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  1. Marty/Gail, We might consider others in the Carnival group if they at least provided our laundry perk. Seabourn gives you just about everything else. If we had laundry also we might consider them. Stay healthy. Bill
  2. We think it's a great idea. If I'm going to get cabin fever, I'd rather to it in a cabin on a cruise. Hope you are both well.
  3. We also visited Normandy on the 2019 World Cruise. We would love to return at least one more time.
  4. Today I June 6, 2020. Let us not forget the thousands who died for us to give us the freedoms we now have !!!!
  5. Please return the Grand World Voyage back to the "Grand" World Voyage once again.
  6. Hey...They have to leave something for us old folks. To sit down and enjoy are nightly cocktails. Jane and I were not very impressed with the Nieuw Statemdam. We're scheduled on it again in Aug to the Fijords etc, but, doubt it will go. You and Barb stay healthy.
  7. Thanks for the info. I much prefer the old Crows Nest. I was on the Nieuw Statendam last fall and didn't like the set up at all. They have the Explorations area. Very techy...and very empty.
  8. I'm looking for info regarding the config of the Zaandam. Does it still have the original Crows Nest? Has Mix been transformed into Music Walk? Thank you.
  9. did you miss us at the buffet of green lipped mussels? We missed you all
  10. never even thought to ask you, we left ours behind as well. I was hoping the ship would kindly ship them, but apparently no such luck! Oh well! If I can't find replacement knives, it will make a great Christmas conversation when I give the cheese plates to my girls. My fault
  11. We made it home safely and enjoyed our first BBQ. Missing you both, thanks for the great memories... jane and bill
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