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  1. Oh great, Thank you. Didn't realize it was Starbucks coffee there also.
  2. Bob, I believe that is the Starbucks menu. Deluxe Beverage Package can't be used here. Is the Cafe Promenade menu the same???
  3. I have the Deluxe Beverage Package; will bartenders actually make my drinks in it, or do I just pour it in from the regular glass they give me??
  4. I'm on Harmony OTS in June and its probably a little far out cause i don't see it. But where would I find it listed, the "Entertainment and Activities" tab???
  5. bandjwayne, appreciate the review. We will be on in June, and its our first "big ship" cruise too!!
  6. I totally agree with this. It's just unfair, and that they are allowed to continually do it is mind boggling. While I understand they this happens and it is unfair to a lot of people, it comes with basically zero cost to the cruise line. I'd like to see them be forced to offer more compensation than just minimal OBC (shoot, pass the associated cost on to the organization that leased the ship). It's not simply a matter of having the money refunded, its having to start vacation planning all over, often after previous options are no longer available!! And no, this has never happened to me, its just painfully obvious to me that it is an unfair practice. boricua568, I'm sorry this happened to you. I wish you had had more time to make a better decision. But mostly, I'm sorry that so many of the posters here at CC take enjoyment at others pain, as if they're perfect and lead untainted lives. Its not what you expected when you posted, and I'm sorry they collectively have decided to bully you into thinking your a fool!!
  7. Exactly. I have given up trying to figure out their claims. I think your best option is to know what you paid / want to pay, and wait till you see that dollar amount listed. Don't look at the "% off" or "1/2 price off second purchased" or any other offer. Just look at the $ per day listed.
  8. I'm on the June 23rd sailing, and I was able to book over the weekend!! I wish I had an explanation for you, but ....
  9. Right, my little plastic straw is going to kill the oceans. How pathetic you "greenies" are?? Go to China, or Brazil, or Saudi Arabia, or just about any other country in the whole world who don't give a damn about the environment and clean up their mess, then come back and preach to me!!! Yep, they can dump chemicals and raw sewage into the oceans, but my little plastic straw (if it somehow is mishandled) and finds its way into the ocean, that's what will destroy life as we know it!!! Sad, just sad!!!
  10. By all means, feel free to do so. Just don't force me to is all!!!
  11. Thanks!! This will be the first time I get this cup. Yeah, I guess putting two different color cups in a stateroom makes too much sense!!
  12. Do you get these cups with the DBP (alcohol included), or only with the RBP (no alcohol)?? Where would you go to exchange it???
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