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  1. You can do it while checking in, that's what i do. After you go sit in the waiting area, I just go find an agent with no line and they'll add my gift cards to my S&S account
  2. Thanks NightOne, looks like Cheryl's is a good choice!
  3. We area group of 10 (5 couples) aged 55 -65 and are looking for a private tour in Nassau for next summer. We would want to see scenic views, historical sights and other points of interest, do some light souvenir shopping, grab some lunch and then relax at a beach. We are there all day, so I'm think a a 5-6 hour tour. Having water, beer and rum punch available would be a huge plus. I've done a bit of searching and have come up with 3 possibilities: Cheryl's Tours, Simply Dave and Marvelous Marvin. Does anyone have any experience with any of those?? If so can you please share your thoughts?? Or does anyone know of a different guide that you would highly recommend?? Thanks in advance for any help Bill
  4. I was looking around and found this: Day passes can be redeemed and are available for purchase at the Atlantis Adventures Tour center, located outside The Coral, overlooking the Atlantis Marina. Can you please tell me where you bought your pass?? How much was it?? We were there in 2010, I'm sure traffic conditions have changed but I don't remember having any delays getting back to ship, took maybe 30 minutes??
  5. Ordered several a couple of weeks ago. Can only order $1000 per transaction (meaning I wanted to buy $3000 worth of cards, but had to do it in 3 separate transactions). I have a UPS account, so I was notified by them when the cards shipped as well as when they would be delivered (down to a 4 hour window). My suggestion would be to sign up for a UPS account and you'll be in the know, its free. My cards were delivered within a week, all arrived at the same time
  6. I was able to buy $3500 worth in a day, but it took 4 separate transactions to make it work. No more than 2 cards per transaction
  7. My TA told me to just give her the cards and she would make the payments for me (err, well not the actual cards, just the numbers)
  8. I have over 67,000 points. Was planning to buy Carnival gift cards at 1 or 2 a month for the next year. There goes that plan 😞
  9. I believe you can earn points thru July 25th. Then you'll have to use those points before September, or they will be lost!
  10. ....At other cruise lines, the non-alcoholic package is always automatically added to the order. I dunno, seems pretty clear here that he was talking about using the Deluxe Package to get non-alcoholic drinks for his daughter!!! (not being critical or judgmental, just saying its pretty obvious)
  11. No, everyone over 21 must buy the Deluxe Beverage Package if anyone does. But those under the age of 21 are not forced to buy anything. Going to leave the rest of your question untouched. Prepare yourself for others to comment!!!
  12. Thanks for the great info. Do they publish these "back of WJ stations" anywhere, like on the app or in the Cruise Compass???
  13. 🍷 🍸 🍹 🍻 and that Ladies and Gentlemen, is how its done!!! 🙌
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