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  1. Hello all! Wishing all a Happy Halloween. We will be headed to Grandkids for trick or treating. We have been on ships for total of 23 days so far. Yes I am up 3.5 pounds but again I will take that. Trying to be good while home. Walking 2 times a day and eating my nutrisystem. Hoping the candy will not jump in my mouth while with the Grands. Headed to a 12 day cruise November 7th. Loving being back on the ships! Belle thank you for the board and having somewhere to land between our bookings. Hope everyone continues to do well. Izena I did see your posted before and after pictures! My hero! Till later.....Susan
  2. Am I overlooking this or is it posted somewhere? Will be there November 14. Have not made plans yet. Thanks
  3. Kelly as we were getting off in Aruba we saw staff escorting another staff member with luggage to a private vehicle. All were masked. We assumed that the positive case was a staff member. I also agree with you about personal hygiene teaching. It never fails while I am eating that I hear someone blowing their nose! NASTY and RUDE!
  4. This term showed up on a comped cruise instead of the usual Blue Chip term. Has anyone seen this or know what the difference is...if there is a difference?
  5. Hello all. Finished the 14 day Celebrity cruise. Weight up 3.5 pounds. I will actually take that considering all that I consumed in 2 weeks😀. Wonderful cruising again! This weekend lifting weights again as I am taking are of my little 20 pound bowling ball grandson. That should help as we are getting ready for a 9 day Oct. 8 cruise. Sorry gotta go...baby calling. Susan
  6. We have booked several casino comped cruises but have not received a move up invitation to bid on any of them. Good luck with yours.
  7. Called Blue Chip this morning g to get our numbers. We kept our present tier but all points were reset to zero with the earning period increased until Dec 2022 as you stated.
  8. Totally agree with Eden. We sat at aft window with a full moon shining in. Awesome! Service and food both wonderful .A nice duo singing on open level above us. Nicest night of the cruise.
  9. I don't have the number but good luck. We got an offer for free balcony last week. Can't get through on the number. Today we get on the Edge and the offer expires on 9/13. Gonna ask on the ship if they can book it. If not I guess we missed this one. Has anyone ever booked through Blue Chip while on ship?
  10. Good morning Belle. Thanks for the start. Up early today. We start our drive to Fort Lauderdale! This week I was down only 0.3 pound. My dream in April was to be in the 140s. Leaving today at 153. That is down 25 pounds from the start. I can wear my cruise clothes! Sure, I need to loose more....but...it's cruising time!😀 We have like 14 booked for the rest of the year and through May. Yesterday we got a comped veranda offer from Celebrity and we are actually trying to work it in. The madness needs to stop! But it is what we enjoy and we are retired and able. One day we may not be able to...so we are going to go while we can. I will still drop in all along but probably not as frequently. In May I know I will be back after all the weight I gain back. Thank you all for the support and good luck with your continued success.....Susan
  11. Got ours in mail. Have to be ordered after 20 days but before 10 days out. At least that is what we have read in the past.
  12. Hello all. Dh test was negative so we are with grand again. The 3 month old is almost 4 month now and is as sweet as ever. Jo we had a Carnival get canceled this last week. We got 2 "free" from Hard Rock that we had not booked so now have 3 Carnival cruises to book. It will have to be next year. We are diamond with Carnival and now live closer to Mobile so booking will be easy for little short cruises. We just booked a rapid test for Wednesday. If we turn out negative we will be ready to cruise for 14 days on Celebrity Edge on Saturday! So excited! I am already packed so I know I can't splurge on food because I have to fit into them. Everyone have a nice Labor Day! Will be back later....Susan
  13. Happy belated birthday Belle! You share your birthday with my nephew who turned 50 yesterday. My weight stayed the same this week. Oh well....packed and ready to go on first cruise and dh has stared having sinus issues. He had PCR done yesterday just to make sure. Won't know results for a day or two. I sure hope we don't loose a 14 day comp cruise due to popping a positive test. After waiting for a year and a half that would be very disappointing. The good thing is that we were vaxed and hopefully he won't get extremely ill even if he does show positive. Hope everyone had a good week and the next is even better!
  14. Thank you for the concern Izena. We are unaffected other than a little rain. Prayers for so many that will be affected...Susan
  15. We booked one out of the blue. Really liked it. Became members of Blue Chip Club (their casino group). These were all offers emailed to us. We love the nonsmoking casinos. We have done scads of Carnival Corp.cruises but Celebrity has been better with their offers.
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