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  1. Just let your waiter know about the birthday the day before. They will supply cake and ice cream and will sing to him.
  2. dreadpirate3 recently posted on a 3 night SOS sailing. There are cruise compasses posted in the report. The thread is titled Symphony-A Sweet Celebration-Preview and Semi Live Trip Report If you are on the August 31st sailing we are on the 4 night sailing after yours. I have not been able to find any cruise compasses for our 4 night sailing😢
  3. I believe vests are free on the island.
  4. Of course Disney would win😊 Its Disney for goodness sake. The problem with Disney is that you can take about 2 RCI cruises for one of theirs. They are a tad expensive! Enjoying your review and pictures.
  5. Can I come park at your house and have you drop me off and pick me up? Pretty please with a cherry on top😊
  6. reviews are mixed on the pig excursion with many people really enjoying the experience with the pigs. If you are comfortable with animal interactions then you will probably enjoy it.
  7. I rarely agree with you😊😊 😊but you are 100% correct on this. If the dolphin is being treated for an injury or is unable to be returned to the ocean because of an injury (like the dolphins in the movie Dolphin Tale) then ok but just to pen them in to be used for our entertainment then I am totally against those. The pigs in Exuma were once wild and fended for themselves until they were "discovered" and became a tourist attraction. The pigs being used for these pig swimming excursions are domestic pigs and did not choose to swim in the ocean.
  8. Easy fix. Get rid of all the private hours on all the activities. Keep the rest of the perks. Reduce the price. The majority of complaints (not all) are about the flow rider issues and the other sport activities. There is absolutely no way that they can offer private hours and/or priority lines without inconvenience to other cruisers and frustration to the sports staff. The majority of the others perks should be easy to implement with little to no inconvenience to other passengers
  9. I would venture to say that swimming with them would count as "close proximity." Seriously though, think of the pigs and what the possible conditions they might be living in are. Pigs can get sunburned and I doubt very much that they enjoy being forced to walk on hot sand and swim in salt water just to "swim with" tourists so that they can get a picture showing what they did in the Bahamas.
  10. This is the kind of discussions that is so frustrating about this thread. Too many people who have not used or participated in the Key program but who are merely speculating. Yes, I know I can stop reading but I keep reading for the occasional helpful information that I can garner.
  11. I still am looking forward to my cruise in September with the Key. Priority embarcation, luggage drop off, Chops lunch, reserved seats for shows, last day breakfast and priority disembarcation are the benefits I am most interested in. I have no interest in the private hours on any of the activities. It's not a huge investment for us as its only for 2 people on a 4 night cruise. Time will tell.
  12. I have followed this thread and the Key Review thread faithfully. Inconsistency, crew unprepared and not educated in the included benefits and lack of private hours on the activities, especially the flow rider, appear to be the major issues. Perhaps paring back the benefits and lowering the cost would be beneficial. I agree that there are too many unrealized expectations.
  13. I can't imagine purchasing the Key and not knowing that it included the luggage drop off. It is clearly stated in the description of the Key benefits. The Key has had and still has many critics but hopefully they are ironing out some of them.
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