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  1. Thanks for the advice. Kinda leaning toward Jax, was just a little concerned about Nassau and Princess Cays. If it was HMC, would be a slam dunk. Ray98, does Ectasy have Alchemy?
  2. Need help deciding between 2 cruises. Both 5 days. 1) Ecstasy from Jax going to Princess Cays and Nassau. Never been to Princess Cays, but like private islands. Not a big fan of Nassau. 2) Paradise from Tampa going to Cozumel and Grand Cayman. Been to both several times. We live in central Florida, so pretty much an easier drive to both. Any thoughts on which ship is better, experience with PC, or preferences of ports would be appreciated. TIA
  3. If they truly wanted to get rid of plastic, I say start with banning those pesky sail and sign cards. That will save me a lot of money. Or better yet, make them out of sugar, so I can eat it if I start spending too much.
  4. LPC is a complete waste of money. Whoever came up with that idiotic idea should be fired.
  5. Another vote for Bonaire. Not only for the incredible clear water for snorkeling, but the salt flats are so cool as is the flamingos that are everywhere.
  6. Does Celebrity no longer offer Heineken?
  7. Been on Equinox twice and enjoyed it a lot more than any of our cruises on any RC ship. Just seems like a step above. If you will be having young children, maybe Symphony of Seas would be better... Otherwise, definitely go with Equinox.
  8. If you have drink package, all beverages are included. If not, you will need to pay extra for alcohol. Waiters are very good at making suggestions for wines that will work within your package. Extra tipping is always an option, but tip is included in the price, so extra is not necessary but again appreciated for outstand service.
  9. I know I will be in the minority, just another perspective. From your description of yourself and your kids, I think Celebrity will be a great experience for all. I found over time, my wife and I "outgrew" RC. Having said that, I really wasn't impressed that all with the Edge. Enjoyed the experience on Equinox so much better. Had much more traditional feel to it and a beautiful ship with lots of interesting places. Plus, Murano is probably our most favorite dining experience in cruising. The Edge is nice, just a little too different. Lots of live music everywhere on Equinox, didn't really find that as much on Edge. If you have a choice, take a look at the Equinox itineraries. Good luck and Happy cruising.
  10. I know, especially during peak months, cruises are usually sold out. I was just wondering how common it is to offer last minute rates on unsold cabins right before cruises? If so, is there a special place on their website or somewhere else to look for these? Also, if they do offer them, usually how good are the deals. Thanks in advance.
  11. Was hoping some of you Celebrity vets can help with this. I booked a cruise and was supposed to be getting 3 perks, Classic Drink pkg for 2, $300 OBC, and pre paid gratuities. I don't see anything on the booking or invoice, but there are some weird codes which may reference the above. Can anyone verify? They are: BEVCLINGRAT1 PROMO2C 12N GRAT STD 12N The $300 OBC is showing up on my account on the website avail to use for purchases, so I know I have that. Just wanted to verify the other 2. Thanks
  12. I was on the Equinox a couple of years ago and there was a lady who was a retired college professor who presented a historical lecture each day. I thoroughly enjoyed each one of them--my wife, not so much. Topics ranged from Caribbean history, pirates, one about New Orleans, etc. We are booked for another cruise on Equinox coming up and was wondering/hoping, they still provide this type of event.
  13. Exactly my situation. Between the GC, the 2% bonus and the cash back on the stores credit card, was hard to pass up. Did have issues accessing my booking on X's website, but I think that is more a function of X having a less than stellar website, than the outside booking agency. Thanks for all you guy's input.
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