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  1. Ugh, I just heard about this. Our cruise is not until 12/04, but we are flying Air France, and I'm just trying to stay positive.
  2. We are also on the 12/4 cruise, staying 6 nights pre-cruise at IC Thalasso in Bora Bora. Since we won't have our return to PPT flights from Bora Bora until the day we check out, I have no idea how much time we'll have between arriving in PPT and boarding PG. At this point, we will have to find a testing site on Bora Bora. What a nightmare this is.
  3. Thanks for the information. I think I will bring a postcard to have stamped. As much as I would like to get my passport stamped, I’m more afraid of losing my passport if I pull it for a day. I’ve gotten so scatter brained as I get older.
  4. Thanks. I figured it was something fairly easy but thought I would ask ahead of time.
  5. Hi all - My husband and I are going on our third PG cruise - first time on the Fiji, Tonga itinerary, Sept 21. We have booked a private tour with Teking Tours on Aitutaki. In researching this excursion, there is a stop on One Foot Island where you can get your passport stamped. Since PG holds your passports throughout the cruise, how is this done? Can we "check out" our passports for the day? Has anyone done this trip to One Foot Island?
  6. After looking at our itinerary, I realized that I only had 2 actual snorkeling trips booked. After showing my husband your video, and with the knowledge that we had only 2 snorkeling excursions planned, we decided to book the drift snorkel. Thanks for your input as well as Mr Randal’s!
  7. Beautiful video! Thanks for this. There looks to be some very shallow areas that it would be easy to bump into coral, which I've done in the past - ouch! I will share the video with my husband and let him decide on the excursion. We've booked other snorkeling tours on this cruise, so it's not a deal breaker. This is our first time on the Fiji, Tonga itinerary so I'm sure there will be some beautiful snorkeling there - 41 days and counting!
  8. We've been on 2 PG cruises so far and several snorkeling tours both on the boat and through pre and post cruise stays, so I would consider us experienced snorkelers. I'm just concerned because my husband tires more easily now than before his stroke. Thanks for the comments - I will discuss again with my husband tonight.
  9. MrRandal - My husband and I have looked at the drift snorkel excursion a few times, on our past cruises, but have heard it is physically strenuous than other snorkel trips. My husband had a stroke two years ago, which has affected his strength somewhat although he can swim without issues and is able to snorkel in calm waters. How strong is the current on this tour? Do you think that someone with moderate strength would be able to handle it?
  10. This is the ATV tour on Moorea (see below) - take the morning one if 2 are offered - cooler weather. We've done it twice. They take you through pineapple fields, a jam/jelly facility and up to Belvedere Point. It's a beautiful tour, and the guides are great! I also agree with all on here that Pure Snorkeling is the best snorkeling excursion on Bora Bora. ATV Guided Tour DURATION: 3 HOURS - $249
  11. My husband and I are booked on the Sept 21 Fiji, Cook Islands cruise - our 3rd cruise with PG. Excursion bookings opened on Jul 23. My husband and I went on the site to book at 4:00 am west coast time and there were several sold out already - mostly the Bora Bora ones. We got the last ticket for the ATV. I would get on the site as soon as possible the day the excursion bookings become available. We like to snorkel, so I always book a handful of snorkeling excursions. This area is so breath-taking that even repeat snorkel excursions are fantastic! We can't get enough of this p
  12. That's great! You will love this cruise! As I said earlier, this is my 3rd time on PG. It sounds like you are booked early enough that you may be able to request flight times and/or seating on the plane. If you are booking through a travel agent - he or she may be able to accomplish this for you. It's too bad that you don't have time for a pre or post cruise - they are fantastic. Maybe next time!
  13. We booked through our travel agent. I did tell her that we wanted the red eye flight and business class and she was able to book this for us. I didn't ask for specific seats, but I am sure that she would be able to change our seat assignments if we were unhappy (if they were available, of course). I think it's all a matter of early booking, and the quality of the travel agent. We've had our cruise booked since Nov 2018, and she was able to get us the flight times we wanted, the pre and post cruise arrangements and onboard credits as well. I have also checked with both airlines - Fiji Airw
  14. My husband and I are cruising for our 3rd time on PG in September and I always book the air/sea package. Yes, it’s more expensive but more convenient and safer. PG takes care of all flight arrangements and transfers to and from the ship and any pre or post cruise land packages and transfers. Completely worry free. If you don’t know the area, booking on your own carries some risk and being in a foreign country, even more.
  15. We are on the 12 Nt Fiji / Cook Islands cruise, Sept 21. We have booked the laundry package for this cruise and this is what is listed on our Trip Itinerary: 2019 Laundry Pkg 12nt Dbl $219.00 We are doing a pre and post cruise - about 3 weeks in all for the trip, so I felt that a laundry package was essential.
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