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  1. We've done a few. Stayed at an Excellence in Punta Cana, and it was very nice. Large pool, many themed restaurants (French, Italian, etc). Had different types of entertainment at night ranging to small bands to a Circus type evening. Beach was not very good though. Have also stayed at Couples Swept Away in Negril, Jamaica. Have stayed there twice, and we are going back next year. Absolutely love this place. Best beach by far!!!! Nice pools and a couple of formal restaurants. Again, various types of entertainment each night, with the Steel Drum Band being my favorite!!!
  2. I don't generally disagree with you, and OP has now settled on a different cruise and is satisfied. But still, I don't understand why you requested that information. In my view it is meaningless. OP had already purchased her cabin at a rate agreed to by her and by RCCL. It makes no difference whether OP paid $100 or $1000 or $5000. Does not matter if OP booked an inside cabin or a balcony or a suite. It's all meaningless. It boils down to simple math: $ paid / 5 nights gives her cost per night. RCCL took away a night, so should compensate OP the cost of one night. Simple!!! Now whether that compensation is a partial refund, FCC. OBC, etc. is a different matter all together.
  3. Louisiana is moving to Phase 3 as of today!!! Bars can reopen (at reduced capacity)! woohoo
  4. Thanks for posting, but it didn't work for me
  5. No luck for me, it's been the same since I booked!!
  6. my computer was glitchy yesterday so didn't get to say thanks, so I'll do so now
  7. I'm at 147 days and counting!!! I have received about 2/3 of it about 2 weeks ago. My friends who also cancelled on the same day as me haven't got a penny yet!
  8. Again just a guess. Lets take fever. If you show up and they find you with a slight fever, I'd guess they'd want to take a closer look at you. Not everyone with a fever has Covid. I wasn't saying if you show up with a fever, shortness of breath and a cough. But if they check you out and you show signs of one of the symptoms, then they'd want to take a closer look at you.
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