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  1. We have cancelled our Nov. TA for the same reasons. Better safe than sorry. We love Windstar and will definitely sail with them in the future.
  2. We love Windstar, but have cancelled our TA cruise from Lisbon for the same reasons.
  3. My brother is a physician at a large Miami hospital. Serious cases are now including totally vaccinated people.
  4. We love to cruise, but we feel that now is not the right time. Too much uncertainty and stress at this time. We will wait until we can cruise stress free.
  5. Thank you for all suggestions. With the advent of the Delta variant making travel more worrisome, I think we will cancel our Nov. cruise and wait for things to get better. Hopefully, in the near future.
  6. We have a transatlantic cruise Lisbon to Barbados in a few months. We are both vaccinated. We realize that we will need a negative antigen/PCR test prior to landing in Lisbon from the USA and boarding our ship. What happens if you test positive on your test prior to flying back to the USA after disembarking in Barbados? We know that this happens. This is one of the reasons we are hesitant to proceed with this cruise.
  7. I understand that you must have a negative test to get onto the ship, pre cruise. But what happens if you test positive at the end of the cruise, prior to getting back to the USA? Yes, I am vaccinated, but people can test positive anyway, occasionally. What happens then? This is one of the reasons I am hesitant to cruise at this time.
  8. My choir got together for the first time in over a year and a half. Our conductor has established rehearsals for sopranos at separate times than the rest of the choir so there are not more than 20 people, spread out in the hall at one time singing together. The Altos, Bass, Tenors all have their own rehearsal times. It was wonderful to be able to sing together once again. Hopefully, we will all be able to sing together as a group once again. The news in Florida is not good for the Delta variant, our state has the largest infection rate in the entire USA. I hope that this will not impact our
  9. Was there any COVID antigen testing at all, pre , post or during the cruise for vaccinated passengers?
  10. It is very hot and humid in Palm Beach County, but we have a huge overhead fan, and occasional breezes. I love to sit on our patio and look at the lake while playing bridge on line. I can take about two hours and then back into the AC house.
  11. Even if an antigen/PCR test is negative, three days later you can test positive.
  12. What happens if you test positive?
  13. Unfortunately, we have postponed our Mississippi River cruise till Aug. of 2022. We did not have to pay any penalties to do so. The Delta virus is rampant in both Louisiana and Mississippi, two states with the lowest vaccination rates. The COVID cases have increased exponentially with the Delta variant. We are also aware of vaccinated people contracting this variant, so we will wait till next year to sail in this region. Hopefully, things will be back to normal by then. We miss cruising, but better safe than sorry.
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