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  1. Merry Christmas everyone! Have a wonderful time with family and friends - Roy and I will have a glass and raise it to all who travel on the high seas. ratacake xxxxx
  2. I received the Survey for the first time yesterday. Great I thought - a chance of an upgrade if I fill this in - do you think??? Yeh, sure, Got to the Income question - and I WAS upset........ no space for my answer - PAUPER!!!. Also my friends , DH Rory and I are from OZ so I wasted time trying to find one of the States - NSW wasn't on it. Pity there is no-one there with a bit of common sense. I spent time trying to fill out a wretched, no thought given, silly, waste of space! I should have realised - this Survey would have come from the people who do the Web site! Thank God the Solstice is so great, otherwise Celebrity would be right stuffed.
  3. Thanks everyone for your comments. I lurv it when I ask a question and so many people reply, and are so helpful. Gotta love all the posters on CC!!! Think I'll wait a little while before rushing in and buying...... Kind regards and thanks again, ratacake
  4. Good morning fellow cruisers, Could anyone tell me if Celebrity are still offering good exchange rates for onboard credits purchased before the cruise? Once upon a time in the good old days they gave $A for $US at parity, but I think that may have gone the way of the dinosaurs.......:confused: Would like to buy some and have it safely put away till our cruise in March. Only 6 more months (sigh).......:rolleyes: Kind regards and happy sailing everyone, ratacake
  5. Dear Peter and Kath, and messej01 Thank you both for your interesting and helpful replies. We've taken note of everything you've said, and we're going to get to as many of these places as we can. We get to Santo early Wednesday morning, and don't leave till Thursday afternoon, so we'll give it our best shot! It's wonderful that CC'ers like you guys impart you knowledge to the rest of us, and we sincerely thank you for that. :) ratacake PS - messaj01 - We're going on the same cruise on Celebrity next March as you guys - hope we can catch up.... and Peter and Kath - thanks for the heads-up about Unity Park.
  6. Hi friends, We're off on the Pacific Dawn on the 16th of this month. YAA!!! For the VERY first time for us, our cruise is overnighting in Santo (Luganville). Anyone been there, any recommendations for sightseeing, eating out etc.? We realise that it's not a cosmopolitan port, and the only time we've been there was early in the ninetys when Vanuatu celebrated 25 years of independence. All the various tribes came down from all around - it was a great spectacle. However, it was only a short day trip. Also, as long as I'm not trying your patience - we're also going again to Port Vila, but does anyone know about a duty free other than Fung Kwai? (for cosmetics and perfume, etc). It's usually the only one we go to for supplies. :) Thank you all in advance... Kind regards and happy cruising, ratacake
  7. I completely agree with you, Sarah. DH and I cruised on the Legend last month and I thought it was probably the worst ship I've ever been on ...... creaks, rattles and swaying, and that was only from me! Seriously, I won't miss it when it goes. Even the bars weren't good, lots of bogans on board (I don't qualify, I'm too old) and the food wasn't great - mostly cold :(. Give me the Solstice any time, and the money to spend on it!:D:D:D Regards, ratacake
  8. Hi there, SOLSTICE, SOLSTICE, SOLSTICE!!! :D:D:D We've (DH & I) just come off the Legend of the Seas on Thursday last, the 18th. To say we're underwhelmed would be close....... Only due to the age of the ship primarily, lots of rust visible, but also the decor inside was very dated - our cabin was slightly foward from midships, and sitting on our balcony we could feel vibrations all the time. Food so-so but staff wondrous. Enclosed pool great with adults only (under 16's) loungers. Drinks expensive when prices converted to Oz dollars - $11 plus for a glass of Pinot Grigio - around $12 plus for any spirit! We did a part-circumnavigation of Oz in February last year on Solstice - a magic ship - Sushi free and freshly made at 6pm at the buffet upstairs, Eggs Benedict while you wait at breakfast (buffet too), the glass show upstairs a couple of times a day, Boche on the grass upstairs, absolutely lovely decor and fab glass lifts! :) We've booked on it again for March next year. (Let's hope weather ok as we're going to Fiji). :eek: Good luck with your choices, but I think your daughter and your good self would have lots of fun together on Solstice. Kind regards, ratacake
