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  1. On Symphony this summer I saw a very small "purse" type dog with owners walking around and getting ready to relax on loungers by the cantilevered hot tubs. I admit I was thinking snarky thoughts! A couple of days later, I saw the same couple again on loungers, woman was napping, and the little purse type dog was laying right next to her, looking very alert and not making any noise--was not also enjoying a nap. I felt guilty about my snarky thoughts a few days earlier! It would never have occurred to me that a tiny fluffy dog would be a service animal, but seeing it be so alert and quiet while the owner was napping, reminded me to not be so judgmental!
  2. Just be sure you know what is a charge in that market as well. Seem to remember that iFly is a charge--not sure about activities in the seaplex or North Star. Also, it's one thing for adults to manage expectations and go in with eyes open, but it can be harder for kids while on vacation especially. Just be sure they are OK with what may be different as well
  3. Would this new Card Room have the view with the windows or would it be walled in due to the rooms on either side? Just seems strange that they would let a 2 story room with a view be turned into a Card Room?
  4. You have to be under 18 to participate in any teen clubs on RCCL so switching ships won't help with that. Many sailings have a meet up almost every day for the 18-21 crowd--some sailings I have seen it more often in the compass than others. We will be in the same situation next summer as well. Sometimes depending on how busy the "kid" is though, spending a week reading, relaxing, eating whatever they want, etc is enough. One tip I heard though is that at that age it is a good idea to get them at least the soda package. This way, they can go into the clubs at night and order something from the bar while they listen to bands, karaoke, etc.
  5. Deck 12 seems to have the 3 rooms right above the "Card Room"--wonder if it will be changed?
  6. Is this the only change in deck plans you've noticed? You think it will be 2 floors? Sort of reminds me a bit of the library area on Anthem. I keep wondering about the library they have slated into a space in Central Park--maybe that will change as well since I think on Symphony there is a card room but no library.
  7. Out of curiosity, about how much would it cost for an insurance plan that would recoup your flights, incidentals, and cruise fare given that the cruise isn't cancelled? About what percentage of the cruise cost? Would this be covered by RCCL standard insurance or is this only covered by using outside coverage?
  8. cello56--do you by any chance remember your room number? Our view was good but that is even better! We have one booked again on Oasis next summer and are thinking of moving up or down the hall if we can
  9. We just had ones on Symphony and LOVED them. No balcony, but when we have had CP balconies we found them to be too hot most of the time to use. The view ones cost barely more than an interior and were great for us. Big window seat next to the window. Nice to get natural light (as opposed to interior). Ours was just over one of those Paris like circular billboards. So if you were on the seat looking right out, you saw the top of that (but it had a nice top!) but from the center of the room looking out, we just saw a tree. We were in 197 and our kids were in 179 and they had a better view, I thought.
  10. If you can, would love to hear what you think once you've been in them!
  11. Are they just a bit longer or are they different in some way? Virtual balconies?
  12. And that you can't book the 3 in the middle that (if they had windows!) would be facing the aqua theater. Those look bigger on the plans, but I've called 2x and neither agent has been able to have the rooms come up in their system.
  13. The library and diamond club are being turned into staterooms (that's where Wonderland is on Harmony and Symphony) and you can book those rooms for after the renovations.
  14. Don't want to pull this off course, but how do you book Pullmantur in the US? I can't seem to find a website to quote itineraries and prices in US $.
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