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  1. We were supposed to be on the Escape in Sept. for the Baltic cruise also. The Escape has everything cancelled through the end of September. Very disappointed! We moved our cruise with the same Baltic itinerary to July 2, 2022. Round trip Copenhagen. But now it’s on the NCL Getaway.
  2. Have you priced out 2 inside cabins? A parent in each with a kid or 2. Unless the kids are going for free, I’d get a second cabin.
  3. Good news everyone! I just called Oceania’s customer service 1-855-623-2642. By giving them my reservation number, they were able to tell me that for my itinerary there are no restrictions for “ships tours only”. My itinerary is May 2021 Canaries to Catalonia”. And if I need to cancel, the regular cancelation date for full refund is Jan 22, but under travelers assurance, I have until 48 hours before the cruise to cancel and receive taxes paid as a refund and cruise fare paid as a 100% future cruise credit. I feel so relieved
  4. Any news from anyone about mandated ships excursions if you want to get,off the ship?
  5. I’m only considering a spa pass to have access to the deck area with cushioned chairs. My husband is far less interested. How strictly is access enforced? Is it with a keycard like vibe? Does he need his own pass just to check on me here and there during the day?
  6. It’s not the going on a cruise that worries me, it’s whether I’ll be allowed to disembark on my own, to ports on the itinerary. i read today that Portugal doesn’t plan to let cruisers off their ships until May 17. And there might be a limitation by some countries that all excursions must be ships excursions. No wandering around port towns on your own. if I can’t get off to explore on my own, I don’t want to cruise. I cruise for the itinerary and exploration not to look thru the windows of a bus. My next cruise is May 24, and I hope I don’t have to cancel again. Any actual ne
  7. I download lots of movies and whole TV series from Netflix before we travel. TV in foreign countries is usually bad and WiFi on ships will just keep buffering. downloading allows me to watch my own movie on the flight and evenings before bed I get to watch what I want, not the ships movies. i use an iPad mini which fits easily in my,purse. It works as a phone and portable TV.
  8. I always enjoy your reviews. I’ll be following along for the ride on this one too
  9. thank you Georgia Peaches. That had been my original plan until I looked up Baltic weather end of Sept. It’ll be 60 degrees and perhaps too cold to sir outside. ill go with thermal spa, thanks again.
  10. Is there any quiet area where adults only, can enjoy cushioned lounge chairs? h2o- doesn’t look comfortable thallasotherapy spa room looks great but it’s $100 a day. Anywhere else? The Epic had a great quiet area for adults, but I don’t remember what it was called. Lillian
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