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  1. We are on that transatlantic cruise. If you decide to join us we have a roll call that's starting to get busier now. Hope to see you!!!
  2. Does anyone know if you can use the Unlimited Dining Package for the Bottomless Galley Brunch ?
  3. Well gratuities will be ADDED to the final price before you check out. For example, if the Deluxe Beverage Package is listed for $50.00 per day, you would wind up paying $59.00 per day ($50 PLUS 18% gratuity) when you checked out. No additional gratuities would be added to your bill at the end of the cruise (unless you chose to tip a server more - but you can always do cash for additional tips if you wanted). Does that help?
  4. This is my dream. 🙂 I will keep looking and hope we get so lucky.
  5. We have the package for $44/day. It was $50 initially but then went to $44 and has stuck there for the last couple of weeks. I check daily just in the hopes that it might go down further. We are on the Allure TA in March 2020.
  6. Yes. That's exactly the flight.
  7. Thank you. These ideas helped tremendously. I think we can get a British Air flight from Barcelona to Los Angeles and then take Southwest from LA to Phoenix. Great ideas.
  8. I have not stayed in this cabin, however looking at the deck plans I would believe it to have a full sofa bed. From what I know of Royal they usually have the chair-bed thing in rooms that are connecting to other rooms. Your room is not one of those and appears to have a sofa bed and possibly a Pullman type bed as well.
  9. We booked the March 1st 2020 transatlantic on Allure of the Seas thinking that the airfare would be similar to the last TA we took in 2012. That has not proved to be the case. The air from Barcelona to Phoenix is well over $1k per person (more than the price of the cruise) and we just can't afford that. I don't know if maybe we are just looking too early, or if there might be a different way to get the air cheaper but so far I'm at a loss. Last time we used CruiseAir (now called Air2Sea) and the entire cost for the flight to Barcelona and then home from New Orleans was about $500. Someone mentioned Norwegian Air and I've looked at their rates and must say "wow" because those are dirt cheap. But now I am worried that the airline may be going under and we could wind up stranded in Barcelona. I don't know the ins and outs of the airlines because we don't travel much due to money. We have been saving up for this trip for a couple of years (we are celebrating our 50th birthdays and our 25 year anniversary on the ship) and are freaking out about the air fare. Any advice? Is Norwegian in trouble? Am I just looking for air too early? Should I be looking at round-trip flights to BCN rather than just the one leg? What can I do to make this trip still happen?
  10. The only TA I have done so far had very few kids. I think there were less than 20 kids total on the ship. What TA are you doing? If it's the 3/1/2020 you should come join our roll call.
  11. Currently $44 a day for our Allure Transatlantic for next March.
  12. I have had some issues with this as well. Our cruise went down about $100 pp and it was like I was asking for a million bucks. I did finally get the reduction but it was quite a challenge.
  13. Hi, we are booked on Allure's March 1, 2020 TA from Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona. It's a 12 day cruise and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for when the formal nights might be? Will there be three or four? Thanks for your help!!!
  14. Loved your review! I am counting the days til we board her next March. How did you like the dining package? Any advice?
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