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  1. Hi, Would anyone happen to have a pic if the britannia room service menu they could upload?? Or perhaps a link to it?? Thankyou :-)
  2. Hope if u have been on Britannia you can help me, we have seen so many bad reviews and they have left me with a few questions so here we go ....... If you don't like what they have to offer in main dining room menu do they have a back such as chicken, steak or salmon, every other ship i have been on does this but i heard Britannia doesn't so if u don't like what they have on main menu then you would basically have to leave restaurant!! Is there a kids menu in main dining room (i know kids have an area they can go for kiddie food but is there still an option for them in main dining room? What is the depth of the two main swimming pools? Lastly i heard ice cream is £2.50 PER SCOOP, True or false?? Phew, any help with these answers will be greatly appreciated :-)
  3. Hi all, would anyone know the best beaches to go to at these destinations? Thanks.
  4. Hi, we are off on Britannia and will have 2 children with us, ages at time of cruise are 7 and 5. Could anyone tell me what the opening hours are for kids club, cant seem to find the exact details anywhere!?! Thankyou in advance :)
  5. Jo, I watched ur videos kn YouTube, they were great and informative. Can i ask, what are the retreat prices if u know them? Thanks
  6. Anybody happen to have a Britannia pic of an inside cabin with the pullman beds down, thanks. Also i know the retreat is chargeable but how much is it and what is ur experience of it? I see you can get food there too and body treatments, do they have their own set menus for these things?? Thank you in advance
  7. Wondering if the shops will be open at New Year?? The 1st is a sea day but from then on wonder what the ports will be like, anyone have any experience of this??
  8. Hi, my children will be in the "Surfers" Club, they will be 5 and 7 at time of travel, i can't however seem to find the opening hours for club, hope someone here can shed some light for me, thanks
  9. Gazroberts, i cant thank you enough, i really appreciate all the help and advice you have gave me, will let u know what we decide on, its between obstructed bal or larger inside, thankyou!!
  10. This has all been so helpful but i am wondering if even obstructed balcony might be the way to go but it's hundreds more?!? I wish there were more pics of Britannia to get an idea of how obstructed it would be. I like stargazing and would be bringing binoculars and at night its grest to sit out abd "gaze" but then there could be a lot of lights around the lifeboats which would limit me. Aaargh decisions!!!!!
  11. You have all been sooo helpful, thankyou so much, this has been so informative, much appreciated 😃
  12. Hi, know that there is not lots of info yet until more folk sail on her but hope someone can help me with this, we are looking to book an inside cabin for 2 adults and 2 kids on an inside cabin, here is the thing though, there are sooo many grades of inside cabin, whats the difference?!? PF is the lowest grade inside, but there is also PA, PB, PC, PD, PE and then its PF. It appears that they are all the same as the larger insides are OA and OB. We basically just dont know why there is a different code for the standard insides, what would be the difference between them?? Thanks
  13. Hi, we are a family of 4 looking to book this ship but wanted to ask some advice pls ... Is the kids club at front or back of ship? Do they do drinks packages? Are the inside cabins that hold 4 a decent size or mega cramped? Any cabin you recommend in particular, this also includes balcony obstructed and not obstructed Is there a costa coffee or coffee shop (market cafe i think its calked?!) And is it chargeable? Are the dinner sittings 6.30 and 8.30?? Do they still do midnight or chocolate buffets (pleeease say yes 😉) Phew, lots of questions i know, sorry but finding it hard to find the info i am looking for. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
  14. Great review, reading it with interest :-) is there no h2O zone?? Also instead of the different pools on on other ships, is it just the solarium and one larger pool?? Thanks
  15. Wonder when we will start hearing something about this?? Wonder where its home port will be?? Starting to save my pennies now :-)
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