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  1. Agree....we only owned the 100 shares of CCL for the owners credit and with all the cruising we have done over the years it has been worth it.....but there are too many other serious ways to make good money then with a stock like CCL.....it is no TSLA or AMZN.......
  2. Most medical experts say that if you are in respiratory distress then you should not wear a mask but beyond that there are very few reasons why a mask cannot be worn to stop the spread of a deadly disease. The CDC simply says masks should not be worn by children under age 2, ''or anyone who has trouble breathing, is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance." If people cannot wear a mask then maybe they should not be on a cruise ship during a pandemic. The airlines seem to have no problem enforcing mask wearing or having pass
  3. Have you ever noticed how many of the admitted Covid-19 hoaxers who have gotten the disease always post a video from the hospital "telling others they were wrong, that the disease is not a joke, to take it seriously and also wear a mask and social distance." Just a matter of time before some other hoaxers will change their tune when their life, their family's lives or friend's life become threatened by catching Covid-19.
  4. You can bet there will probably be a fair majority who will not comply....leopards will not change their spots and as we know crews on Princess are often reluctant to enforce Princess' policies and they often look the other way.....I am sure it is going to be a stressful environment and not enjoyable for the money some people are willing to pay.....we will wait for vaccine and/or successful medical treatments before venturing on to a cruise ship. We have been enjoying land travel to date and some flights to resort destinations.
  5. Same here because things are definitely getting worse and not better in the US. The airlines are practicing very safe protocols for travelers, requiring masks full flight, extensive cleaning of planes and several recent studies have shown how Covid -19 spread is almost non-existent on airplanes yet they are still having a hard time getting flyers to travel with great prices being offered. We cannot see how cruise lines are going to succeed where the airlines have failed. I still think people will be lucky if they are cruising by late 2021 and then of course the que
  6. Canceled New Year cruise and also TA in May. Princess is refunding our FCD to our credit card with no hesitation. Will be surprised if our summer Med cruise is a go. We are also hoping that Northern Europe will be open to US citizens by summer so we can visit part of our family there which we will probably fly.
  7. This made my day and it is so true.....thanks for posting!!!!
  8. But you can bet they will be the first ones that call the media if they are on a Princess ship and Covid-19 breaks out because they will feel mistreated for having to have the whole ship quarantine in their rooms.
  9. Agree with your comments wholeheartedly......especially since the government announced yesterday they are giving up and admitting defeat on controlling COVID -19 in the US other then with some kind of medical miracle.....my family lives in Norway and they did just as they did in New Zealand and have very normal lives because Covid -19 is pretty much non-existent in the country after how the nation acted as a whole to control the virus. I just love how some people think they are going to be on a cruise ship and life will be wonderful in early 2021. It is just not happening maybe even not unti
  10. Agree also.....appears FL has a cavalier approach to deal with Covid so would not even entertain the idea of visiting or cruising from there.
  11. Agree with both of you.....the numbers are continually headed in the wrong direction and there is no way cruise lines can overcome this....people remember what happened before when the virus got out on cruise ships....I do not believe they can create a bubble to protect people on a cruise ship.....especially with so many people believe it is not real and act according....
  12. I think we all can agree that we appreciate a judge who enforces law and order in the USA....nobody is above the law including CCL....
  13. This is exactly what will happen on Princess cruise ships and other ships leaving from USA ports......the "you can't make me crowd because it is my right" will be on board and it should be an amazing experience and fun.....
  14. No, just the US.... rest of world seems to believe the science of Covid - 19.....and our numbers and deaths just keep going up....hard to believe that people’s attitudes will change once they are on a cruise ship....I am sure there will be a lot of resistance to whatever health protocols Princess institutes to prevent Covid on their ships.....leopards just do not change their spots.....
  15. Neither is cruising until Covid - 19 is taken more seriously by all......
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