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  1. Thanks for the iunformation, For some reason, I was thinking it was something added onto the Fantasy class ships when the were refurbished.
  2. Can someone tell me which ships the scenic ocean view cabins are located on. I'm referring to the OV cabins at the front of the ship with floor to ceiling windows. I can;t seem to find any available. Thanks
  3. Really wouldn't count on any vaccine being the end all to the Carona issues. When if finally is approved (most optimistic estimates are late 2020 early 2021), there is the logistical nightmare of distribution. Health care workers and first responders will be first, followed by high risk groups. The distribution could take up to a year or more. Then there is the matter of cost. Will it be free to everyone, covered by insurance? Who knows. I recently got the Shingles vaccine. Price was $750. I really don't think the cruise industry can survive by waiting till everyone has the vaccine.
  4. I may be overly optimistic, but looking at a cruise next year on Paradise from Tampa. There are some avail OV cabins at the very rear of the ship with window facing behind the ship. Just wondering in anyone has stayed in these rooms and impressions/opinions. Just thought it may be something different. Thanks
  5. They may gain a little extra in excursion sales revenue, but they lose a lot due to no gambling (casinos closed while in port), bar sales while people are off the ship, and onboard sales. Plus a lot of people book excursions outside of Carnival.
  6. So Carnival can keep getting cash from booking the Fantasy because John H said it was definitely going to resume cruising in October, so it must be true.
  7. Just as a point of reference, I used the same promo to book a Sept Fantasy cruise. When I called to reschedule, I was told that the OBC would go away and replaced by the $300 cancelled cruise rebook credit. My PVP was able to find a rate code I qualified on the rebook that gave my an extra $50 OBC. So something.
  8. Has there been any word or indication if the Lift and Shift program will be extended beyond 8/1? I am booked on 12/9/20 cruise and while still hopeful, the sensible side of me is starting to take over. Thanks
  9. Well, they are still accepting bookings for the 12/9 Eqinox sailing on their website, so if they know for sure it is a no go, that would be a tad unethical.
  10. My OBC from my cancelled Sept Cruise is higher than what is being offered for a future rebooking. Do I lose that?
  11. Hoping for the limited capacity explanation. My Fantasy sailing in Sept is no longer there, but the prior two sailings are. So hoping......
  12. And yes, Magic definitely has more bells and whistles. However, some do prefer the intimacy and charm of the Fantasy class ships. But yeah, all things considered equal(homeport, price, itinerary), I'd go with Magic.
  13. Splendor has Guy's now. Miracle is supposed to be getting at next fry dock. If and when that happens.
  14. Thanks for the info!! It will be on the Splendor. Like I mentioned $50pp more than a regular balcony cabin. Seems like a good deal. So the pool is included as well as the Thermal Suites? I'm not really a spa person, but I'm sure my wife will love it.
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