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  1. Norris, we cruised to Norway from 5-12th September. Whilst the weather in our 3 ports was wonderful, the days crossing the North Sea were horrid in both directions. Cold, wet and windy. Spirit of Discovery has wonderful open terraces at the aft of the ship but we could only be out there in the fjords, not the open sea.
  2. I was very pleased to read that you recommended the Arabian Courtyard hotel. Our TA has booked us in there for one night in late March prior to the cruise to Athens. Our friends who are flying in from a different airport are also booked in. We’ll be fine doing without alcohol. 😉
  3. I wasn’t referring to where the ship’s are registered, just where the offices and company are based. Royal Caribbean International based in Miami.
  4. It was meant to be a light hearted remark. I’m sorry some of you seem offended. I’ll shut up!
  5. I didn’t complain about it. If I’m honest, I figured that Saga assume their usual demographic may forget their cabin number and needed it on the cards. 😏
  6. Pleased to read your report. So interested in what different things matter to us all. I couldn’t imagine wanting sheets and blankets but found the beds comfy. Also, yes, we did manage 4 out of 7 nights in Specialties, but only with quite a lot of effort. We spoke to many who would have liked more but didn’t realise you had to be so proactive. Main question, will you look to sail on Saga again?
  7. I spotted that the minute I got my card. Forgot to mention it in my report. It’s crazy and makes for very poor security.
  8. Paid up now. Apparently there were a bunch that went wrong on our cruise.
  9. Unfortunately on our one Saga excursion that was not so. Our ‘crew’ member was an ageing military man who was onboard to deliver very boring lectures. He had no interaction. Didn’t offer us wet cloths and when we had to utilise the nasty coach toilets (viewpoint toilets were closed) he managed to pour sanitising liquid all over the floor and my jeans. Neither did he intercept when we went to the wrong place and missed the museum we had booked the tour in order to see. Saga excursion people eventually gave us back £15.00 pp off a £69.00 tour but only after 3 days of complaints by us. Azamara are not the only line getting it wrong.
  10. I’ve not been on a cruise in the last decade that didn’t ask you to register a credit card in advance as part of online check-in. Yes, people could decline and then queue up to pay cash onboard at the end. We were very surprised when our card wasn’t required at the terminal. We duly queued up onboard the next day, presented the card and assumed it would be charged. 6 days on the ship and they didn’t let us know it hadn’t worked. 16 days at home before we got the letter. 😏
  11. We’ll phone to pay but apparently staff person only there afternoons Wednesday to Friday.
  12. We’ve been home from our cruise for over two weeks now. We thought it odd that our cruise bill had not appeared on our credit card statement. Today we received a letter from the Saga office telling us that when we were onboard there had been a problem with the credit card reader. They’ve requested we post them a cheque and sent a stamped addressed envelope. This seems very odd and also very 20th Century. We hardly ever use cheques now. Anyone else come across this?
  13. I didn’t see anyone dressed like that in the evenings on our cruise.
  14. Norris, I took this from the Funicular 3 weeks ago. Just to show the sun sometimes shines in Bergen. 😉
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