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  1. I logged in last night. Nothing. Got up and called Princess at 6 AM...sale started at 9 AM PDT. I called back at 9 and was on my computer. I could "see" the itinerary but you actually have to call in to make a booking. Dates are available only for Elite today. Warning: Princess rep attached my (canceled cruise) FCC to a cruise in 2022. I had to ask her to release that credit. That's a really long time to have my $$$ tied up. Not a problem. Easily reversed.
  2. I never received mine either. Only information has been from Cruise Critic (Thank You).
  3. But aren't you thrilled that you were "forced" into taking FCC....?
  4. Only once did I do a very last minute booking. It was a great short cruise for not much money. Good upgrade guarantee. But...with so many folks having FCC to burn and rumors that ships will sail at 60% capacity will make rooms more in demand. That's just my deduction. So much is unknown right now. I have a cruise booked for next summer. I sure hope it is a go since two other cruises (May and August) were cancelled.
  5. I rode the subway ... that was very interesting. Sorry the current day tour doesn't do that.
  6. Thanks caribxll for the updated information and clarification. It was a very long time ago and I wasn't as "learn'ed" as I am today. Russia is a must see, regardless of which tour you take.
  7. I did the Baltic cruise many moons ago. I choose to use the excursions from Princess for a variety of reasons. The first was that it was "Russia" (sorry if I am not politically correct on this). Heard scary things about being on your own. I was not wise enough then to research other tour operators. 1. I didn't have to have any visas 2. I was fore-warned not to step outside the group. I may be paranoid, but I assure you....there were "security" everywhere watching your every move. 3. I was fore-warned to abide by all "rules". (Don't step over this line...etc). The Baltic Cruise remains one of my favorite of all cruises. Enjoy your time in these beautiful countries. All other tours were done on my own by walking, catching a ferry, etc.
  8. It's very interesting to read these reviews. Most say that they prefer the small ships (Coral, Grand, etc). Yet Princess has invested their future in the Royal Class ships with more to be built. I will not sail on the Princess' MEGA ships. But that will definitely limit what is available. I only sail on the Caribbean Princess because of the Window Suites. I do enjoy the Princess Theater Shows and hope that the ED will look into providing enough shows so that the entire ship may enjoy these wonderful performances.
  9. The Caribbean Princes is a super sized Grand class ship (one extra deck than the Ruby, Emerald, Crown). One of the few ships that has Window Suites. She has NOT been "modified" like the Island. Has a center staircase. It has Club Fusion aft, although not as functional as a second showroom. I did not feel over-crowded. Princess hasn't learned yet that when they add additional decks, they need to do something about increasing the size of the Princess Theater...either more shows or something.
  10. I would choose the Coral Princess.
  11. As of April 29: On cruises sailing before July 31, 2020, you can cancel up to 48 hours before you sail and receive a Future Cruise Credit* for any cancellation fees and a refund of additional funds received to the original payment method. See our standard cancellation policies for more details. On cruises sailing August 1 through October 15, 2020, you can cancel up to 30 days before you sail and receive a Future Cruise Credit for any cancellation fees and a refund of additional funds received to the original payment method. See our standard cancellation policies for more details. https://www.princess.com/plan/cruise-with-confidence/cancellation-final-payment-policy/
  12. I spoke to my travel agent today. Here's a different perspective. The reason the refunds/fcc are delayed is because (if option 1/hold my money): 1. Like the email stated, it is being handled one at a time rather than automated. 2. Not only do they have to look at cruise fare, but deposits, obc, gifts, gift cards, etc. 3. Some moneys need to be returned to credit cards, some will go to fcc on your account. I did not know that it was being handled at "home" rather than the office. That adds another dimension to the problem (security/privacy). My question to Princess is: What about the other perks? I was gifted a coffee card. I had the three for free (will that be honored on the next booking). Other promotions? To me, this is a logistical nightmare. I am fine with Princess taking their time to do this right. I will cruise again. I thank Princess for the generous cancellation offer. And patience is not one of my virtues.
