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  1. My advice is that booking direct with Regent the advertised price includes all port fees and taxes etc ? We usually book with a US TA , time differences making a call problematic at the moment and email a wait and see , so was just thinking taxes must not be included in the price we have been given as its several hundred dollars cheaper than via the Regent website ? Anyone here book with a TA and then have taxes added to the price as opposed to booking direct ? Obviously we are new to Regent .
  2. Just off Solstice - 2 cabins 7278 and 7280 and the constant thumping noise from below made sleeping difficult for us . We had guest relations come in to listen and the answer was " wave action " - ? . We are Elite and have never experienced this before - has anyone else ? Not sure if any other cabins had the same , just hoping it doesnt re-occur next April when we sail on her again .
  3. Yep , I'm hung up on the food - and certainly dont feel I'm missing the point . After all this IS a dining experience - the food should be the hero - , As for Genius Story Telling .. and being happy with a grilled cheese for $55 ..... really ?
  4. In my opinion - aside from the cartoon novelty /frivolity -- MDR menus - a not so fine dining experience for $55 per head. Tried it once , but the menu needs to be of Murano standard for a return for us at that price .
  5. For us LPC was a once visit -- cute and quirky - and a bit of fun - nice food served "en-mass " , but the second time with the surprise and novelty lost , the limited menu and wedding like serving of each course all together - its not a fine dining experience - especially at $55 ph . Not sure how the concept will evolve -- and how regular cruisers will react - for us its one less specialty dining venue on our next cruise .
  6. Thankyou - very kind of you -- and please dont interupt any moment that interferes with your fun - enjoy every moment .
  7. Totally loving the blog and now totally confused about Silk Harvest . Celebrity cancelled our Silk Harvest reservation and refunded the OBC we had used for this. Are you saying the restaurant is still operating ? - we cruise in October and were looking forward to SH again as we have already had the le Petit Chef "experience " . Cheers
  8. Our VTG TA said , regarding enquiring about the 4 perks for our already paid for cruise the cruise line will not allow you to downgrade your cabin,adjust the price nor give any additional amenities. If you feel it is worth it to you to lose the deposit by cancelling & re-booking we can do that. Gee , Thanks for that . We were only hoping for an upgrade for our beverage package .
  9. Yes , we have already had final payment and just sent an email to our TA to see if we can get the beverage package upgraded from Classic to Premium as well as the increase in OBC etc . Our price is the same - just the perks included much better now so I dont see why the "upgrade" shouldnt be honoured .
  10. Silk Harvest is gone gone -- Celebrity cancelleed the reservation - received this today - I have cut out the detail , but the onboard credit already returned to the account . Poor form , in my opinion Dear Peter, Your order has been cancelled. Please print this page for your records. Cruise Sailing Summary Ship Name: Celebrity Solstice Onboard Credit Summary Specialty Dining Cancellation Summary Day 2 12-Oct-2019 At Sea Dining At: SILKDINNER - Silk Harvest Reservation Time: 2019-10-12 08:30 PM Total Cost *: 63.00 USD Cancellation(s) for Guest(s) in Reservation You will be contacted once onboard to confirm your reservation. Email specialtyrestaurant@celebrity.com with questions.
  11. We always enjoyed Silk Harvest and would certainly go for lunch if its available . ( $ ? ) It doesnt show in Cruise Planner now though , so I assume it will be gone in October . Funnily Our SH purchase still shows in our Calendar - I guess it remains there till we cancel it and get some credit back. . We did enjoy LPC , although the novelty for us is a "oncer " , Quirky and cute but the $55US for that limited menu over priced especially if you are converting to the AU$ . ( approx $80AU each is crazy ) We will probably negotiate a good deal at Sushi on5 instead .
  12. Received This email is from Celebrity -- I've copied it here verbatim - I thought it was a prank , given the wording . Celebrity Cruises | Celebrity Solstice | October 11 2019 | Silk Harvest Dining | Reservation # 1217433 Good Day, The Silk Harvest restaurant is being removed the ship. All reservations currently book in Silk Harvest will be cancelled and refunded. It is being replaced with a new dining experience called Le Petit Chef. If you would like to rebook in a different restaurant you can call us at your earliest convenience at 1-888-837-5676 or you can thru your cruise planner on celebritycruises.com. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Best Regards, Celebrity Pre-Resolutions Trade Support and Service - ICT Campus CelebrityRRS@celebrity.com Fax (305)603-0045
  13. Yikes ... we had a paid for reservation in Silk Harvest ... which we were looking forward to . We have previously had the Petit Chef experience on another cruise - quirky and the dinner nice but will not pay the extra $20US for that again so I assume we just get the money returned . We used OBC . We would go I guess if the paid up cost remained the same but thinking that will not happen . Our calendar still shows our Silk Harvest reservation , surprise surprise .
  14. What he/she said ........ 🥂
  15. Hi Nutsaboutgolf , Are they offering discounts at Sushi on 5 - we have had discounts of 20 - 30% on past Solstice cruises and prefer that to Tuscan ( which we usually find underwhelming on the first night but will go again I guess as 1st night MDR menu is ordinary except for the pork chop ) Weve never been able to get a discount at Murano. Thanks for any dining info
  16. Thankyou to everyone for all the replys and suggestions . I guess we will either do the airport return and taxi to the ships terminal or airport pickup and dropoff as close to the port as possible , having first dropped off my Better Half with the luggage , and just hoofing or taxi to the ship . Thanks again , very much appreciate the advice . We are on Solstice again this Oct , but thats just a little cruise to show some never before cruisers what this is all about . Cheers
  17. Hoping for some advice - we have just booked the 13 night Solstice cruise in and out of Auckland next year and are hoping to spend a few days touring around the North Island pre cruise. We would like to pick up the car at the airport and dropoff at the cruise port area but I cant seem to find a rental car booking engine to do this - no option available for the cruise terminal . Has anyone done this and if so , can you tell me who you booked with . (I guess I could call NZ rental companies , I know , just seeing if I could do this online.)
  18. Thanks for the reports Bansai3 and Tourist1292 - was Silk Harvest still available - we are on Solstice in Oct and it has disappeared from our Cruise Planner so assume it is being replaced some time soon .
  19. Bonsai3 , Was Silk Harvest open ?
  20. I think its only Elite PLUS that gets this discount ?
  21. Was not aware there were different menus and "shows" for LPC - so that is good news. Do you have the 4 Menus to share here ? Regarding Silk Harvest - it has still disappeared from my Cruise Planner - just Murano and Tuscan available to book now on Solstice for me .
  22. Have already experienced the LPC , for us a novel once only dining event .Quirky , fun , but I dont watch the same movie twice either , ( assuming they keep the same "show"and the same limited menu .) We wouldnt repeat it especially at the price . Silk Harvest we would go every cruise .
  23. Sorry to bump this up but ... is Silk Harvest gone from Solstice ? Just wanting to plan ahead and no reply .
  24. Seems Silk Harvest has disappeared from Solstice -- it nolonger showed when I just looked at dining on our cruise planner - just Murano , Tuscan and Chefs Table ?
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