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  1. Think that ship has already sailed😀.
  2. I have used a large online cruise booking site with the same agent for over 40 cruises. They have a policy to charge $100 if you cancel. I have never cancelled in the past, but if I ever did and they charged me, it would be my last booking with them. I may be wrong, but I don't believe a reputable agency would charge you now, with the virus going around. If they do I bet there are plenty of agents who would love a new client.
  3. Doesn’t matter to me. Let the company and their employees sort it out.
  4. I'm sorry that you didn't notice in the Patter that "No Shorts in the Dining Room" was clearly stated. Hope you weren't offended when they turned you away.
  5. It’s not that others attire bothers people. I'll ask my question again. With all of the dining options on board, why do people want to wear shorts in the MDR when the Patter states “No Shorts “?
  6. That is a great question. But a better question is...if the Patter states “No Shorts “ why do people feel they should wear shorts?
  7. Saw shorts in the dining room several nights on the Feb 2nd Regal cruise.
  8. On January 19 cruise. Didn’t care for production shows. Sound was way too loud. Saw several people sticking fingers in ears to cut down sound level.
  9. Just got off the January 19 cruise. We loved the IV. Bed was by the closet so plenty of room by the window. Also no problem with people sneaking a smoke on their balcony and the smell stinking up other balconies. Wife said best cabin ever.
  10. Just got off the Regal yesterday. Several people went in dining rooms wearing shorts. No attempt to stop them. On Nieuw Statendam 26 Jan. Didn’t see anyone attempting to enter dining rooms in shorts. On Celebrity Edge 19 Jan. Saw people turned away wearing shorts.
  11. We have a delay getting off ship for some unknown reason. Walk off started at 8. It is now 8:25 and they have stopped people getting off. Just said bags have not been offloaded.
  12. We are sitting in our cabin on the Nieuw Statendam. Going to stay on as long as we can before catching a taxi to the Regal. Our group of 6 have our KC Chiefs gear on.
  13. That’s a great idea. I wish I would have thought of that at the time. 👍
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