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  1. We are also wondering about a scooter on board. My husband has a scooter but we have not cruised for 3 years due to his sudden ill health. We are just doing a 7 day cruise from Southampton to see how it goes. He can walk for short distances but cannot stand and struggles to do anything physical for very long. We never thought we'd be able to cruise again and I am hoping all goes ok. Any tips or advice please?
  2. Hi yes it was genuine ๐Ÿ˜‰. Have managed to get insurance so am looking forward to cruising again. Thanks for all the advice.
  3. Hi...any recommendations following extensive heart surgery please?
  4. I get the impression Princess don't care about the Brits wanting to sail from Southampton to the Med etc. Same itineraries but on a smaller ship. We loved the 17 day Med and Adriatic they used to do...... No change for three years and every year I hope......we love Princess but just wish they would mix it up a bit ๐Ÿ˜ž Sent from my Hudl 2 using Forums mobile app
  5. I agree the beds are fantastic. The entertainment was varied.....the new production show about Magic was very good, as was Peter Howarth, Jo Little and Michael Bacala. As I said previously we had a great time.....as once a year cruisers only we were not aware of the changes.
  6. As I did say the canapes is no big deal........shame about the medallions though. I suppose because a lot of us now sit back and price watch rather than book straight away, the profit margin drops and needs to be made up.
  7. No canapes at Captain's Circle not a a great loss but just another of those frills that have disappeared. OH most upset though that the beef medallions have gone from the "always available" option on the MDR menu.....he used to eat them a lot! On the plus side on the sea days coming home they put extra table and chairs out in the Atrium so there was always somewhere to sit. Still love the Emerald so much better than the CP we had last year.
  8. Have just returned from the Baltic. Have to say I love the Emerald but did notice more cutbacks this year. Whilst they do not affect the enjoyment of the cruise it is just more of the extras that are disappearing ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ. On the plus side we had a great captain and cruise director and a great use of common sense! Cannot wait until the next one.
  9. We were on Baltic too. Halfway through the cruise the Captain was replaced. We then had Nick Nash...he is brilliant. Keeps you updated all the time. The CD was also different to the one we had in May. This one was slightly better. Had a great cruise as I am sure you all will. Still prefer the Grand, Crown and Emerald but we had great time. Mainly Brits but there you go!
  10. You can take on a bottle of wine each at embarkation. You "could" put the whisky in a wine bottle ๐Ÿ˜‰
  11. I am not perverse or twisted thank you!! The clue is in the title CAPTAINS circle. It certainly does not affect my cruise but that does not mean I am not entitled to voice an opinion. Same goes for the CD !!
  12. Have purchased small amounts of local currency to be on safe side. Thank you M & S ๐Ÿ˜€
  13. We were on same cruise and I agree totally. We had a great time food and staff brilliant, but CD was useless, no sail away, he had no answer when challenged about it either. Matt32 of the entertainment staff was good, Cory was not! Prefer layout of Emerald and it is my least favourite Princess ship.
  14. The cruise Director was Paul, lives in Newmarket can't remeber his other name. Captain was Geogio Pomato.
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