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  1. Anyone been on deck 7? Could you recommend which cabin(s) are best? Also what is there beside cabin 7081? (empty space on plan/ same on deck 😎
  2. Thanks for quick reply . What time of year is the best time to go ?? Which cruise line is the best to use ? Are you better paying the extra for a balcony cabin or is the inside sufficient and just spend time on deck to view? We hope to do the rocky mountainer too , any advice on this would be useful.
  3. Has anyone been on this cruise and what is it like???
  4. looking to go on the dream with two children booked outside plus 4 berth on deck 6 which cabin is best they are 6151 up to 6171 what is the blank square opposite them ??? anyone know?? which deck are the lifeboats on ?
  5. Thanks for that could not remember seeing one !!!
  6. Does Britannia have a fridge in the cabin ?? cant remember!!!!
  7. We havent got an allocated time sent to us as we are going down by coach!!!
  8. Ive got a plastic litre gin bottle so ideal for transporting !!!Happy days May take lemon too!!! the cabin steward generally bring ice in bucket at 6 o'clock if we ask them !!!
  9. The box is equal to 3bottles and a litre of gin each can we take mixers separate??
  10. Oh brilliant ....like you say at least putting in case saves you carrying it round while waiting for cabin.Thanks for that.
  11. When you take your allocated drinks on board do they need to go in your case or is it classed as hand luggage...... ,going from Southampton by the way.Can you take soft drinks too to go with your spirts ??? This is for cabin consumption !!!!
  12. We are going on the 8th to canaries and bought a box of wine ,where in your luggage do you put it??Also if taking bottle of gin is that hand luggage ??
  13. We are on Britannia 8th April going to the canaries and booked Sindhu it is well worth it even just for the experience we ate in the our last trip to the carabbean
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