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  1. Yea!! I finally got an email too. But thanks to those who posted.
  2. Couldn't agree with you more!!! However, OP didn't say he had CHEERS, nor did she say he had DOU. She said "he has Free Drinks Anywhere"!! I'm not aware of a program with that name. So it could be a new program, it could be DOU, or it could be CHEERS!!!
  3. CCL having a decent day. Up over 12% right now. (hope I'm not jinxing it) Wonder whats driving this as I kinda expected another dip after the recent cancellations??
  4. Not exactly sure what exception you're speaking of. If they gave him CHEERS, then she would be able to buy it. The rule says that they both must have it. Now if the offer is for free drinks anywhere, and not specifically CHEERS, then I don't think she'd be able to. No one, anywhere on this thread before you, mentioned anything about having more than 15 drinks per day!
  5. It's an interesting question and you'll probably need to call Carnival to get an answer. You said earlier he had free drinks, which in my mind is not the same as CHEERS, but here you say he already has CHEERS?? So if he was given free CHEERS, then you may have a valid argument. However, if he was just given free drinks (which I'd LOVE to know how he got) then it wouldn't necessarily be CHEERS!!
  6. Never say never. But I'd say it'd be extremely unlikely. Again, unless I missed something somewhere, just don't see the value. She's already getting free drinks in the casino. By her own admission she is not that heavy a drinker, I just can't make the math work. Not to brag or be dumped on, but I tend to let loose on a cruise and while I do hit my limit on a day or 2 (or 3), and always feel that the package works out for my wife and I, I seldom drink over 90 drinks in 7 days.
  7. Well ninjacat123 is right, if you bought it, then he'd have to. But if you are not a heavy drinker, and you get free drinks in the casino, I don't think it'd be worth it. Just buy as you go and don't worry about it. You'd have to buy over 80 drinks ( using a loose $10 per drink average on a 7 day cruise) to make it to the break even point. Lay out at the pool and drink 4 or 5 a day and you'll still be way better off.
  8. Yes, I had noticed this too for the last few gift cards. I once got to the site 30 seconds after it opened and they had already sold out!! Just not worth the effort.
  9. Nope, not leaving my post count at that number!!! :)
  10. Thanks bobandsherry. All 4 worked for me!! I thought I'd tried these the other day without success??? But they all worked today, thanks again!!
  11. Totally agree with this. Buffet lines on RCCL move much quicker because they've transitioned to several smaller island stations instead of one long one.
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