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  1. Hi Everyone, If I recall correctly there is a website that show the bed placement on the ships? I remember seeing it a couple of years ago.. I am not talking about he spreadsheet that people fill out. Does anybody remember? Thanks Michele
  2. Thank you... that’s what I told them... we are two adults and always stay in a balcony but everyone has a budget....I’m just happy they are coming with us!!! well it’s the parents and thier two sons who will be 18 and 19 ... they will sleep on the pullouts from the wall ...
  3. Thank you... that’s what I told them... we are two adults and always stay in a balcony but everyone has a budget....I’m just happy they are coming with us!!!
  4. Quick question friends are doing inside cabin for 4 adults( 2 kids are 18 and 19) . Parents are doing the 4 perks (premium) ... what tips do they need to pay for the 2 others? And how much?
  5. We travel Aqua all the time.. You can go to MDR or Blu... We do both depending on what is being served at Blu.. Blu you can always order off MDR which we do all the time.. We only do breakfast at Blu a couple of times as we enjoy the Oceanview Café..
  6. Do they do this often and when do the points post? After the flight?
  7. Electric Zoo type musical festival.. Most likely causing damage or lots of drugs...
  8. Hi , I know its a weird thing to ask but do they have blowdyers in the bathroom and if so can you post a pic? I don't like the ones on Equinox. Just wondering if I need to bring my own in April. Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks everyone... I called today and they are on their way....
  10. I checked in online for our cruise a month from today and no where did I see an option for me to order my tags. I received my EDOCS but therewas no link for ordering them-just to print them. I never had an issue before ..Is there something I am missing...
  11. Will she be on the Equinox Dec 1st sailing?
  12. Thank you so much for all these pics..I got a great deal after the Edgification so I really looking forward to it. Enjoy the cruise!!!!!! Cabin 1663 is available as well so might change to the wrap around deck... You can definitely be seen, but it’s not like people are gawking at us. The cabin is fantastic and Dominic the butler and cabin steward Mariano are great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I just went through the same dilemma . I had 1606 but moved to room 1523(an area we normally stay) and never had issues as we are under the spa One year we stayed in room 1558 which is under the solaruim and they decided to have the silent disco one night from 10-12 . I was upset because they have plenty of other space on the boat and they choose the area that people seek refuge from the loudness...yes I understand silent disco but dancing is loud when you are underneath neath... it sounded like a horde of elephants...i complained and they sent a bottle of wine to the cabin and we enjoyed it on the balcony...... With reading about 1606 amd other rooms in that area I did not want to run the risk of dragging chairs in the AM as well as cigarette smoke as they are under the smoking areas(depends on wind but with my luck it would happen) ...
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