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  1. I don't know anything about Jimmy Curtis but what I can tell you is that all the tour companies that go out to Volunteer Point all end up at the same spot and typically travel in groups in case a vehicle gets stuck. We went with Estancia but saw all the other tour companies. We were there Jan 2017. It was the spectacular to see all the Kings! Getting out to the point is part of the adventure. The drivers go up and down hills, over mossy bogs, thru some previously made tracks and in some cases blazed new trails. If Jimmy Curtis is the only one available still take him. You won't be disappointed. As I understand it because Volunteer Point is private land there are only a few companies that are allowed out there and they have to meet certain requirements. Enjoy!
  2. 2Calicos

    Roatan help

    I have not had any response from Daniel Johnson FB page. Does anyone know how to contact him? Does anyone know if you could rent a taxi and go to his place as a private individual? Really want to go to his place but not sure how to reach him. I am running out of time we will be there March 25. Help.
  3. I am looking for some others to join our Ushuaia tour to the National Park. We are on the Star Princess, arriving in Ushuaia on February 9th, 2016. The tour is under my name, Karen Hughes. You can find the information about the tour under Tour Guide Ushuaia. It is option #1 tour. A $20 per person deposit is required. The price of the tour goes down as more people sign up. The maximum will be 18. If you sign up please send me an email letting me know. That way we can coordinate meeting and getting off the ship quickly for the tour. khughes@gvtc.com Karen
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