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  1. In case anyone is wondering - if you used an AMEX offer like get $100 back after spending $500...that credit goes back on as a charge after the refunds show up 😉
  2. I got my full cruise fare refund to AMEX today (3 separate refunds since I made 3 payments). Cruise date: June 9 Cancellation form submitted: April 1
  3. So your original sail date was June 5th and they did refund your fare? I'm still waiting in mine. Cruise was for Jun 9 and submitted cancellation form Apr 1
  4. Thanks for the info! My cruise date was Jun 9 so not too far from yours. That gives me hope - maybe another week 🙂
  5. Has anyone with cruises originally scheduled for May got a refund back to any credit card? If yes - what was your cruise date? Has anyone with cruises originally scheduled for June got a refund back to any credit card? If yes - what was your cruise date?
  6. That's good to see that May cruises are being processed. Mine was on June 9 so maybe another month 🙂
  7. What was your cruise date and when did you request the refund?
  8. Exactly. Not to mention making the subject "Norwegian Going Bankrupt" and then starting the post with "Well it looks like its official". NCL has not filed for bankruptcy (yet) nor is it official...
  9. I used AMEX and don't have any refunds yet. They are probably processing charges as they happened and not by card processor.
  10. I totally agree but also curious about who you speak to / get info from about that? Unless it's someone on the executive leadership team I wouldn't trust a PVP or customer service rep at this point.
  11. If it happens in 90 days or sooner then that is fine with me - I can wait. My only concern is that the department that answers social media is not acknowledging or mentioning 90 days or up to 90 days, etc.
  12. Who is they? Because if you ask Carnival on Facebook or Twitter their response is they are working on it but can't provide a date. So if this 90 days that I keep seeing is official they would have surely said so in their posts and replies.
  13. Just saw this post from Princess that they have started processing refunds. Hopefully it's the same for Carnival since both are part of same parent Corp
  14. What is the outcome. Is there any benefit to this? It's not like the charge is fraudulent and Carnival is supposed to refund it - its just taking way longer than usual. Not sure I would recommend this unless it has been 90 days and you still haven't received the refund...but that's just me.
  15. This is not really news or surprising. Carnival is just complying with CDC guidelines and listing June 27 as the day they will resume because CDC restriction is through June 26 (as of right now)
  16. Like many others I have filled out the form for a full refund few weeks ago. No confirmation after submission or refund. Up until recently the cruise still appeared when I would login to my profile - today its gone. So not sure if they just removed them all up until June 26 from "My Bookings" section or if they are doing it on individual basis as they process those forms
  17. Yes they do...most cases pro-rated. There are many examples, most common for me are GAP car policies. I have gotten partial refunds on them all the time when original loan was paid off early.
  18. I took a screenshots of the filled out form and the confirmation page that shows up after submitting. Saved those as proof since I saw people saying there are no email confirmation.
  19. Looks like its official based on Carnival update from today. Alaska cancelled through July. https://www.carnival.com/health-and-sailing-updates All ships sailing between March 14 and May 11 All Alaska sailings through and including June 30, 2020 All San Francisco sailings through 2020 All Carnival Radiance sailings through and including November 1, 2020 All Carnival Legend sailings through and including October 30, 2020
  20. Yet Royal just announced that they are allowing anyone who wants to cancel to do so penalty free through Sept 1 sailings.
  21. That's August and beyond. Right now the issue is through July 1 since Canada is essentially closed
  22. Don't know but pretty sure they have sailings from Seattle, Vancouver, etc. Any Alaska cruise is cancelled with them through July because if it starts anywhere in the US it has to stop at foreign port... Victoria or start in Canada. Both options are out. Out of SF if they don't stop in Canada the only other remote possibility is Mexico but that could easily add another 2-3 days of sailing to the cruise
  23. Yep but this wasn't an Alaska specific cancellation. Carnival cancelled all cruises through May 11. Problem is that even if they resume after May 11, Alaska is a special circumstance since it requires access to Canada which is closed through July. Unless the law that requires a stop at a foreign port is suspended there is no way any cruise line can make those trips. So Royal Caribbean already announced that all their Alaska sailing are cancelled through July. Many were waiting for Carnival to announce the same today which they did not.
  24. Good question. The replies on Facebook and Twitter are cut / paste which basically say we don't know - we will tell you when the execs tell us more.
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