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  1. We have just returned from the same cruise. We loved the Sapphire and whilst getting on in years was very clean. The layout was great and there was plenty of seating in all areas. Due to health issues we have not been able to cruise for the last 3 years so we were expecting to see some changes. Please note we had a great time but this is what we noticed...observations that is all so no jumping down our throat please 😀 it made no real difference. - Food quality definitely poorer. - We noticed 3 courses now not 4 in MDR - No mints. - Dont like the new coffee card but the staff do. You lose out on free hot choc. - Wine def more expensive now than it was but yes we accept things go up. - Was definitely less cheesy as in the cruise director that was good. - We gave Bordeaux a miss as too far did not fancy 4 plus hours in a coach it had lovely time in Soulac. - No small table in cabin Was the first time we have cruised since haelth issues and I was concerned how we'd cope as we were taking a mobility scooter. Every one was great and embarking and disembarking was brilliant. The ship is fantastic and we had a great time and woukd sail again on her tomorrow. Times change and many of us sit back and wait for a good deal now so profit margins inevitably are squeezed. We love Princess loved our cruise and cannot wait for the next one.
  2. We are also wondering about a scooter on board. My husband has a scooter but we have not cruised for 3 years due to his sudden ill health. We are just doing a 7 day cruise from Southampton to see how it goes. He can walk for short distances but cannot stand and struggles to do anything physical for very long. We never thought we'd be able to cruise again and I am hoping all goes ok. Any tips or advice please?
  3. Hi yes it was genuine 😉. Have managed to get insurance so am looking forward to cruising again. Thanks for all the advice.
  4. Hi...any recommendations following extensive heart surgery please?
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