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  1. Just applied again. Make sure you have all the required information.
  2. Thanks everyone! Probably head to the pool and the buffet. We tend to get on early and the crowds aren't t o bad!
  3. Does anyone have the menu for the Concierge Luncheon on boarding day? I know they may very by ship but any ideas would be great. We usually head for the pool and buffet but thought about trying something different this time.
  4. We too purchased at $19! Can't get rid of it now, not that I would want to! Thanks for the update.
  5. Does anyone know if they will honor this on top of other promotions?
  6. Wow! Thanks everyone for the great information. We booked with Woodwind😎 Still deciding on the rest! It would seem to many great options!
  7. Thanks to all for the great recommendations! Can't wait to get there!
  8. Thanks...Looking at woodwind as many have said the same!
  9. Hi everyone! Looking for suggestions on our first trip to the ABC's. We love to snorkel, shop and be beach bums! Is any island better than the other for certain activities? Thanks!
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