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  1. America is back in space !!! America Made !! Port Carnival
  2. The two-person car of the Bolt roller coaster, shown here in a rendering, will twist and turn at speeds up to 37 miles per hour. Instead of the chains and sprockets of a clicketyclack roller coaster, which pull a car full of people to the top of a track before gravity takes over on the way down, this ride would be more like a motorbike. The two-person car would have controls for the front rider. Just like an electric car, this roller coaster could be virtually silent. And just like an electric car, it could have immediate and powerful acceleration. The Bolt roller coaster will cover one-third of the aft top deck, winding around the ship’s big exhaust funnel, a deck above the water park, basketball court and mini golf for safety reasons. Its weight and footprint will be less than half the size of a land-based roller coaster, and one circuit on the 656-foot-long track will take only about 20 to 30 seconds. A ride may be two times around—Carnival hasn’t yet decided. Nor has it determined if there will be a reservation system to book a ride or a cost to passengers for riding. The coaster can accommodate 190 riders each hour.
  3. The Terrible two's are over.😯 Our cruise starts in 199 Days!!
  4. I borrowed this comment from the March 27th Mardi Gras Thread.😎 Carnival's motto is "Fun For All-All For Fun". I've added the word ......"Eventually" 😀 I think this is the perfect quote.
  5. Hi.. My Wife and I are booked on the Dec 12th. Mardi Gras Cruise. I like your quote "Carnival's motto is "Fun For All-All For Fun". I've added the word ......"Eventually". I'm going to borrow it for my thread..Thanks
  6. Being a Veteran from the 1970's. Tomorrow, I'll place a dozen small flags across my lawn to honor all the veteran that gave the ultimate sacrifice. Happy Memorial Day
  7. As of March.. December 12th Mardi Gras Roll Call Members Beachgirl332931 Marie & Rob Merritt FL Dioxide45 Ohio Stobe1 Chicago IL Warm Breezes Michigan AC352 Florida Elevationist South Carolina Zeta Orlando FL Zorky12 Ohio Mmch62 New York Cancelation Club Member DD474 Drew & Donna South coast Ma Cancelation Club Member BE474 Bobby & Emily South coast Ma Cancelation Club Member Arbabia Curt & Val Virginia Cancelation Club Member DeanDeeDee Robert & Diane Fort Pierce FL EC474 Ernie & Carman Miramar FL Shiska Robert & Carol Radcliff KY Cancelation Club Member Risabrandon Port St Lucie FL Jaydub47 North Carolina Chascougs Scott & Lynn Charleston SC Celticgrl Pete & Jenny North Carolina DrBear22 Jim, Frank, Sherri ,Daryle Sarasota FL SarahB0308 lasekeye British Columbia Cancelation Club Member Siestakey04 America barrelracer89 South Carolina
  8. Carnival Mardi Gras The following Cruise Critic members have signed up to this Meet & Mingle party: DD474 # in party: 2 Mmch62 # in party: 2 BE474 # in party: 2 DeanDeeDee # in party: 2 EC474 # in party: 2 shiska # in party: 2 Risabrandon # in party: 2 Jaydub47 # in party: 4 Warm Breezes # in party: 2 DrBear22 # in party: 4 SarahB0308 # in party: 4 The current party tally is 31 - This actually hasn't changed in two months.
  9. Our cruise starts in 210 days! (Ya know 2..1..0 ) 30 Weeks from today !!
  10. I spoke with my Carnival cruise planner yesterday. She confirmed that carnival is holding back on bookings to reduced capacity. Carnival wants make sure that there's enough crew members for the amount of passengers. I copied this from another thread.🤔
  11. Tuesday, May 12, 2020 to Saturday, December 12, 2020 Our cruise Is 214 days from today 7 Months from today 30 weeks & 4 days from today Or Alternative time units 18,489,600 seconds 308,160 minutes 5136 hours 58.47% of 2020 Incase you were wondering 🤔
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