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  1. Harmony May, Independence May, Caribbean Princess June, Harmony July, Harmony September, NCL Escape December, Odyssey January 2021. I've had one set to leave Sunday canceled so far. Doubt very much the May ones will go and not too sure about June or July. I think the rest are a good bet to go. Except for the May and July Harmony cruises I don't have a lot of $$ tied up in these. I will go on all unless the cruise lines cancel them.
  2. Nice review 🙂 I love my Princess cruises but split my time between Princess, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean. Unfortunately my cruise on the Regal would have been 3/22 and is now canceled. Princess has offered a 225% future cruise credit if I schedule another cruise or if I want a refund, it will be 100% refund and 100% future cruise credit. I will wait several days to decide which I want to do. I have another cruise booked with them on Caribbean Princess on 6/5. Here's hoping this whole situation will be straightened out by then!
  3. Unfortunately, that didn't help on the Dawn. I was on for 2 weeks in February. There is an enclosed smoking area just steps away from the casino - the Cigar Bar (apparently it was ok to smoke cigarettes there). The casino still absolutely reeked. I gambled for a couple of hours during the first week, did not gamble at all the second. I told the casino host I wouldn't be gambling any more because it was so smoky in the casino. What was really funny was to hear smokers complaining they couldn't stand the smoke in the Cigar Bar, while they puffed away at the casino bar. I get water from the casino bar because of my casino card. It was torture waiting for the bartender amid all the smoke. By the way, almost all of those seated at the casino bar were not playing.
  4. When I first saw "Walleye" on the menu on Dawn a couple of weeks ago I got very excited. I love walleye but can only get it when I travel up north to the Lake Erie area. I was totally surprised that they could have walleye on the ship...Was quite deflated when I saw cod follow the "Walleye" 😞
  5. I'm also sailing the 22nd. I use Uber almost every cruise I take. I've never had a safety issue and have sailed solo several times. You may find that the cost of the ride is cheaper on the way to the port than it is on the way back. This is because of the number of people requesting it at the same time (surge pricing).
  6. I haven't done this cruise, but just off Dawn on 2/16 and drinks were taxed when in port in Tampa and Puerto Rico.
  7. Thanks everyone! I got a little worried when the charge to the new card posted immediately but nothing at all on the old card.
  8. I booked several purchases online for my 3 booked cruises but recently decided to get a Royal Caribbean credit card. I was approved and given the number so that I could use the card immediately. I canceled all the bookings that were under another credit card and rebooked with the new credit card number. How long will it be before I see the charges credited back to the previous card? TIA for any firsthand knowledge 🙂
  9. It usually shows as pending at least, until it is listed in the charges. I've always used the credit to buy on board credit. Pays for my beverage package once I'm on board.
  10. Doggone! this is the first time the back door didn't work for me. When I click to add it to my card it tells me I already added it...but it's not in the "Added to Card" list. Good to hear others have had luck though
  11. Our 14 day cruise, mini bar was not replenished but our b2b 7 days each it was
  12. We had $50 per cabin per excursion, took 2 excursions, one was about $40 pp, the other was about $46 pp, I was credited $100 even though the total charge was $86 on my account. Guest Services allowed me to transfer $50 of that to my SO so that in the end we each paid $36 for our 2 excursions. We used separate credit cards for our on board charges so this was a fair way to do it. It's a good way to split the credit if you're traveling with a friend who's using a different credit card than you are. I hope I explained well... BTW, I went solo to Greece and Italy in September with this promo. After my platinum discount was deducted and with the $50 off on each of 6 excursions, I only paid about $300 total for all of them. It's a great deal for solo travelers.
  13. There are some countries that enforce the 6 month rule. I found this article when I was researching whether I should worry about my passport: https://www.uspassporthelpguide.com/six-months-validity-rule/ I ended up driving to Miami to apply for an expedited passport since my trip in March would have overlapped the six months prior to expiration.
  14. I can explain this...My SO and I just returned Sunday from a cruise and had the promo. We had separate credit cards for our on board accounts. The $50 was automatically applied to my account for both Shore Excursions we took because I was Guest 1 on the reservation. I was able to go to guest services and have one of the credits applied to his account so that we each received $50 credit to our folios. This worked even though each of our excursions was less than the $50 credit. You do still have to go to the Shore Excursion desk to have any applicable % off discounts applied.
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