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  1. So inquiring minds want to know. Now that you have been on all 4 Oasis class ships, do you have a favorite?
  2. You are the Cats expert so I am going to do what you recommend.
  3. I just reserved this for my cruise on Oasis in February. I guess I don't get everyone calling it lame and warning that it's not worth it when no one has actually tried it. By February I would imagine that there will be reviews by people who have tried it and, if those reviews are unfavorable, I will have plenty of time to cancel it.
  4. Key here is "low paid employees" who provide much of your cruise experience behind the scenes and thus get nothing. Your choice😕
  5. Most motivated to get a discount for night one or just more motivated to get a discount for any night? The price in my cruise planner is $94 Would I expect for it to be more on board?
  6. Thanks, good to know. I think we are going to wait and try getting a discount on board.
  7. It seems the Chefs Table on Oasis of the Seas is in the suites lounge area. Is that correct? If so is it pretty noisy?
  8. It worked for me and coincided with the excursions I have seen on my cruise planner.
  9. Can't wait. Might have to go more than once😊 Do you recommend sitting up close? I have never been in the theater so not aware of best place to sit for the shows.
  10. Saw it on Broadway many years ago (loved it) but never on the ship.
  11. Am I the only person looking forward to Cats?
  12. I'm not a snob (hopefully) but I definitely think the dress code for dinner should be adhered too. If they don't intend to enforce it then get rid of it entirely.
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