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  1. No. No. You totally misunderstood my post and I apologize to those who did. I was referring to a recent post where someone announced their departure. Simply that. I LOVE that we all have different opinions and that we can voice them here. What does irritate me is the drama. Why is it necessary? Did I misunderstand that post?
  2. Right? Not only that but there is no need to announce your departure. If you don't like the ship, the vibe, the marketing, the lack of drink packages, the square footage of the closets, the material the bed linens are made from, the shade of red used for the promotional materials - WHATEVER- and you've decided you no longer want to sail on this line - just go. Be well. Enjoy the things you enjoy. Move on. (Reminds me of the people who announce their departure from their Facebook accounts. Why? Stop posting. There. Done. No drama.) I have no idea if I will really love it or hate it, so we're giving it a try, but if there were things I knew I would not enjoy then why stay and make an announcement. I rather like that it is a truly unique product. There are so many generic, "made for everyone" cruises these days. We'll see. I'm interested in seeing the reviews after a couple of months of sailing. That will give us more real world information.
  3. We won't know for sure until they start sailing, but maybe that is exactly the type of cruiser they want - the ones who wouldn't blink an eye at paying New York hip and trendy pricing for as many drinks as they want each day. There are many types of people in the world and there is a hat for every head, so we will see. It can't be all things for all people - too many cruise lines are doing that these days and it is just so generic and boring. We've booked a 4 nighter and we will either LOVE it or it will be the first and last time we sail, but we're open to finding out what it is all about. I'm OK with not loving it and leaving it for folks who do. Can't wait to find out.
  4. Hello - I have friends who are supposed to leave on the NCL Bliss this Saturday but the wife can't go at the last minute. The husband is still going (they have friends going in other cabins) - I read somewhere that they shouldn't cancel for her because of supplements added to cancellations but will they still get her taxes etc refunded if she's a no-show and doesn't formally cancel? No insurance on the booking. I would really appreciate information from those who have experienced this and not just informed guesses. Thanks so much in advance!
  5. I feel like they would make a TON of money on quality temporary tattoos. I have a permanent tattoo but wouldn't dream of getting one on a cruise!
  6. Call it what you will, my money is on LOADS of complainers on the VV boards who didn't bother to research before booking. I often wonder how people like that get around in the world, but they do, surprisingly. It will be entertaining reading for sure.
  7. YES!! The Virgin Voyages Pearl Society. 😁
  8. Pearl clutching outrage - SPOT ON!
  9. You will have a FABULOUS birthday!
  10. We were considering it but decided to get a suite in September and save the extra few thousand dollars. I'm sure he and his VIP guests will have staff falling all over themselves to impress them, have venues, restaurants, lounges closed for VIP parties etc. I would rather have the staff trying to impress me. I'm making it all up in my head, of course, but just the possibility, the weather and the extra savings made us book in September. I hope I am very wrong and truly hope it is EXTRA special for those who book it!
  11. I either read or was told, can't remember, that the in room bar will be liquor, not the tiny bottles, and it will not be refreshed.
  12. There should be no explanation necessary for asking a pertinent (TO YOU) question. We all learn from the answers. We either learn about the topic at hand or we learn that some people just want to judge others and feel superior. It is tiresome. You didn't feel attacked by other posters YET, give them some time. That being said, I LOVE these boards because I have learned so much from the people who truly want to share their experiences, knowledge, pictures. So helpful.
  13. I can see it now - after the first few cruises and the reviews start coming in - "My cruise was ruined by _______." (insert some new innovation never seen before) "This is not like the other cruise lines I've ever been on and I hate it." "The Drag Queen Brunch was too over the top, I mean, I just wanted to have a nice quiet meal." "The other cruisers were so young, mostly in their late 20's and 30's! I thought this was an adult only cruise line." Prepare yourselves. Read and watch everything that is being promoted by Virgin Voyages. This will not be your momma's cruise line. You have been forewarned by a multitude of video and print advertising. You can EASILY decide if this kind of vacation is or is not for you. They have been showing us who they are all along. Personally, I can't wait! It is about time someone stirred up the cruising landscape. I also can't wait to be dumbfounded by some of the reviews I know are coming.
  14. Answering the poster's question with facts about the ship and what has been seen in the FAQs on VV.com is great, but questioning, assuming, labeling... why? So we don't all prefer the same things on vacation. There is no right and wrong and the poster is trying to decide if this is the right cruise line for her by asking pertinent questions. Isn't that what this is for? Some of you need to go to the doctor and get your knees checked from jumping to conclusions so readily. I wouldn't mind drink packages, but I think they are trying to stay away from the vibe of other "party" cruise lines - trying to make their own mark on the cruise industry. Those who prefer a drink package would probably choose a different cruise because purchasing individual drinks can be spendy, even if they were "reasonable" in price. Although I do believe VV will definitely be a party cruise line from what I've seen and read so far.
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