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  1. on the second night is elegant night
  2. Thanks for answering my question. The menu was helpful. If I stood home I would just go out for dinner. Good turkey to me is not cooking the turkey. And burning down the house.
  3. Tell me about Thanksgiving on broad? Do they have turkey?
  4. Thanks a lot what both of you. It helped a lot. And that a cute puppy.
  5. Can someone tell me about parking in Miami cruise port? How do I find parking? And does anyone know about Lot #2? Also how do I drop off my bags?
  6. jcool


    Thanks everyone for answering.
  7. jcool


    You are being rude why don’t you go through all those reviews. If someone asks a question I would answer them. If I knew the answer.
  8. Has anyone taken Carnival Magic? And if you have what cabin did you stay in? And was there any bad smell in that area?
  9. jcool


    Thanks everyone for answering my question.
  10. jcool


    Someone told me to buy a soda you need to buy a soda package or a drink package that I could not buy them as single ones is that true?
  11. Thanks everyone for answering my question.
  12. I got American Express money card. I would like to use it on my sign and sail account. How do I do that? And I was thinking about buying some American Express money card can I get them cash out at the casino?
  13. I love that cabin but you will feel vibration and you will hear the engine once you put your head on the pillow.
  14. I would say save your money because one time I lost $75 doing what you want to do.
  15. jcool


    Thanks everyone for answering my question.
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