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  1. jgw321

    Saga Cruises

    I've been out of the loop for a while and am not up to date withe context. Is this a new thrust that Saga have? The age limit is 50+ (40+ if with a 50+), but perhaps compared with 70-90 this is a younger crowd.
  2. It might have been worse for the next cruise as Vasco de Gama was already docked when we got in and I think that is a world cruise so those cars will be there a while, plus we were late because of the fog so the early arrivals for Marco Polo's next cruise couldn't use our spaces apart from the early leavers. Some would have only got off by mid day. It is going to be a real problem until VdG goes to the German Market, particular if Columbus and Magellan are using Tilbury too, Making room for two ships might help with revenue but they need to make more parking.
  3. jgw321

    Saga Cruises

    Well done Lottie. The saga site also has one at https://travel.saga.co.uk/cruises/ocean/our-ships/spirit-of-discovery/decks.aspx Presumably the other ship will be the same, I believe they are sisters.
  4. Berkshireboy is spot on. It is not reserved for only disabled as I was directed to park there this time. What seems to happen is that they try to keep that free of long term parking for as long as they can, but if the others fill up they bring it in to play. It can be handy as you don't have to struggle with luggage on the shuttle when they don't have a van. I got hemmed in by a lorry though whose driver was off looking for the jag owner who had badly parked and blocked him in. I sat waiting n my car for 15 minutes.
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