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  1. This!!! The chances of them both testing positive after being fully vaccinated is minute. One person yes, but two in the same stateroom?? They had both been tested prior to boarding (one would assume as part of the process and would have been negative), both negative then they both test positive on the same day. Now we need a statistical analysis…
  2. There is a theory they weren’t vaccinated (fake papers), there was also mention on a thread that they didn’t actually have to show vaccine papers when they boarded. There was lots of discussion yesterday about false positives but statistically it’s unlikely when 600 people were tested and the two that were positive were people in the same cabin. it will be interesting to see what plays out.
  3. Yes but they are also using J&J which is one dose and moderna which is two doses one month apart.
  4. Agree, most of those in the 1B group would have had AZ, being 3 months apart, the numbers will start to rise shortly. Add to that the opportunity for Pfizer opening up to the under 50’s, that will also increase the rate quicker.
  5. We can do it another time, I just want to know if I can spend the money!
  6. Yes exactly. We are happy for our cruise to be cancelled, we just want to know. The wording of the announcement “restrictions on the entry of cruise vessel’s’, doesn’t really provide clarity. Ponant told me today they would advise no more than 45 days before the cruise if it is cancelled, with final payment due 30 days prior to cruise, so at least we aren’t tying up lots of $$$ like some, although our deposit is more than most cruises.
  7. No not the case with these cruises, we booked this back in 2019, prior to Covid, they have remained the same throughout, except a change of ship. They have sailed in the Kimberleys every year for a few years. I believe the NZ cruises were a charter cruise, and the charter company sold the tickets not Ponant.
  8. Just spoke to Ponant, they advised they’ve cancelled up to 8th Aug but they are still negotiating with the government for the last 8 sailings..
  9. Do you know when they were cruising? Seems they’ve cancelled end of July. Ive no concerns in getting our money back.
  10. My final payment for our August Kimberley cruise is fast approaching. I’m not sure that announcement provided any clarity as to whether it will go. We have a plan B ready to go, think I may start to book (fully refundable of course)
  11. We have Flora booked, that and SS Origin are the same ship. Originally built for Celebrity then when RCCL took over SS, they moved one to SS. Rooms etc are exactly the same. When we booked, price was very similar.
  12. I wonder if its all cruise ships, or just above a certain size?
  13. Good to hear, as usual everything is evolving, but good to hear they’ve updated their requirements formally.
  14. I had a Galapagos cruise with celebrity booked for this year, I booked on board while on a previous cruise so the deposit was only $100pp, it was an easy decision to ‘lift and shift’, I dont mind that they have $200 of my money for a few years, but their normal deposit is $800pp, I’m not sure I would have left that money there indefinitely.
  15. Maybe they do know something? Aimed purely at the Australian/NZ market? Reduced capacity cruises? Im sure there are many behind the scenes discussions around resumption of cruising, and with an imminent announcement around the cruise ban, maybe they are positioning themselves to get a share of the pie? Im sure anyone that books a cruise at the moment would know there is no guarantee and one would hope would look at the cancellation policies prior to dropping some money.
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