  9. Dear J T, Thanks so much for a balanced, well-thought about review. We're off in a month on Legend, and can now relax and get ready to have fun! What with the US dollar comparison and the other reviews before you, I was convinced our first trip with RCCL was going to be a dud. Also, our last trip was on the Solstice, so it seemed we were about to go on the ship from hell by comparison..:eek: Again, thanks for your wit and kindness and balance in your review. Kind regards, ratacake
  10. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL THE CC'ers!!!!! May all your troubles be little ones, and your cruises often........:p Lurv, ratacake (and royboy) 2015 :D
  11. Thanks very much for your quick replies. Unfortunately, there are not many cabins left and they are a long way forward. I've just had a quick look. The price has also gone up since we booked it. I wonder, can I transfer to another cruise and cruise company through the same TA? We were considering Princess 29 January before we saw this one and it has a cabin definitely just over from the lift. Unfortunately, it would mean travelling to Sydney instead of Brissie - a bummer cause Brissie has great parking and cheap too! The cruise is very similar, but 2 days longer, and is on Dawn Princess. What do you think? If we decide to do it, will we lose our deposit - we paid $500 and we can't afford to lose it. On their paperwork it says any transfer will cost $25 per head, but I'm not sure if they mean another company's ship. Maybe they've already sent the deposit to Royal Carribean. I can't find out till Monday and I'm stressing now :mad: Thanks again, ratacake
  12. Hi everyone, We're booked in Cabin 6610 of Legend's February 2016 cruise - first time on Legend and with RCCL. I have a mobility problem in that I can't walk too far (I have a cane) and I chose this particular cabin (don't remember where I originally saw the Deck Plan) because it looked to be close to an aft lift, thus getting hubby Roy and I to all the restaurants, etc. I have just today been looking at the official Deck Plan for RCCL and the area doesn't say specifically "lifts" like the forward and central lifts do, it just shows what looks like a boxed in area.....:confused:. Have I made a blue? Would very much appreciate your HELP PLEASE if you've been on the Legend. Many thanks ratacake
  13. Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions. We have now booked with RCCL for a February cruise. Legend of the Seas looks nice, and it only carries 1500 people, so shouldn't be crowded, and it has the added advantage of a Solarium with a walk-in pool, which is great for me with my dodgy leg! :D As Inspector Clausau would say - "problem sol-ved!" Kind regards ratacake
  14. Hi everyone, Hubby and I were planning a trip on the Aria next year, and we did all our homework, worked out prices and deposits, and made a firm decision to book with P&O. I went to all the websites, looked at deck plans, and rang one of the big online agents. We had some email discussions with them, and chose a cabin. We had a Future Cruise Deposit from an earlier cruise, and used that for the deposit. All wonderful so far - but then I looked at yet another online agent and was horrified to discover that their ads said there were only showers over the bath in all the Balcony Cabins. I have a limited mobility problem in that I can't bend one knee well, and I cannot get into or out of a bath (and I'm only 70!). We had just assumed that because the Aria was a refit, that there would be walk in shower stalls. (I don't need a fully accessible cabin). I contacted P&O, thinking surely this is wrong, but I got fobbed off for a while before their rep. admitted that they only had "jacuzzi" baths with shower over, and I would have to climb in and out. (I have a transcript of the conversation). Apparently the only walk in showers are in the Outside and Inside cabins!! Sooooooooo, If you're infirm, elderly or have a disability, DON'T BOOK A BALCONY ON ARIA! :( Disappointed and angry too - we could have paid our deposit unknowing there were unusable (to me) bathrooms. The big agency we used didn't know either, they were horrified and said they'd have to email or contact the people who'd booked to check they could use the baths.:confused: DISAPPOINTED in your lack of information P&O. Naughty, naughty for omitting the facts from all the ads you've put onto the market for the "new" Aria.:mad::mad::mad: ratacake
  15. Hi everyone, I must have been too tired when I wrote my begging letter to you all last night! The ship actually sails out of Sydney, not Brisbane. I think I was also brainwashed about Brisbane, because we've been trying to get a cruise, any cruise, out of Brisbane around and after that period (Jan. 29, 2016). All the cruises up to June, with the exception of the new Pacific Aria, are only short ones, and I want to get my bum on for more than three or four days! Anyway, grateful thanks to those who have already written trying to emphasise the positive aspects and we'll see what develops:D Kind regards ratacake
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