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  1. soraya

    Commodore Rynd retired ?

    Hi Hattie, I'm not an expert, but I did read that Cunard weren't intending to have another Commodore. Something about considering it to be out of date.
  2. soraya

    New Menu in Verandah on QM2

    I'm just glad that we had the chance to try the Verandah on QV in March - we really enjoyed the whole experience. We've got the Steakhouse booked for January and will leave it as there isn't anywhere else nice for a special occaision. If it was a normal holiday though I would wonder about paying for it as there is the other steakhouse option at the Kings Court in the evening - the Smokehouse, which sounds v similar.
  3. Not sure whether you've booked already? I've only done 1 short Cunard cruise, we tried it as an alternative to P&O after a bad experience on the Adonia - although we do tend to cruise with anyone who is going where we want to go, at the right time and price! We had a really fantastic Med cruise with Oceania a few years ago - the food and service was great. Not sure about entertainment as that isn't really our interest, but the ship was beautiful too. HTH
  4. soraya

    class difference?

    Interesting analysis about the SWS concept. I'm not sure about it, we did Aquaclass and suites on Celebrity which was nice, but not amazing. On reflection, I prefer to cruise on a ship where all the amenities are of a standard that I want rather than just parts of it. If I'm paying a lot more I think I'd prefer Silversea, Regent etc rather than the megaships. Clearly, it's a business model that works as more companies are going that way.
  5. soraya

    class difference?

    I find people's reaction to Cunard really interesting. I shared with some Celebrity friends that we were going on a Cunard 4 night cruise to see what it was like and I got a pretty negative response about the Cunard Class system. But Celebrity have what they call the 'Suite Life' with a different restaurant and the new Edge ships, it'll be their own deck. MSC have the Yacht Club and I think NCL have the Haven. I personally don't see the issue, you pay what you want for the things that have value to you. We went on a 4 day cruise on the QV and really enjoyed it, with no impact on us from the Grills. It's not a big party ship but we wanted to relax and we really enjoyed little things that some of the other lines we've cruised with have cut back on such as the flowers displays and the live music.
  6. soraya

    Single Supplents too high.

    Yes, it was a 7 day cruise !
  7. soraya

    Single Supplents too high.

    I've just seen the new Celebrity Edge being advertised. For July next year, two weeks it's £2689 pp for an infinite balcony cabin. For a Single Infinite balcony, it's £2749 total. That's only £60 more very different product, but good pricing.
  8. Annoying when this happens especially if it's the reason you booked the cruise. We were about to book Southampton to Hong Kong when I noticed the change on a website. It was v confusing as Cunard still had KK on their website. I have noticed that one quite a few websites n newspaper offers it still has KK on the itinerary. I do think that they need to let folks know quickly. Not to compare Cunard with Marella but they sold a cruise called 'Cuban fusions' then months before the cruise cancelled Cuba. That sort of change and you are entitled to cancel. I notice that most of their cruises r now called nonspecific :')things like tapas and tango!:')
  9. soraya

    New Menu in Verandah on QM2

    Our voyage personaliser for January it just has the Verandah, with the higher charge. I have booked a table as it's a special occasion but for me a steakhouse wouldn't be something I'd pay extra for
  10. soraya

    Worst case scenario

    They also said in March that we were going to have the wettest summer ever! Love the mail weather forecasts!
  11. soraya

    Aboard QM2 now (9-23 Sept)

    I thought that all the ships would have the same menus - is that not the case? I had a look at the new menus from Host Hattie's recent QV cruise and they had 4 meat/poultry main courses, 2 fish and 2 vegetarian courses most nights. My DH who likes meat and is coliac did notice that a lot of the vegetarian items are marked gluten free. Makes sense from a business perspective to make items multi tasking but he look a bit down at the prospect!
  12. We're in Athens in mid-January. We've been to the main sites a couple of times and were wondering what to do in potentially not great weather. I quite fancied Delphi but have read that with rain in the mountains and shorter daylight times, that this might not be best for January. Can anyone recommend anything else - we're interested in history and food!
  13. soraya

    best cruise for those with Bible interests?

    We did a cruise on the Oceania Insignia a couple of years ago that stopped at those places and also Patmos and Israel. Patmos was very atmospheric - we arrived at the cave v early and joined the service going on and it was a tremendous experience. Israel was also a real experience. I personally found it scary - there was a security issue when we first arrived and an ongoing heightened state of security - they only reopened access to Bethlehem on the morning of our excursion. But seeing the Sea of Galillee and when we went to Bethlehem, we swopped to a local guide 'George' who was so fantastic and gentle in his manner, he recited the Lords Prayer in Aramaic to us which is still on of my top experiences anywhere. He was a sharp contrast to our main guide who spent 3 long days being pretty offensive to just about every major world religion!
  14. soraya

    How to properly eat a scone?

    And when you separate the scone - don't use a knife! :eek:
  15. soraya

    Notes from Queen Victoria to the Mediterranean

    Hattie, thank you so much for your posts and for taking the time to post the new menus - really appreciate it Glad you enjoyed yourselves:)