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  1. I am confident in Carnivals standing and ability to withstand this standstill. I will be back..already scheduled for August 15th 2020 and march 27 2021...i am platinum and have always enjoyed what Carnival offers. I expect some cutbacks, and possible added costs in the future. I think they deserve a bailout...they were asked by the president to shut down...they didnt have to (along with all other cruiselines). Cruises are a huge essential part to many states and islands economies (airlines, restaurants, tour operators, hotels etc) I think the bailout should be a loan that has to be paid back and the solid cruise lines will be able to do that. The bailouts from the 2008 period were paid back and there is no reason to expect that these would be any different.
  2. I got mine by just booking my first cruise back in 2009. Not sure how, but i had called carnival back then and just lucked into this guy. There are lots of recommendations of great ones on the book of faces if you ask some cruise page groups for carnival. We can mention names on here, but if you email me at bingomamma19 at the yahoo of emails..i can inform you 🙂
  3. I messaged my PVP the day after the cancellation announcements (our cruise was April 4th on the Breeze). He took care of everything...rebooked us on the August 15th Breeze,) he put in for the transfer of all the funds to the new cruise and got the confirmation of all done yesterday. OBC is showing for $600 also. For all those who have played down using a PVP over the years...i never had to wait even 1 second on the phone...simply messaged my PVP via facebook and he took care of everything immediately. I have been using him for 10 years now and has always been incredible. Most of the stories i have been reading about with people spending hours on the phone with carnival, getting wrong info, getting confilicting info.....my suggestion...get a good PVP. You wont regret it.
  4. absolutely i would go. We are on the Breeze on April 4th and cant wait. If you read all the precautions the Carnival is taking, you will see they are taking this very seriously. I guarantee you that your local grocerie store, gas station, restaurant etc is nowhere near as precautionary as carnival is. We have a balcony cabin and i dont worry about a quarantine...there is very little chance it will happen, but i am prepared if it does.
  5. Ours is on the Breeze on April 4th...in a few weeks. No price drops...the price is actually higher than we paid a year ago.
  6. This announcement does not scare us one bit. We are going on the Breeze on April 4th...me (52), dd 14 and mom 79. I did tell my mom about this announcement yesterday and she said "no way am i cancelling. If i am going to die, i want to do it while i am doing something i love ".....so we are going LOL Seriously though...mom has no u/l conditions at all and is very healthy. If she was sickly or had anything, i would not let her go (but my DD and i would still be going). I hope the fear dies down and this all gets dealt with in a calm manner going forward. These crazy roller coaster rides of news everyday is driving people nuts.
  7. Your HUB app and expenses while on board are completely separate accounts. So as you are cruising, when you check your card, only your charges show up. My DD is 14 and is always under my credit card, she has her own charges under her own name, they do not show up under mine. The sheet that you get at the end may show them on one piece of paper because its under one credit card....but during the cruise...its based on your sign and sail number and card and you can check them per individual.
  8. John Heald had a FB live yesterday showing them using the forehead scanner thermometers as passengers boarded..super quick..like 2 seconds as they pass by
  9. And so will flying on airplanes, riding on busses, riding on subways etc. You cant shut down the planet, so its something we will just have to learn to deal with and take personal precautions as necessary. This will pass and in a year people will barely remember what all the hype was about.
  10. Thats what i think also. It will get too big to quarantine and then we will deal with it like the flu or a bad cold. Those who are most vulnerable will have to take extra caution, but most of the people will be just fine.
  11. So listening to all the panic about cruises and the corona virus got me to thinking about hotels or all inclusives for vacations. What is the difference in the risk? You are all there in the same place for several days, using the same facilities. Except people are coming and going constantly, which would make it seem impossible to actually control an outbreak if some who has the virus has been there. Seems like it would actually be a more inviting situation for an outbreak. And if you were quarantined there, you would also just be stuck in your room.
  12. Your sign and sail accounts are completely separate. Each person has their own account, so there would be no combination of both your drinks under one account.
  13. LOL i am 52 and i am nowhere near elderly. We will be cruising april 4th. Its me 52 my DD 14 and my mom 79. My mom is completely healthy and so she is going. I couldnt make her not go if i wanted to LOL
  14. The OBC is for cruises until May 31st that were already booked as of March 6th. Any new bookings made after that do not get the OBC. The OBC is meant to persuade people to keep their cruise and not cancel.
  15. Ummmm....that Chinese dr suspiciously died ....funny how the government tried to keep him quiet, and then he ended up dead....
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