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  1. Thanks....I needed a laugh today. I read your post and sprayed my coffee over my computer screen. Not a problem. I needed to clean my screen anyway. 🙂
  2. Boy...talk about luck of the Irish! 🙂 Good for you! My problem with the app and Princess website is a little different from the issues listed so far. My spouse (technically challenged and won't go near a computer...LOL) and kids don't have email accounts. I've booked cruises, as well as entered all of the requested info for each of them online over the years using my email address. With the changes on the app and the Princess website due to upgraded Medallion app, my spouses info pops up when I log in with my email address/password. We sometime book several staterooms per cruise. To view my bookings, I have to use the Quick Access link and enter our son's name and date of birth, as well as the booking number. I can access my spouses booking using my email address. And one more weird thing..... my spouses name is incorrect on the Medallion app....it lists his first name, MY middle name, and his last name. I've spent hours on hold and on the phone with the Ocean app reps this past month and still no resolution. Good thing our cruise is still 4 months away! I have time to get this straightened out. Deep breaths and a glass of wine helps. LOL
  3. I've used the Medallion app on several cruises pre-Covid. I'm no longer able to sign in to the app. I've deleted the app and re-installed it. Still unable to log in. My log in ID and password have not changed. I confirmed this on my personalizer. I've clicked on the "forgot my password" on the app and a message pops up saying "reset instructions will be mailed to my email address". The instructions never appear in my inbox or spam folder. I've tried logging in with my booking number....no luck. Has anyone else had this problem?
  4. Yes, Covid had changed quite a few things in our world, didn't it? We've had 9 cruises cancelled and are so ready to start sailing again.
  5. Rest in peace Captain, Stubing. Our deepest sympathy to his family and friends. Jan and Denny
  6. Wow! Great minds think alike! Glad to hear you're joining us. Tell Dave to start practicing his "ship" building skills. We can hardly wait to see what he comes up this time. 🙂 Jan and Denny
  7. Good for you! Cabins of our choice were already sold out early this morning. We booked two cruises for 2023. 15 day Hawaii and 28 day South Pacific. We can hardly wait to sail again!
  8. Welcome to the suite life! We are also in a suite on the Enchanted in November. One wonderful perk is the Concierge Lounge for suite passengers. Be sure to check it out once on board. Jan
  9. Here's a screen shot that might give you an idea of points to credits. It's located under the Rewards and Benefits section of your Princess credit card statement. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Please note, you can only redeem against a transaction one time. Select an amount REDEMPTION AMOUNT POINTS TO REDEEM $250.00 25,000 $200.00 20,000 $150.00 15,000 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Here's how I got to that info: Click "Rewards and Benefits" tab Click "Redeem my Points" Click "Statement Credits" Click only once on "Redeem Now" to bring up the points to credits amount.
  10. When in his 80's, my grandfather always ordered dessert before his entre. His reasoning was the entre filled him up and he never have enough room for dessert. Worked out great for him. If he had part of the entre left, he'd box it up and have left overs for lunch the next day. Wise man. 🙂
  11. https://youtu.be/CDjM834YWrs Let me know if it doesn't work for you.
  12. You can view it on You Tube.
  13. I agree with you. It does sound like a pain....especially for technically challenged folks ~~~ like my dh. 🙂
  14. Happy Birthday. Wishing you a delicious Princess birthday cakes on future cruises!
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