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  1. Just a thought...I'm wondering if your cruise is so empty because everyone is waiting for ELUA to return to the Star at the end of the year. I know the prices for November and December are higher. They definitely have a following.
  2. I'm not sure that is possible. I tried to take a Latte to go and was told that I could have as many as I wanted...with breakfast. Good Luck. They really are not equipped for "take out orders". I am sure you might find another way of transporting the drink.
  3. Don't forget the drinks. Once they know your preferences, it will arrive at your table shortly after you are seated. Mine: Decaf Latte - no foam. I knew of someone that started off with Mimosas and by the time his second breakfast was through, he was on straight champagne. He had breakfast with his wife and then joined us for his second one.
  4. I've "pre-ordered" the crab/avocado or a minute steak the day before. It is up to the head waiter. I've had some terrific guys and some duds. If you want salsa/pico de gallo on the first day, you may see it every day after that. I don't care for the mixed fruit but have requested watermelon every day.
  5. Thanks....but I didn't read the link. It was just a rhetorical question. I "knew" the answer. Don't know what I will replace my cruising with. Really enjoyed small ships from San Pedro. "Those were the days..."
  6. Any chance that the "Sphere" Class Ships will be smaller? Just wishful thinking.
  7. I have also done both. I'll take the Golden any day. 500 less passengers and Window Suites. Vista Lounge may be used to spread out the crowd for entertainment (two shows per night instead of just one in the Princess Theater). I don't have a need for Medallion. I prefer less people, especially on sea days when EVERYONE and their uncles have no place to go on the ship.
  8. Take a screen shot of your messenger number. Makes it a whole lot easier to share with your friends (everyone connecting has to share their messenger number). The good is that there is no notification sound to let you know there's a message waiting. The bad is that there is no notification sound to let you know there's a message waiting. Do not expect an instant reply.
  9. And here we go again. Mini-suites do not have any suite perks. When will Princess change this category? Just a pet peeve of mine (sorry if I offend anyone).
  10. The Japanese are very concerned about what they leave behind. They "invented" this tiny bottle of concentrated "air freshener". It is probably one tenth the size of those "POO-POURRI" bottles. Just a drop or two in the bowl and flush. Works amazingly well. Here's a sampling from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=toilet+bowl+drops+smell+eliminator&crid=3USC4EMAXC2W7&sprefix=toilet+bowl+drop%2Caps%2C260&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_9_16
  11. The same will apply to your dining privileges. They will not be allowed to join you for Sabatini/Crown Grill suite breakfasts nor Club Class dining. You will be able to order tea in your suite and have them join you. They will not be able to join you for priority tendering. Depending who is minding the door, they might be able to join you for Platinum, Elite, Suite Happy Hour and/or disembarkation lounge.
  12. cr8tiv1


    Princess "claims" it is a privacy issue to name any large group on a cruise. I have been on at least two cruises where I wish I had rebooked my dates. The first one was a West Coast Swing group. They took over Club Fusion every night!. Closed to other passengers who might want to dance. That overflowed to the Piazza, Explorer's Lounge, Wheelhouse, and other venues. It was not fun for other dancers on the same cruise. I will never do another Halloween cruise. This was a singles group that travels often with Princess. Thank goodness that year, Halloween was on the day we boarded. So they didn't have much time to "celebrate"....but they made up for it the rest of the 10 days. I don't mind "sharing" the ship. I do object that I am restricted to where I can go and things I can do because others have taken over the ship. And a group of 100 or more is very noticeable.
  13. I like your walking directions the best. I can remember that! Thanks. Not that i walk the promenade often. I can do ... maybe 2 laps ... before I need refueling.
  14. It seems as though I am always walking against traffic. I was once "reminded" that there is a correct path, but can never remember it.
  15. I've "stopped" off a couple of bars to request those little containers of peanuts and other thirsty starters. There's always food from the International Cafe or do a parade to the Pizza station. Lots of options for "free" food rather than those awful canapes. Don't forget to pack yourself a wine bottle opener. Steward will bring you a few glasses...Make it a bring your own drinking vessel and wine.
  16. Yes, you paid the inside cabin fare = you get the inside cabin OBC ($25).
  17. CC dining is any time dining. I have been able to have the same server at every meal, even when his section was not available. I felt really guilty adding to his responsibility though. I wouldn't have done it if I had a larger party. I've also asked to wait until his section had room.
  18. Yes, the no flier sign did work. The Ruby had no "mailbox" although it wasn't really Medallion ready. The fixture was there and you used your cruise card to open the door. That was the extent of "Medallion". Without the mailbox, they would slip fliers under the door....what a pain in the back (side). So I put up the handwritten unprofessional sign and trash (oops...notices) ceased. Wahoo. I did my part to save Mother Earth from junk mail.
  19. Interesting thread. Thanks for starting it. I am glad I am not the only one that brings an excessive amount of "must haves". If...I am traveling in any other stateroom (not a suite), then I bring along my "privacy (shower) curtain" attached to the ceiling with magnetic hooks and a bungee cord to hold back the curtain. It is positioned between the front door and living area to create a larger private dressing area around the bathroom. The Ruby had (sometimes annoying) motion detector lights on the bottom shelf of the desk to guide you to the bathroom. Thrak was the first to mention this. You can never have enough magnetic clips for those important memos. All walls, ceilings, and doors are metal. I bring collapsible boxes for things around my nightstand and to organize the desk. I've even used small cardboard boxes and just disposed of them when I left. Soda boxes are great to store things in above the closet. You won't lose things way in the back. I have a hanging 3 tier shelf that I use in the closet. Similar to this: https://www.amazon.com/Travelon-Packable-Zippered-Compartment-Organizer/dp/B007XAIFC0/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=travelon+travel+shelf&qid=1570175249&sr=8-2 Most importantly, I attach a note to my front door....Please do not leave SPA and/or Art fliers. This is just a small fraction of the things I bring along on a long cruise to make my stateroom functional. I am not OCD....just the opposite. I have to organize my chaos. On the other side. I lay out what I think I will need to wear, then throw out at least half to 2/3's. Even then....I pack too much clothes.
  20. I did not read all of the posts. This is a cautionary tale. Germaine's Luau is "FAR" away (in local talk). I know the ship leaves at 11 PM. All aboard is 10-10:30. Traffic at that time of the night "should" be okay; unless there is an accident or something happening at the Stadium. Any accident or delay may make you cause you to miss the ship. Germaine's is one of the best luaus in Hawaii....but I'm not sure I would risk missing the ship for $25.00.
  21. I NEVER touch the stuff (body wash and shampoo/conditioner). I am a borderline germaphobic....I don't like having dispensers of "cleaning" solutions that can be opened and tampered with by the passengers before me. As far as I know (which is not much), all the steward does is top off the bottle as needed. Who knows what lurks in the bottom of these bottles. The pumps can easily be removed by anyone. On the other hand....I have brought along my own pump bottle and the steward had no problem partially filling my bottle with body wash for my own personal use (showering and/or washing hands). I also have asked him/her for bars of soap.
  22. And to think the Star Princess is a little ship (compared to the more recent builds). Interesting video. San Francisco is a tough pier to leave from. I remember 3 tugs straining against the Golden to keep here close to the dock as she released lines. I wonder (too) how badly damaged the other pier was. Thank you for sharing.
  23. Yes, but men can stand up and pee....or go behind a bush (not recommending) or pee in a cup. Men have options that women don't. Picture this: Woman needs to pee. No public restrooms or undesirable restrooms. Woman stands up and pees......Just saying...not a pretty sight.
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