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  1. Thanks for sharing your photos. Brings back wonderful memories of our January 2020 cruise in an aft suite. Loved the warp around balcony!
  2. We're booked for round trip LA/Hawaii for our 50th wedding anniversary this coming November. We're also hoping for the best!
  3. LOL...you comment gives me hope that I might be able to qualify for most traveled passenger some day. Love your humor.
  4. I don't blame you. That's a great price! 🙂
  5. Oh darn. We paid a $1,225.00 cash deposit for our 56 day cruise which was just cancelled. The booking came with a $1,500 OBC. If I'm understanding this correctly, we would receive $2,450 FCC and lose the $1,500.00 OBC.
  6. If it were me, I'd do nothing with the January cruise for now, and hope that if it's cancelled, Princess notifies you before final payment. In the meantime, I'd would look to book something out a little further. A March cruise might be nice. Just my opinion. 🙂 We were booked on the 56 day Exotic cruise (Southampton to Australia) for this coming October. With the Covid-19 situation, we felt our cruise would be cancelled so we booked a Hawaii cruise as a back-up for later in the year. We don't know if this one will be cancelled, but it sure is nice to know we have one on the books. Something to look forward to.
  7. Yes, and I tried both options - flexible and restricted. Guess I better contact the casino department.
  8. I'll give them a call. Hope it won't be another 4 hour wait on hold. LOL
  9. Has anyone booked flights for their casino offer cruise yet? I'm able to book EZ-Air through the Princess website, but payment is required now. For past cruises (not a free offer), I booked flights as soon as I booked the cruise. Payment for flights weren't required until final payment. That gave me opportunity to recheck fares and make changes if fares came down.
  10. I do know what you mean. LOL I usually make up what my hubby loses....so far. Enjoy your suite!
  11. Congrats on the suite....that's quite a deal! You'll love the large wrap-a-round balcony. We sailed in R730 in January. Experienced a soot problem a few days, but would book this location again.
  12. Today we booked the Enchanted for February 2021- doing the eastern Caribbean the first week and western Caribbean the second week. I was surprised we could use the offer more than once. Ocean views were booked so we upgraded to a balcony for $245 pp, $140 taxes and port fees pp, and $100 pp deposit per cruise. We're very happy cruisers! 🌞
  13. LOL....thanks for the photo, Cool_Dude. You made my day. 😄
  14. Thanks for your posts, everyone. Your positive responses have eased my doubts booking the Star. We chose an aft suite - D737. I'm a sucker for aft views. 😊 We've sailed on Royal Class ships the past several years, so it will be nice change to sail on one of the grand ladies.
  15. Some aft balconies on Royal class ships (Royal and Regal Princess) have soot issues from the stack. We accepted an upsell on our January 4th cruise from a mid-ship mini to an aft Penthouse suite. We knew about the soot problem before hand, so it was a non-issue for us. We just brushed the soot off the table and chairs and enjoyed the balcony.
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