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  1. Depends on the circumstances...sometimes things happen while on board, so no time to announce a change ahead of time. In todays world...there is nothing certain, except uncertainty. Just plan to have fun and take it from there.
  2. I went to the island casino in Michigan on May 16th. They had all the machines on...just moved some chairs away from some machines. Masks were required to enter, but most people pulled them down once inside. They also had no smoking. The self serve soda machines there were not staffed, we could get our own at any time. I live in Wisconsin and we have one opening on Monday that will be allowing smoking. I also saw another one in Michigan that is allowing smoking. Most others in Wisconsin and Michigan are starting as non smoking.
  3. Sounds reasonable. I would even go as far as saying i dont need my room cleaned at all during my cruise. We can leave towels outside our door and have new ones left there for us to bring in. We dont need a full cleaning, we know how to make our beds and clean up after ourselves. Although i love the towel animals, i can forego them for the time being. I wont wear a mask around the cruise ship. If they are required to board and leave the ship, we will do that. Otherwise we are usually distanced from others on our cruises. I enjoy sitting on my balcony or on a deck chair away from the crowds.
  4. There are no cruises sailing in july. Carnival will start sailing on August 1st with limited ships in limited ports to start.
  5. Raw numbers will continue to rise as testing increases... percentages of positives is what is important. I believe the last i checked that percentage was lower than most states.
  6. "all other ships" means all the others that arent specifically listed. Anything that doesnt have a separate starting date.
  7. Carnival Breeze, Carnival Dream, Carnival Elation, Carnival Freedom, Carnival Horizon, Carnival Magic, Carnival Sensation, & Carnival Vista sailings through and including July 31, 2020 That is the 3rd bullet from the bottom....these are the only ones sailing in august....We are on the breeze august 15th :):)
  8. actually...read the whole thing... All San Francisco sailings through 2020 All Carnival Sunrise sailings through and including October 19, 2020 All Carnival Legend sailings through and including October 30, 2020 All Carnival Radiance sailings through and including November 1, 2020 All Carnival Spirit Alaska, Hawaii, & Trans-Pacific sailings through and including October 6, 2020 Carnival Breeze, Carnival Dream, Carnival Elation, Carnival Freedom, Carnival Horizon, Carnival Magic, Carnival Sensation, & Carnival Vista sailings through and including July 31, 2020 Carnival Splendor sailings through and including September 17, 2020 All Other Ships sailings through and including August 31, 2020 Third bullet from the botton says Carnival Breeze, Carnival Dream, Carnival Elation, Carnival Freedom, Carnival Horizon, Carnival Magic, Carnival Sensation, & Carnival Vista sailings through and including July 31, 2020
  9. Florida and Georgia were the first few states to open up several weeks ago...their numbers have only gone down.
  10. I will not wear a mask on a cruise. If its required while boarding, i suppose, but not while cruising. You are out in the sun, you are eating and drinking, you are swimming...its just not even practical or useful.
  11. I rebooked saturday March 14th. I have an excellent PVP who got right on it and transferred everything he could. So it took about 60 days total to get this back. I wasnt worried, i knew they were swamped.
  12. I had a cruise from april 4th cancelled. I had paid for that mostly with discounted carnival gift cards. I rebooked for the Breeze for August 15th (luckily that is still on 🙂 ) ...my PVP was able to move most of my refund to the new cruise, but the new cruise was cheaper than our April cruise, and we even got a spa balcony on the new one. Since i paid for the original in carnival gift cards, i needed to wait for the difference ($639) to be refunded in gift cards. Boom....they came today!! So dont worry...your refunds are coming!! Its taking some time, but they are working on them.
  13. Nor while sitting out on the deck sunbathing....great tan lines for your face LOL
  14. So people laying out on lounge chairs in the sun will be wearing masks? People in the pools and hot tubs will be wearing masks? People eating meals and drinking at the bars will be wearing masks? No way ever....that just isnt happening.
  15. I will report back!! I am hardly "unaffected" my son and his wife had it...took 4 weeks to recover..they are fine. I am a type 2 insulin diabetic...may have had it...had the symptoms but never tested. I wont live my life in fear....my father worked super hard all his life to have all these plans when he retired at 64---6 months after he retired ...he died. Didnt get to do a damn thing. I will not live my life hiding. Every day could be my last and i wont waste them. BTW ...we have 3 in our cabin for our next 3 cruises (starting august on the breeze)....me, dd and my 79 year old mom (who said she is not cancelling for ANY reason). We will be good!!!
  16. Since only 40-50 percent even get a flu vaccine (I am one who does not, i am not an anti vaxxer, just dont do flu or this new vaccine ..if it ever is developed), what makes people think anymore than that will get this one? Even the flu vaccine is only about 55 percent effective. There will be no magic pill.
  17. No its not the flu...its a different virus...one that over half the people who get it dont even have a symptom...99.5 percent of people who test postive recover. It is not going to go away...so unless you are looking to hide in your house forever, we will be living with it. I am a type 2 diabetic...i am vulnerable...i am not living in fear. Just like any other virus...it doesnt worry me. For those who dont want to go anywere..or on a cruise...nobody is making you. There are lots of people waiting to get on board and enjoy.
  18. I think on our end, things will seem pretty much the same. On the crews end, they will be doing alot more work to keep everything clean and safe. I think they will serve us at the buffet and the ice cream. I am not worried either way.....i love cruising....i will be there....hopefully august 15th on the breeze!!
  19. I will definitely share the info from our August 15th cruise on the Breeze
  20. There are tons of articles out there saying they are up and healthy bookings for 2021. You can choose to believe which ever one you want. i did a search for cruise bookings down and couldnt find any articles with that.
  21. I have our August 15th on the breeze and am super excited ...hoping its a go. If it cancels (which this was a rebooking from our cancelled April cruise), i will rebook for fall....i have another cruise next march. I will book another cruise in the middle if the price is right....i am not concerned at all.
  22. Here is just one of a ton of articles i found https://www.pymnts.com/travel-payments/2020/cruise-reservations-up-for-2021-despite-pandemic/
  23. There is no fastest way....there are over 1 million cruisers affected...they are doing them in order of the date of the affected cruises.
  24. We rebooked that april cruise for august 15th on the breeze....we are still a go! As long as its sailing...we will be onboard. 😁😁😁
  25. Half moon cay has no residents...so that is always an option. I read that St thomas is accepting tourists and ships as of june 1st....that port is already on our list for our Breeze August 15th cruise.
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