  13. Bought a second set of 100 shares for my grandkids (when they start cruising). Set at $9. Bought at $8.20 when the market opened. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought it would double so quickly. I'm so happy. Now to get on a cruise to get my Share Holder Credits.
  14. Don't forget to add the airfare, night before the cruise hotel accommodations, and pre-cruise meals. I'll take a Princess Cruise anytime with Cultural Ambassadors, shows, and good food. And yes, I have done the inter-island cruise.
  15. As of this week, Meadow Gold (milk processing plant) is out of business. The "buyer" will keep the Hawaii Island plant, but the one on Oahu will be gone. Forget the milk; no more POG. There were a lot of "issues" with the Ferry from both sides.
  16. Matson still has a very strong presence in Hawaii (although they no longer do passenger sailings). Jones Act (shipping/cargo) is why the price of goods in Hawaii are so expensive. It's not only the Maritime Unions, it's also the rental car agencies, airlines, hotels, barges, etc that lobby agains the Jones Act and PVSA. Milk = $6.00 a gallon. We have no local milk cows. All milk is shipped in. Big Box Stores are our life line. They made a commitment to keep prices as close to mainland prices as possible. PVSA and Jones Act needs to be revisited. We have no "interstate" and no ferry like Alaska and Seattle although we are surrounded by an ocean. Shipping between islands just went up another 25%. But I digress. I understand the premise behind not allowing foreign entities to travel between US cities. Money talks.
  17. There's much more to the PVSA than wages. A majority of the crew need to be Americans. They had to lower the percentage in Hawaii (NCL) because they couldn't get enough workers. Cruise Fares went up, service went down. I was around when Matson made the run from the West Coast to Hawaii (yes....). I would love to see that happen again. I would love to see a modification to the PVSA. But the unions in Hawaii and West Coast are too strong. Not going to happen anytime soon.
  18. This is so refreshing. Thank you for taking us all along.
  19. A little off topic, but when the Grand had her fire and was disabled in Hawaii, they flew most of the passengers home (one port...Honolulu for 3 days/missed Hilo, Nawiliwili, Lahaina). David Cole (then CD) scrambled like crazy to rewrite the Patter. Those that stayed on got a free cruise home, full entertainment, and activities. Sure wished I was on that cruise.
  20. My memories: Golden Princess to Hawaii (Window Suite) with Aloha Towers. Multiple 3-4 day cruises when she first home ported at San Pedro and Princess could not give away the cruises. Offered a promotion that you could not refuse: Every cruise fare would be 100% returned on a 7 day or longer cruise. Oh, how I will miss her.
  21. You are correct. Wouldn't it be nice to have the entire ship with only 20% of the passengers onboard (less than 200, I think).
  22. Count me as one of those that has wonderful memories of the Golden and her crew. I did search for cruises in hopes to find just one still in tack. So very sad to be losing her. On my search, I also noticed that the Grand is being repositioned away from the West Coast too. Too many changes for this long time cruiser with favorite shops. Beautiful send off. Thank you for taking the time to capture her life's service.
  23. I drove by the Honolulu pier today. Gates are all closed. 4 Oahu residents disembarked (14 day self quarantine). Only passengers onboard are those that could not fly back due to medical/physical reasons. She's only here for supplies and will leave for San Pedro.
  24. Thanks for this thread. I wish the crew well. So glad the Captain gave them the okay to do a sail away. It is a difficult situation for everyone. Nice to see some positives.
  25. I agree with you. I'm in almost the same situation. March 31 is just around the corner, yet much can happen between now and May. With all that Princess has gone through with 4 ships, I would think that the worst if over. Screening will be more comprehensive. But right now, there are no ships that are due back to the West Coast for a few more days. Hard to tell what will happen to them. (Example: Star arrives 3/13)
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