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  1. We have a TA booked leaving FLL in May and are seriously considering not going.....it seems like a lot is starting to happen internationally with COVID-19 and WHO and CDC are indicating it is only the tip of the iceberg.
  2. I have no doubt it will go much lower if mass cancellations start to hit the cruise lines!!
  3. Maybe Princess will start drawing a lot more of the Carnival crowd because they are starting to emphasize drinking in most of their new promos?
  4. Hello.....it is always winter somewhere in the world.....is this magical thinking????
  5. The not knowing seems to be the main concern of most disease experts.....I suppose if it does become a pandemic and medical facilities become overwhelmed worldwide, like in China, there will be plenty of people not going anywhere either by their choice or government choices.
  6. Me too....I guess another government conspiracy is all that there is is too COVID - 19....so relieved I heard it first on CC and it is now safe to go back in the water and cruise.....oy vey!!!
  7. We usually are healthy and do long cruises and have a 30 plus day cruise schedule in a couple of months to Europe. We have rarely experienced anything more serious then a cold while on cruises or land tours. I would say we are becoming more alarmed by the unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 and also how it is spreading and that there does not seem to be an effective medical treatment protocol at this time. Quaratining ships, villages, cities and plane loads of people seems to be similar to how the great plagues were dealt with in the dark ages. If the spread of COVID-19 continues unchecked around the world then I do not think we would hesitate to cancel our travel plans instead of putting ourselves at increasing risk of contacting the disease or of being quarantined. The WHO and the CDC are certainly concerned about this becoming a pandemic!! If things continue as is then the travel industry is probably going to take a gruesome financial hit.
  8. I always debated buying trip insurance because my wife and I are healthy but I usually buy it just to have it. It only took one time for me to learn the value of it. We were on a 40 plus day cruise and 5 days into the cruise I slipped accidentally and severely broke my elbow. I went to medical and they did what they could and then it was ordered by the doctor to be put off at the next port so surgery could be performed. This was all out of country. Once the doctor gives the order to have you put off the ship no officer can over-ride that oder we found out. Thank god we had the cruise line trip insurance. All medical costs were covered on the ship immediately which were about $5,000. The cost to fly home one way for both of us (out of our pocket before reimbursement) was $2000 each and that was in economy. We were fully refunded all costs for the cruise which was significant money. It was quite an ordeal and recovery took about 7 months but without the insurance we would have easily been out about $35,000. Lesson learned.....never leave home without it when cruising. We have met plenty of other cruisers with unexpected medical emergencies and some had insurance and some not....it pays to have it in my experience. If people want to gamble with something or something not happening then to me that is all on them.
  9. This probably depends somewhat on where you live....we live in Hawaii and wearing shorts to a nice restaurant is not considered abnormal but probably more the norm.....I guess it could be true for Floridians too.....
  10. I agree.....it appears that all the major cruise lines are expecting too take major financial hits from the spread of the Coronavirus. The Asian market was considered a major profit region for them and it appears that business could be hindered in that region now. We have family and friends who are questioning our sanity for going on several cruises in the next coming months. Like you said.....who knows how this is going to all play out for the world?
  11. We pay gratuities but I do think Princess plays a game with the gratuities and I would prefer that is just be included in the price. It seems to be no problem for Princess to do that in the New Zealand and Australia markets so just make it system wide. Maybe the airlines should have pre-paid gratuities too for the pilots, FA's, front line staff and baggage handlers.....why not....if it is good enough for the cruise lines. I am sure it must benefit the Princess corporation somehow not to have the tips count as taxable income for the corporation so it is a way for them to lessen their tax burden. Also, they can get away without paying their valued staff a living wage. The USA article did point out that people's attitudes are changing because people are not even given a choice anymore whether to tip or not tip. Not many people like resort fees but more and more hotels are adding them in to charge you for what use to come free when you booked a hotel. Also, I remember the days when there were not auto-gratuities on Princess and I thought the overall service was a lot better then compared to now....but when in Rome do as the Romans do.....
  12. Very interesting article in USA today why more and more travelers are joining the "no tipping movement." https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/advice/2020/02/14/tipping-while-traveling-why-gratuities-may-going-out-style/4748441002/ People are being made to feel like the have to tip not like the want to tip. I agree with you and it is nobody's business what anyone does with gratuities and what you say makes total sense.
  13. This was our experience too.....I finally understood what the word Damp meant! :-)
  14. Our experience too has been that being Elite does not really make the boarding or tender experience really that much different then we we first Blue Cards....as a matter of fact we have been on a number of cruises that the vast majority of passengers were Elite and you really never knew the difference or saw any specialized treatment. Princess does a great job of making all passengers feel valued no matter what status they have!! As you suggested, it is some passengers who think they are special because of their status and let everyone know it too!!!
  15. We sailed on the Majestic from Rome to Singapore her first year in service and she was a beautiful ship. Ship was great and cruise was too. The only major difference we noticed at the time was instead to the Sanctuary they had the Hollywood Beach Club which was fantastic and they did not charge to use. Pool was covered, a number of private cabana rooms where there was no charge, and at night it had more of a club atmosphere. We love Royal class ships much better then the Grand class ships so again I am sure everything is subjective when you cruise which can enhance or detract from a passengers cruising experience.
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