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  1. Similar situation when they moved Freedom from PC to San Juan. Many Floridians were on cruise control since they often did the 7 day cruise with little thought. Well during the repo many were surprised it wasn't going back to PC and had to find their way home. 🤦‍♂️🤣
  2. Just add this to the list of potential tests. They're also training dogs to sniff out the virus so next time you're in Cozumel they may not be fruit sniffing dogs. 😉🤔
  3. I've used this program multiple times and have never had issues as you describe. When you redeem the points you'll almost instaneously receive an email with a code and the instructions on how to forward the info to casino royale. If you go into the game and check 'my wallet' your redemption show show there. In my wallet you can also cancel the redemption within 2 weeks. You can contact them directly at support@playstudios.com Typically the rule is that the sailing must be within 12 months of redemption.
  4. I needed my decoder ring to read this. OP, OF, BW, etc. I simply book a room with a WC . 🤔 (Water closet or toilet for the N. Americans) 😂
  5. We were also supposed to be on these cruises along with the TA. I cancelled the TA and moved the Israel cruise to Odyssey OTS Sept 19, 2021 using the lift and shift.
  6. Where's Biker with his beating a dead horse emoji when you need him. 🤔
  7. I was going to write the same thing and if they did offer perks, TA's would go the way of the dodo bird or Stockbrokers.
  8. In this case I wish the OP had contact information. Selfish people like this shouldn't be in business. She's being blasted on all boards where she posted the same rant. Fun reading.
  9. OP is posting the same rant on all the cruise boards. I thought I was still on the Princess board.😁. Instead of spending time here, she should be on the phone with the cruise lines demanding refunds so customers don't charge back. It's been 60 days since cancellation so my next call is with my credit card company. Sorry but my $6k is more important to me than your commission.
  10. That kills this thread. NEXT................
  11. May I suggest you take a little from the cruise refund and address your concerns with a "qualified" therapist rather than looking for support from the CC armchair quarterbacks. All problems can't be fixed on social media.
  12. NCL isn't going anywhere. Worst case is they'll enter into prepackaged bankruptcy and streamline their operation with a manageable debt load. The creditors take it in the shorts but they'd rather work with NCL than end up with nothing. This could put NCL in a better position than CCL or RCL but they have to make sure to be first to go down this path otherwise I don't think it will fly.
  13. Click on the reward and then 'learn more' and it shows the redemption instructions. Or you can call Club Royale and they'll explain the process to you.
  14. Like me, you may have to pucker up and kiss that NRD good bye. At least mine was with Next Cruise so I'm only losing $200. I may open a claim with my credit card company for ships and giggles.
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