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  1. I would have it unless you have auto immune issues. Or you will need to get a note from your doctor stating you cannot have fore medical issues.
  2. We are US citizens. We contacted Seabourn and their recommended visa service. After much confusion from both, a Seabourn mgmt employee said it was not needed for US citizen as we were not overnighting. If you are referring to the upcoming first segment of the world cruise in January, we were told as follows for US citizens: Cape Verde and Cote D’Ivorie - not needed as not overnighting Senagal - not needed gambia - required but can buy on board ghana -needed but can buy on board angola - can obtain on board at no cost namibia and South Africa - not needed but we knew this from past land trips I would suggest checking with someone sr at Seabourn as the above is for US citizen.
  3. We are currently in Alaska in a Penthouse Spa suite and very happy. I think either side aft would be great. We are going Seward to Vancouver. It’s been a great cruise so far. Very happy!
  4. I like the Mandarin Oriental.
  5. kej1

    Neet's Bay

    Thank you for the feedback. It sounds interesting!
  6. kej1

    Neet's Bay

    Has anyone done the excursion from Ketchikan to see the bears at Neet's Bay? What did you think? We will be in Ketchikan on Aug. 3rd.
  7. I will third that and include many more years of land travel. The Seabourn Antarctica Cruise was one of our best trips ever.
  8. You must go on the zodiacs to see polar bears. Views from zodiacs much better in general. We did not do any ship excursions in Canada other than the zodiacs for the Canadian Arctic islands. We hired a private guide for Quebec and had been to Montreal previously so just stayed a couple of days on our own. The other ports were small and we walked everywhere on our own.
  9. We were also on this cruise in August and loved it. I highly recommend all the Zodiac tours, especially to see the Polar Bears on Lady Franklin and Monumental Island. We also loved the glacial zodiac trip in Ilulisat, and did a fun excursion through the fjords by by boat in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. It is an expedition cruise and we had many if the same great team members we had met on our Antarctica cruise. If this is what you are looking for you will have a wonderful time! Even saw the Northern Lights one night in Arctic Canada!
  10. We docked right near town on the Ovation this last Dec. but the location the ship docked was far from the port entrance/ exit. It was a very long walk in the humidity and heat. They had a shuttle that ran every 30 min into the center of town. We found it best to meet private guides there and also have the guides drop us at the shuttle to return to the ship. The guides were surprised as most ships that come into that dock locate across the way from the port entrance. But not so on our trip. No other ships were in that port so I’m not sure why we docked so far from the entrance. Ship organized tours came into the port right to the ship, but private people could not which was a bit of a hassle until one figured out the logistics.
  11. We were also on the holiday cruise in December. We had been to Angkor Wat in the past by land so tried this port. Organized a private guide with lunch at Don Bosco. The whole thing was kind of a disaster. My number one ask was to visit a school. We got to the school and it was closed for a two hour break ( their timing was bad). The city and markets not that interesting. Our Don Bosco lunch was not great. Beach they showed us was lovely. City has been overtaken by China. Although I would not return, we are glad we got off the boat to see it. But not somewhere I would go by land. Really just a port to visit since the ship stopped there. There are two really high end beautiful resorts off the coast ( private islands) and we tried directly with them to organize a visit for the day with lunch but they said no. High season, completely booked. One is called Song Saa and the other is a new Six Senses resort. Perhaps this could be a good option if not during the busy Christmas season.
  12. We have stayed almost exclusively in the corner PH Spa Suites since they added them to the o class ships. We absolutely love those corner suites. The deck is great but the other wonderful feature is the wall of windows. During poor weather you can enjoy fabulous views from the room even if not using the deck. right now we are about to end our first cruise on Ovation. We have not been on Encore. although the Corner PH Spa Suite is a lovely room, they used the same window and door as used on smaller suites, and it’s not centrally placed in the room so the sight lines to look out at the view are very poor from the room. When you are able to use the deck it is wonderful, but on some days it is too hot, too cold, rainy, etc we thought the lack of windows like on the O class ships was disappointing. In fact we rearranged the funrniture so that we could see out the small windows from the couch, A bit strange as it was right under the tv, but we don’t use the tv anyway so worked for us. Otherwise you’d be looking from the couch to the tv and wall with no sea view. Anyway I don’t mean to complain as it’s still a great room I just think they made some mistakes in the larger ships design with not enough windows in the corners and poor furniture arrangement if you want to enjoy the view. Deck still amazing. If I were to go again on a cruise on the Ovation or Encore and did not think I’d be able to use the deck much I might consider a middle room as windows are more centered so you have better sight lines from insidde, but the big drawback is you miss that wrap around deck on the corner! Just my thoughts as we wrap up this trip ( so sad it’s ciming to an end as we had a fantastic time, great service, and enjoyed many things about the new ship). Hope this helps.
  13. Yes Singapore is a fabulous dining country! I used to go there for business several times a year for many years so have a long list. Let me know if you have questions! So many good choices! Looking forward to the trip! Hope to meet you all on the cruise and thank you again for the feedback on the VISAS!
  14. Thanks everyone! One less thing to do before we leave!!
  15. My husband and I will be going on the holiday cruise to Vietnam. We normally do our own VISAS through a VISA expedite service at home in San Francisco. Per our documentation we can get our VISAS on board. Has anyone done this? Does it work well? We are late as I've been traveling for work overseas and haven't been able to release my passport. We can go to our service and have them back in 2 or 3 days or just do on board. On board seems easier. Any feedback?
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