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  1. In 18 cruises I have never been to the medical center before but always wondered what it's like, how much it costs, etc. Well, on the most recent cruise my wife decided to take an "excursion" there. It was kind of pricey but interesting πŸ˜‰ She started feeling ill on the 2nd day of the cruise (a lot of cold symptoms but also wheezing - no fever. She was absolutely fine before and on the 1st day). I always get travel insurance so I sent her @$$ to the medical center right away and tagged along. Any consult cost is $125 to get seen by an MD. I was impressed with the facility, the nurses, and doctors. I saw several rooms that looked like a hospital room with a bed, equipment etc. My wife also saw what she described as a surgery room (I didn't see it). It also had a separate backdoor entrance + a large steel door with a lever and keypad. Just guessing that is their "morgue" For basic illness which turned out to be early acute bronchitis they are well equipped to handle that and treat that. My wife got a steroid via IV, antibiotics for the week and 3 visits for nebulizer breathing treatment. She felt better the next day and got the all clear. They also did some CDC required test (2 times) - (Legionella Test) All together it was around $500 which should be reimbursed 100% by the travel insurance I got. All in all it was a fun trip to the med center but not something I want to do again. At the stops in Mexico we went to the pharmacy and got several bottles of the same antibiotic as what we got on the ship - just to have in case of emergency in the future - it was $8 per bottle vs $50 on the ship.
  2. I really think that what should be of greater concern is all the people sick with cold viruses. I had to go to the medical center with my wife (1st time ever in 18 cruises) and we saw many employees coming in with cold symptoms (cough, sore throat, etc). They would give them meds or do some treatment with a breathing mask and send them on their way. A bunch of the employees we saw are those who come in contact with guests. There were 2 that we saw at Bingo selling cards, etc... FYI: The medical center is doing corona virus testing for anyone going to the med center with an illness. They say it's a CDC requirement and consists of 2 urine tests (2 days).
  3. We are on a Mexican riviera cruise now and there is absolutely nothing to report. It's business as usual with no mention of the corona virus at all.
  4. Or say the father is dead. Who will sign this document then?
  5. How old is your phone / what kind? In most ports / international cities Verizon should work just fine through their roaming partners. I never had any major issues. On the ship while its at sea - forget it - its very spotty and its not because of Verizon. Most everything can be done via WiFi now anyways so you don't need to rely on cellular service. That includes calling and messaging.
  6. The card number will be different. At least that's the case with me. My wife is a user on my account but has her own card with totally different number and her own login as well.
  7. Nope, just the desire to get back home before my son's ADHD meds wear off at night 😱😁
  8. Its SEA to HOU on Jun 16. There are no nonstops except for one at 10. It's not a huge deal in the long run. Just prefer to get home as quickly as possible especially with a kid. Going to track and consider the 11:25 AM flight. Thinking we can make it. It was $230 just a day ago and now it's $180
  9. How feasible is 11:25 AM flight out of SEA on a Tuesday? We are pretty good with getting off the ship ASAP. I remember last time we had a 1 PM flight out of SEA and made it to the airport so early that check in wasn't even allowed yet.
  10. Thanks all for the input. I will monitor the prices. There are 2 airport in Houston so I'm specifically looking for flights from HOU to SEA and back to HOU. For me HOU is 15 min away while IAH is 1h15m HOU is pretty much all SWA so that's what I'm checking directly through them which is the only option. *Also HOU is one of the major operating bases for Southwest (they don't operate from IAH)* Last time I flew to SEA few years ago I paid around 170 per person each way so 290 seems like alot. I found 1 good flight to SEA for 156. Right now the issue is coming back. Only direct flight back to HOU I see is 10:15 am. I don't think we can make that. My wife and I are usually first off the ship but even then that's cutting it close and we will have our 8 yr old. He slows us down. 😁 Then only other reasonable fights are $180 which are late afternoon and have stops and with 2 hr time change don't arrive until following day past midnight. Doesn't seem like I have any choice here because I seriously doubt that SWA will add any additional flights. My only hope is that they lower the price even more. Thanks again
  11. That's a fair point about May through August which I considered. So I looked up first week of April just as a test. Cheapest ticket to fly to Seattle from Houston is 300 and no non-stop flights at all. Then to fly back cheapest is 178 but at 7 AM and there are 0 flights after 12 pm which is strange. * Checking Southwest only. Hence wondering if something is going on between them and the airport in Seattle Maybe it's the MAX aircraft but that's just 5% of their fleet.
  12. Thanks. I tried United as well. Its similar result. High ticket prices and lack of daytime (non-stop) flights. Same with Alaska Airlines. I just used Southwest as a topic since I have been on that route before and can see a big change. Main reason why I decided to ask is to me it seems that this change is with Northwest destinations like Seattle - others are OK. I have trips planned to LA and Vegas - ticket prices were great. Recently I flown to Boston, Denver, and Ft. Lauderdale - lots of options and cheap prices
  13. Then what's the point of this forum. I'm just looking for opinion or insights from anyone. As far as calling the airline. Unless I can reach someone in corporate, it would do no good to contact their general customer service and ask oh why are your ticket prices higher than they were before πŸ˜‰ Again, I'm just wondering and throwing it out there in a forum with other travelers.
  14. This is me just wondering about something I noticed... I am looking for round trip tickets from HOU to Seattle 2nd week of June on Southwest Airlines (In: Monday / Out: Tues of following week) and noticed that there are hardly any non-stop flights, prices are very high and up until May there aren't even any flights listed after ~12PM at all. Just wondering if someone happen to know if something occurred between Southwest and Sea-Tec? I last did this trip 4 years ago and there were many flights and they were much much cheaper. Wondering if something happened like a contract dispute, etc...but couldn't find anything in the news.
  15. You can try again and match to this instead which mentions transportation. It's a $10 difference vs Carnival https://www.amstardmc.com/excursions/excursion-details.21.4754.luxury-sailing-and-snorkeling/
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