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  1. We were schedule to take an eleven-night Sydney-New Zealand-Sydney in March 2021. We had a great price for AQ with 4 perks, $500 OBC and reduced deposit. After much thought we decided to go for a lift and shift. As the same itinerary is not available in 2022 we asked for an 11-night Aukland to Sydney instead. I called my big box TA. Got through on second ring and told her what we wanted. It took her about 90 minutes to get through to Celebrity. No problems doing the lift & shift, everything transferred over. Got a cabin on the hump and a slight price reduction. Confirmati
  2. We are currently booked to do a 12 night Australia/New Zealand round-trip from Sydney end March 2021. With the uncertainty right now we would like to do a Lift and Shift to end March 2022, but there is nothing equivalent showing. Will there be more sailings scheduled or is this it? As IT as it ca be right now. 😁😁
  3. Duh!!!! Boy am I ever in dreamland. Of course this does not make sense from a cruise line perspective. Thanks everyone for waking me up. Now where is that cocktail?
  4. Hi All. I am dreaming of future cruises. The Eclipse does two Boston, Maine and Canada cruise back to back. They both start and end in Boston. I was wondering if I could board the first cruise on day 6 in Quebec City, stay on board, and get off the second cruise in Quebec City? This would save me a lot of air travel.
  5. S class ship. Standard verandah room. Bed near bath or near balcony. Which do you prefer and why?
  6. I never thought I would sail Aqua Class so I never paid attention to questions about Aqua Class and Blu. However, yesterday I snagged a great upgrade to Aqua Class. Please indulge me and answer again. Is seating in Blu similar to select dining in MDR, meaning if you show up without reservations at a popular time and they are full you get a pager? Can we still eat in the MDR if we let Blu know in advance? Can we order off of the MDR menu? Is the dress code stricter than the MDR? Do they have wine that I can get with the premium drink
  7. First thing we do when getting aboard is ask the room attendant to do our room first thing in the morning. Up at 6. I take a stroll on the almost empty decks. Pickup coffee and croissants. Return to room where DH is waking. Have coffee on balcony with DH. Morning ablutions. Head up to OVC. Pick up OJ with amoretto. Pickup breakfast. Eat outside if nice. Have more coffee. Head back to room to brush teeth and grab book for DH, yarn project for me. Back through OVC for another OJ or coffee and additive. Over to sky lounge to enjoy beverage and h
  8. Alcohol has 7 calories per gram. FYI fat has 9 calories per gram. The amount of actual alcohol in one standard hard drink supplies about 120 calories. Add in the sugar and fat in the mixers it is not hard to see how a mud-slide can deliver about 500 calories. I put on 4 pounds last cruise. No booze for a month when I got home and back to normal ( for me) eating. 1 pound to go to get back down to pre-cruise weight.
  9. Coffee and Clamato??? Hopefully not in the same cup/glass. But then again...I might be missing something here😜
  10. Hello. I am starting research on a possible trip to Papeete for a few day en-route to Australia. I know that French is the predominant language. How much English is spoken there? For example would Air BNB hosts speak English? What about car rental agencies, gas stations, restaurants, etc. Would a non-French speaker be able to communicate? I want to minimize travelling stress on the family. Thanks for your help.
  11. We were on Reflection over New Year. We are early eaters, 5:30. First night we were seated at an inside table. We asked to be reseated to a window. No problem. Next night we were seated at a window in a different section. After that same window except for the last night were we we seated in a different section as we wanted window. Over all for us this works except if we want to get to the early show, then we have to skip dessert. Which I don’t mind, justifies the fancy coffee and liqueurs after the show. 😀
  12. We booked non refundable deposit onboard in December. Transfer the reservation to our big box TA. Last week saw that our cruise price went down. Called TA, got repriced, saved over $CAD1,000. Kept all perks, same cabin and OBC. Did a happy dance.
  13. DH and I are in Canada and are taking an Australia cruise in 2021. We will also be visiting family in Australia pre and post cruise and want to spend a few days in Hawaii on the way over. Can Cruise Air accommodate this convoluted travel plan or should we ask a TA for help? What is the advantages of using Cruise Air? Thank you.
  14. Got off the Reflection on the 3rd. We had a very nice time. Guiseppi(?) was the entertainment director. A very energetic guy for sure. For the person asking about the different drinks, I had a list as well, but ended up going though the various cocktail menus. Try the corona-magaritta at the sunset bar. Celebrity no. 10 at the world class bar. Nice thing, if you don’t like it, don’t finish it; get something else. Have fun.
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