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  1. you wont get an email with your new room assignment. You will have to check your cruise manager on carnivals website. When its done, it will show up there.
  2. Not at all. Even though we had 2 cruises cancelled this year, we are already rebooked for march and august 2021, with more to come!! I love cruising and will never give it up. I was hooked after my first in 2009.
  3. Yes, I was booked on the Radiance out of Orlando on March 27 2021. When they announced that the Radiance was delayed in drydock and the breeze would come up to take the itineraries, my booking was gone for a few weeks until they got everyone re assigned. It came back after that was all taken care of.
  4. Very sad to hear. I have been on several cruises that he has been on, such a treat to be around!!
  5. Its one OBC for cancellations, no matter how many times you have rebooked. Unless, for example you had 2 cruises cancelled at the same time---both of those would get the 600 if rebooked as 2 new cruises. (so its one per original booking, if that makes sense) I have rebooked our cancelled April (which was then booked to August-then cancelled and rebooked to next August), so 1 OBC of 600. We also have another cruise scheduled for next March....cant wait to get back at it!! I have a great PVP and both times my cruises were cancelled, he got my new cruise rebooked and credited all my money (minus a gift card refund that came about 2 months after the april cancel). All was handled immedicately after i messaged him on social media More cruises will get added for next year and going forward...ships, ports and itineraries have to get shored up a bit more first.
  6. We are booked for April 4th on the breeze and august for the mardi gras. I am excited to get back to it!!
  7. yes i am excited to get back to cruise!!
  8. The ports will change their rules as time goes by. They are not permanently closed and nobody knows what dates they will officially re open. Carnival isn't going to cancel cruises too far ahead as things change constantly. If you arent comfortable, you can cancel now, but i would wait until they cancel (if they do) so you can get the OBC for a future cruise.
  9. I have 2 booked next year...March on the Breeze and August on the Mardi Gras....i am ready for both. If a good price comes up for one even earlier...i will jump on it!!
  10. This is due to removing the fantasy class ships and moving some other ships around, thus causing specific cancellations (also includes the previous delays IE mardi gras and radiance due to delays in shipyard)
  11. There are not many jobs out there, and they certainly dont pay what the cruiselines do. The cruiselines are starting out slow when they come back...less ships, less passengers. They will have their pick of the best staff out there.
  12. Having been cancelled out of 2 cruises so far...i feel your pain. I am one of the people who was on the Radiance, but will now be on the Breeze in march 2021. Have you looked into booking the Breeze instead.
  13. If others feel the need to be protected, perhaps they would be taking a different vacation or none at all until this is over. We dont wear them, and wont wear them on a cruise ship. I am not vacationing with a mask on. We would wear them to embark and disembark since you can get pretty packed, but once on board, we never get close to people anyway.
  14. it doesnt say no cruises. _____________________________________________________ "We continue to believe that sailings will not resume in quantity in North America until at least 2Q21" _____________________________________________________ It says "in quantity" meaning at a larger scale. My next one is March 27 on the Breeze (replaced the Radiance). If any cruises sail this fall, i will jump on one of those also.
  15. I was curious what all the carnival ships are doing during the shut down and if they are at sea, how many crew stay on it for minimal operations? I did read that only 400 crew are still waiting to get back to their countries. I was thinking it would be cool to just sit out at sea and the peace of the water, but probably not for months and with not much interaction with others. Does the captain get bored?
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