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  1. ....At other cruise lines, the non-alcoholic package is always automatically added to the order. I dunno, seems pretty clear here that he was talking about using the Deluxe Package to get non-alcoholic drinks for his daughter!!! (not being critical or judgmental, just saying its pretty obvious)
  2. No, everyone over 21 must buy the Deluxe Beverage Package if anyone does. But those under the age of 21 are not forced to buy anything. Going to leave the rest of your question untouched. Prepare yourself for others to comment!!!
  3. Thanks for the great info. Do they publish these "back of WJ stations" anywhere, like on the app or in the Cruise Compass???
  4. 🍷 🍸 🍹 🍻 and that Ladies and Gentlemen, is how its done!!! 🙌
  5. True, you only pay for 6 days of CHEERS, not 7. But like on Royal (or any other cruiseline for that matter) you only have a limited selection of alcohols available. This has nothing to do with the lines, it has to do with the idiotic Tax Laws of Texas. I believe the only alcohol that can be sold while in Texas waters, is alcohol obtained from a Texas Distributor!! Now for the interesting difference. Texas law also forbids any practice which encourages the overconsumption of alcohol!! For whatever reason Carnival has determined that their drink package falls into that category., while Royal has determined that theirs does not!!
  6. Another vote for New Orleans. It is close, easy to get to, and has reasonable parking. But sailing down the river, on a long summer day allows you to see all the history of the river!! I can't wait to do it again!! Galveston is almost as close, but I don't like it at all. Texas's liquor laws are just crazy, and just make leaving out of there bothersome!
  7. Nope its good everywhere on the ship!! Bars, restaurants, dining rooms all good
  8. Never had a Knob Creek! Is it that good??? OP, we always get the drink package. I've never "lost" money. Even my wife comes close to breaking even. For us, it's a no brainer. As others have said, coffee, water, soda, etc... add up. But that's just cush for us, we always "manage" :) to get 6 or 7 drinks a day. And I'm not talking stumbling around smashed. Drinks go down well while in the pool!!!
  9. You do not pay for debarkation day (which is actually day 8 on a 7 night cruise) You pay for embarkation day plus the following 6 days
  10. You should be good to use them. They say they do, but I've always just checked my balance in my cruise planner, that changed long before I got an email
  11. Oh my!!! I had booked myself thru an RCCL Vacation Planner. So my booking was not changed, and I didn't lose any perks. Erika, I did use several (5) of the $500 certificates to pay over time, for a total savings of $250!! I'm sorry, but I don't know the answer to your other questions. While I'll agree they are not as easy to use as the Carnival Gift Cards, with time they are just fine.
  12. Its basically a 10% off coupon. You go to the AARP website, under "Rewards For Good". You need to take little quizzes and earn points. When you have enough points (5000 for a $500 certificate, or 1000 for a $100 one) you buy them at 10% off. So you'd pay $90 for a $100 certificate and $450 for a $500 certificate. Both RCCL and Carnival can be bought.
  13. I think you need to have a cruise already booked for these to be useful. So they're not good for the deposit, but can be used to pay the balance as you go. It's not as easy as the Carnival Gift Cards, but with enough time these work just as well. Step 1: Purchase the RCCL Certificates from AARP Step 2: Wait until they are delivered Step 3: Fill them out Step 4: Scan them Step 5: Email them to the address on the certificates Step 6: Wait about 10 business days for them to be applied I've used them a couple of times, and they've worked well in paying off my balance
  14. Ahhh!! Color me embarrassed!! :) Thanks Bob
  15. I'm on Harmony and have this app, but I don't see this feature anywhere??? Also, can someone explain what "Spectrum" is or what it does??? TIA
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