarking April 14--going on our first TA and then Baltics cruise. Looking forward to the rest of your report. Thanks!
  5. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in deepest sympathy. I have followed your last two cruises and always enjoyed your comments.
  6. Pam-so very sorry to hear that news as I knew you cruised often with her. Taking her ashes to sea will be the perfect way to remember her each time you cruise. Blessings!
  7. Pam-although we have never met, I encourage you to continue to post comments on CC as you are so knowledgeable about cruising. I did meet your sister one morning at breakfast on the Alaska cruise--she made some comment that made me think she was you so I asked her. The comment related to Princess insurance and I remembered your telling her story. Perhaps we will meet someday! I loved that photo of you in the Sanctuary on the Star! Would have been together on the Royal but we decided to take a TA to Copenhagen on the Regal since our granddaughter is studying architecture there this school year--our first TA.
  8. Will be on the Regal for the first time in April for a TA to Copenhagen--excited to hear such good reports. Will be our first TA.
  9. Booked our first TA from FLL to Copenhagen--can hardly wait-then also added the Baltic cruise too so a total of 26 days. Our granddaughter is studying architecture in Copenhagen and will be out of school when we return the second time so she can be our guide for a few days.
  10. What exact email address did you use for her? I have a concern that others have not be able to answer. Thanks in advance.
  11. We have been on about 20 cruises and have had no problems. We don't even carry a letter from doctor. We usually drive to port so don't know about flying suggestions. As soon as we find room steward, we just ask for the sharps bin and put Lantus in the small ref.
  12. I have also been satisfied with the insurance. I had to go to the medical center on at least two Princess cruises and ended up with a large bill-one for over $5,000.00 when I had to stay in their hospital overnight. In both cases, I was paid back every cent as soon as I filed the necessary paperwork. My heart doctor was very impressed with the file that I brought back from the medical center as I asked for a copy of everything they did for me.
  13. Cool true story of kindness-if only our world had more people like you. You were so thoughtful.
  14. We did the r/t LA on the Island in 2017. Yes-we did just anchor and stay overnight in the Lake. Many guests used it as a perfect time to have a special meal on their balconies. If you go, be glad you would be on the CORAL rather than the ISLAND-since the removed that aft lounge and added cabins, there definitely is a lack of public space. Would gladly book that cruise again-hope they do the 19 day again in 2021. I don't remember any excursions while anchored.
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